Charlie & Jason

Hello! We are Charlie and Jason!

We are a loving couple of twenty years residing in a sweet, green, and hilly neighborhood of Los Angeles, California with our toddler River Jack.

We are an artistic, spiritual, and multilingual family, dedicated to creativity and community. We can’t wait for the blessing of another child to join our family!

As parents we are committed to gentleness, unconditional love, spontaneous silliness, music-making, safety and security, and to providing every opportunity for adventure, growth, and development. We believe in destiny: we want to adopt again so that we may honor the unique children the universe gifts us, encouraging and supporting their highest potential.

Our Lives Together: We share a deep, trusting communication and a quiet love felt by those with whom we connect.

We met in 1998 at a club. Jason spotted Charlie across the room, and we danced the night away. On our very first date, we openly discussed one day – well into the future – raising kids together. We’ve been through a lot over the years, and through it all we’ve grown closer every day. We share creativity: we make music together, have joint filmmaking projects, and collaborate in the garden and kitchen. We adopted River Jack the day he was born, and he has made us something greater than ourselves – parents.

We closely follow the seasons and stay attuned to the position of the sun and the moon. Spring is when we observe all nature’s new growth. We’ll never forget the year a hummingbird made her nest outside our back door. In summertime we love to travel and enjoy the long days of sunlight. Last summer we visited family in six U.S. states! In fall a chill comes to the air, and the leaves begin to turn. We typically spend Thanksgiving with Charlie’s family in Manhattan. Winter is a time for introspection. Christmas is usually spent in Texas: Jason’s dad has been known to dress up as Santa Claus!

Hello! We are Charlie and Jason!

Meet Jason

I’m Jason: I was born and raised in West Texas, to a strong, business-oriented father and a very creative and nurturing mother. I believe over the years I’ve been able to combine the best of their respective traits in my own life, as a practical artist who can really stick to any project until it’s complete. I enjoy many aspects of filmmaking – acting, writing, and directing – and music is a daily part of my life.

I also manage several residential investment properties, as a source of steady monthly income. My work is mostly done from home, so I try to get out into nature as often as possible, with regular afternoon walks in the neighborhood. Yoga and meditation are a big part of my life, and I really love exploring the outdoors with River.

I also care deeply about my community, and do my best to be a good friend, neighbor, and relative. As a parent, it is my desire to serve our children by facilitating the development and evolution of exactly who they are – whether that is someone much like myself, or someone completely different. I can’t wait to become a father again, with Charlie by my side.

More about Jason, by Charlie: Jason is constant and tireless with River Jack. His love of singing and sweet voice mean our children will be sung to sleep for years and years to come. Jason is always looking out for those he loves. He’s kind and intelligent, and practical about what is best for our family. In these ways Jason has always been present, loving, and kind as a partner; and now he’s bringing those qualities to parenting as well.

Meet Jason

Meet Charlie

I’m Charlie: I am a doer and a dreamer. I knew from childhood I would move from New York to Los Angeles and make movies. Today, while I still make films, I also volunteer at the local elementary school’s community garden, caretake property, and serve our local neighborhood.

In my free time, I enjoy friends and family, yoga, and playing the piano, banjo, didgeridoo, and many other musical instruments. Most of all, I enjoy parenting River Jack. I work from home most days, unless I’m in production, and I make plenty of time and space for being Poppa.

When I dream about expanding our family – and your little one joining the three of us – the things I’m most excited to share are music and creativity. River Jack is keen on drums and piano, so your child will have a big brother and band mate, all-in-one! I have a special place in my heart for adoption, as my mother – already “Grandy Hope” to River Jack and my sister’s two boys – was adopted long ago. In life, I try and see every day and situation anew, and to always see the good in others.

More About Charlie, by Jason: Charlie is one of the most collaborative people I’ve ever met. Over the years he’s served as a tireless community volunteer and a passionate local politician – and he’s a focused yet synergistic film director. Charlie is an amazing parent because he instantly adapts to any new situation with ease, grace, and a loving smile. He puts being Poppa first in every decision he makes, and our family is the better for it.

Meet Charlie

Our Family & Friends

River Jack: River was born in rural Oregon in October 2016: we alternated between crying and singing his entire first night on the planet. We felt his gentle patience, and the wise, old-soul awareness beaming from his eyes the moment he arrived. By the next morning we were all in love. It’s truly a gift to have him as part of our family.

River has proven a wonderful teacher. We’ve observed that he is deeply generous and wants to share, without any prompting from us. It’s beyond fun to get River laughing, and his giggles are like music to our ears.

River loves books and studying words with a passion and intensity way beyond his age. Some of his favorite activities are swimming with Daddy and Poppa, exploring nature, playing his bongo, his piano and other instruments, dancing, and eating almost everything. We know River will make an excellent big brother, and we love that our kids will be forever bonded through the magic of adoption bringing our family together.

Our Family & Friends

Places We Love and Closing Thoughts

Places We Love:

• Paris. Our little apartment in Paris is a sublime base for creative projects and practicing French. We have made two films here, and Jason has written many more at his favorite cafe in the Marais.

• Vermont Country House. This farm has been in Charlie’s family since he was four years old. This is our “little bit country” getaway, where the local maple syrup is sweet and small-town life still exists. The Green Mountains are truly sacred to our family.

• Latin America. We’ve had the great pleasure of traveling in Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Peru. We are dedicated Spanish students and love indigenous cultures. We hope to visit more places in Central and South America with our children.

• Our Home in Los Angeles. Our community is racially diverse, culturally deep, open-minded, and friendly to all. The weather in Los Angeles is always beautiful. Even though we love to travel, there’s no place like home sweet home!

In Closing: We understand you have a big decision to make, and it’s likely a difficult one. If you think our little family might be the right fit for your child, we would welcome the opportunity to speak or meet so we might get to know one another better. Whatever your decision, we wish you love and happiness always!

Places We Love and Closing Thoughts