Cherisse and Kyle

Dear Birth Parents

Hi! We are Cherisse, Kyle and Phoenix Rayne from San Francisco, California! We’re super stoked that you’re taking a moment to check out our profile today. Although this profile might show a snippet from our lives, this is really about your bravery, selflessness and unconditional love. We have built this profile in hopes that you get a better understanding of who we are as a family on the day to day. Being real is something we truly value. As you are reading through our profile we want you to know that we’ve taken the time to be as genuine as possible with you. Your decision in taking the time to look through these profiles is super courageous. At the end of the day, your opinion matters most. We want you to make the connection that feels right, and we look forward to taking this journey with you.

Our Story began in Autumn of 2004: We were both attending San Francisco’s School of the Arts High School. We always knew that we were meant for each other, but we had some major growing up to do. After high school we continued dating on and off and eventually reconnected in Spring of 2012. This time we made it permanent… Kyle proposed on ice skates 6 months later and the rest is history.

We’re coming up on 8 years of marriage and we’re really excited to be welcoming another little one to our fam. We have a ton of fun together and love going on adventures as a family. Even during Covid, we’ve found new and exciting ways to hang out. Whether it’s digging for cool looking rocks at the beach, building crazy long train tracks with Phoenix at home, or finding new places for grub…we’re always on the prowl for the next experience. Whatever we do…as long as we do it together, we’re happy!

We Enjoy:

  • Food – We love eating sushi, burritos, coconut lentil curry, acai bowls and everything (plant based) in between… its even better when we make it at home!
  • Meditating – Whether we meditate by ourselves or together as a family, this is a practice we value. We feel that taking time to reflect helps us better express ourselves out in the world. Creating a safe space and carving out a little bit of time to meditate can really help us get the creative juices flowing.
  • Nature Walks – We’re super blessed to live in an area where there is so much lush greenery, natural beauty and amazing animals to see. Being one with Mother Earth energizes and invigorates us so much. Whether it’s on a hike through the hills or checking out the full moon, we try to stay in tune with that energy as much as possible.
  • Movie Nights – Watching movies together has always been a comfort for us. We particularly enjoy suspense, thrillers, action and the occasional romantic comedy to round things out.
  • Time to Ourselves – Whether it’s spending time working out, reading some books, or catching up on Netflix, we feel that it’s important to give each other some chill time here and there. A little distance makes the heart grow fonder.
  • Taking Phoenix to the Park or Beach – This is especially important for us because Phoenix is VERY social. He enjoys his playtime at the park, outdoor music class, soccer practice and watching the big kids play.

Five Things We Will Teach Our Children

  1. It’s OK to be themselves
  2. To be kindhearted and thoughtful
  3. How to be compassionate towards all living beings
  4. Follow your heart
  5. Love has no limits
Dear Birth Parents

About Kyle

A Little About Kyle by Cherisse: Once upon a random day in 2004, I went into Kyle’s work at a frozen yogurt store. This night and to my delight he predicted my favorite flavor, he told me to take it and go but read what’s underneath later. A quick snuggle and a smooch then I’m back on my way, but wait there’s a note on the cup, just what could it say? A giggle, a blush, I was so naive, how romantic he was, I could not believe. Years later his question was answered when we wed on the steps of a church, our hearts were finally together, true love had ended its search.

From the jokes to his singing and that oh so crooked smirk, he may be the coolest dude ever, but still doesn’t know how to twerk!

Long Sigh……

Okay, I’m gonna stop with the rhyming now. I think that’s enough rhyming to last me the next 20 years! But for real though, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Singing off the top of his lungs, hiding in the craziest places just to scare me, and coming back from work with a favorite sweet treat are some of the things Kyle does regularly. I honestly think its what makes HIM magical in his own unique and colorful way!

There was a time in our marriage where Kyle and I did not have a lot. But Kyle did everything he could to make ends meet. He created his own business from the ground up when it seemed like we were at our lowest. He did that for our family and it supported us though many tough times. What makes Kyle so good at what he does is that he’s empathetic towards others and their specific situations. These days it might seem like people don’t have time to keep an open ear or lend a helping hand, but Kyle is one of those people that does. The world is a better place with him in it, and I feel truly blessed to have him in my life.

Fun Facts About Kyle:

  • He tickles Phoenix (and me sometimes) to uncontrollable laughter!
  • Kyle is very artistic and loves tattoos (he was once an artist himself).
  • He draws and colors beautifully… not to mention his handwriting is impeccable!
  • Kyle is so good at cleaning, sometimes I think he enjoys it.
  • He puts together the best outfits for Phoenix… the best one so far is an ’80s jazzercise outfit where Phoenix wore his onesie over his pants! (Kyle didn’t forget the leg warmers either).


About Kyle

About Cherisse

A Little About Cherisse by Kyle: Cherisse is hands down the coolest person I know. She has so many amazing skills…it’s really hard to pen them all down. Anyone who is down to dress like Wonder Woman on any random day of the week is a trooper in my eyes. She’s an amazing storyteller and uses her ability to listen to and understand what people really want and need. It’s one of those things that’s really hard to find in people these days, but she’s one of the few that gets it.

On top of that, Cherisse is a skilled dancer and choreographer. She uses her deep imagination to make simple movements a reality. She is smart, witty, magical, a hopeless romantic, and she can show empathy towards anyone in any situation. On top of that, she laughs at almost all of my bad jokes (which is a huge plus).

Her magical personality shines through when connecting with the her preschool kids, or any child for that matter. Getting down to a child’s level to understand them and communicate is something that’s been lost in our crazy fast-paced society. You know how some people have certain gifts in life? Like those skills that seem unique to that one person….well Cherisse is that person when it comes to kids. I could go on and on, but I want you to know that she’s the sweetest, most kind-hearted person I’ve ever met. I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my days with anyone else.

Fun Facts About Cherisse:

  • Cherisse dreams of having a tree house like from Bridge to Terabithia
  • She was an extra in the movie The Princess Diaries (and even met Anne Hathaway and THE Julie Andrews!)
  • Dark chocolate and strawberry ice cream is her kryptonite
  • She has always wanted to call herself “soccer mom”
  • Cherisse is a sucker for books that have turned into tv shows (like Outlander, Sweet Magnolias and A Discovery of Witches)


About Cherisse

About Phoenix

Meet Big Bro Phoenix Rayne: Vehicle and book obsessed, Phoenix (who just entered the “terrific two’s stage) NEVER has a dull moment. He enjoys nature walks, talking to everyone and anyone he comes across, hanging out at the beach and playing with water and sand. Needless to say Phoenix would be an awesome big brother. He’s kind, thoughtful, and an expert storyteller. Adding a sibling to the mix would mean so much to him (and us). Curiously enough, he’s been gravitating towards his “Big Brother Daniel Tiger” book almost daily now. To say the least, not only are we excited, but Phoenix is game too!

Phoenix’s Top 5:

Animals –

  • Elephants
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Bees
  • Lions

Books –

  • Llama Llama
    Red Pajama
    • Little Blue Truck
  • Pete the Cat
    • Knuffle Bunny
  • A Mother for Choco

Toys –

  • “Ellie” his Elephant Lovey
  • Train Tracks
  • Recycling Truck
  • Rainbow Ball
  • Unicorn on Wheels

Song –

  • C is for Cookie (by Cookie Monster)
  • BaaBaa Black Sheep
  • Dragonfly Lullaby (by Paul Izak)
  • A Ram Sam Sam
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider

Our Crib is surrounded by lush forest, colorful birds, curious critters and friendly neighbors. We are fortunate to live in a community with a pool, sauna area, and tons of outdoor space. Additionally, being 5-10 minutes from beaches, libraries, museums, and playgrounds etc make it super convenient to get out whenever we want.

Inside our pad…it’s warm, cozy and ideal for just chillin’. We have lots of board games, tons of books (and comics), some old school video games, a few rooms (for hide and go seek of course), and a good sized kitchen (to pack in as many snacks and goodies from farmers market we can). We take pride in our living space and go to great lengths to make sure it’s a comfy and safe place for our family to hang out.

About Phoenix

Meet Our Fam

While we don’t have the ‘traditional family’ by any means, we’re actually really proud of the fact that we’re different in that way. Both of us have had an upbringing that was tough at times and having persevered through the dark times, we’ve really had to create what a family looks like from the ground up. While we do have contact with some of our direct family, our support system is comprised mostly of faithful friends, long time co-workers, some neighbors and a few relatives. Coming home to people that have your back and offer support, warmth, and love when you need it most is what family means to us.

Our Careers –

Cherisse: After high school I was supposed to venture out into the world and pursue a predestined career in dance. However, my heart had different plans for me. Instead, I chose to ‘leave my heart in San Francisco’ by seeking out true love (who happens to be my husband) and exploring my passion of early childhood education. Despite what many people told me at the time, I knew it was the right decision for me. I was already working summers as a YMCA camp counselor and just knew that this was my calling. Working with multiple age groups along the way, I decided that preschool age is where I could help the most.

I am proud to say since the birth of our son Phoenix, I did continue working part time as a Pre-K teacher but decided it was best to be a full time mama and raise Phoenix. It is such an adventure being with this kiddo! It is filled with giggles, wonder, tears, boo-boos and magic. I have to say being front and center to watch Phoenix take in what the world has to offer is such a blessing.

Kyle: I currently run a small business in our hometown of San Francisco. I’ve been an entrepeneur as long as I can remember and have hustled since I was a teenager. The need to be self-sufficient was really important to me early on and I’m so happy to have the opportunity to work for myself.

I am a proud high school drop-out and have done a ton of things since leaving school. From culinary school to personal banking, tattooing, and even investing…I’ve done a lot and I think anyone can do the same. I’m a believer in doing what you love and sticking to the hard work even when things seem stacked against you.

With all of that said, I haven’t been a smashing success at everything I’ve done and I take pride in the fact that I’ve fallen on my face more than a few times and gotten back up to face the my fears. I understand it’s not the path for everyone, but building a business from the ground up is so fulfilling….especially when you are able to support your family doing it.

Our Hopes and Dreams: We cannot thank you enough for reading our profile. It means a lot that you took the time to learn some more about us and we seriously think you’re awesome. Life can be crazy, unpredictable, and full of unexpected turns…which we totally understand. We can only hope that whatever decisions we make along the way feel right in our hearts. Our promise to you is that we will always be genuine, loving, and kind hearted to our children in every step that this hectic life brings our way. We want dreams to come true, imaginations to run free, and self expression to be the base of it all.

Maybe Peter Pan said it best: “The second star to the right, shines in the night for you… to tell you that the dreams you plan, really can come true.”

Meet Our Fam