Chris & Helen

Hello! We are Chris & Helen from CA

Hello! We are Chris and Helen from Southern California!

Dear Birth Mother: Thank you so much for your time to read this letter and give us the opportunity to offer your child our love and a great future.  We feel the deep love you have for your baby and we want you to know how much we appreciate you and the courage it takes to take on this journey.

Our Story

We met on a dating website in July 2005, while Helen was a high school teacher in Shanghai China and Chris was working at a university in U.S. Since the first hello, we called each other every day. Half year later, Chris jumped onto a plane and flew over thousands of miles to Shanghai to meet Helen.  That was his first time abroad. Before he left, people warned him of all the possible scary stories and tried to persuade him not to go. However, Chris believed there were mutual genuine feelings between both. Despite the huge cultural difference, our love was blessed by both sides of the family. That trip lead to a 11-year and still-going-strong marriage. We always wanted to start a family and have a couple of kids. After several years of unsuccessful infertility treatment, we were introduced to adoption, and we are so excited about this option and have never felt so ready.

Hello! We are Chris & Helen from CA

About Chris

Hi, I am Chris. I was born and raised in Southern California. I am the youngest of three brothers and we were very close growing up.  My parents were very family-oriented, and they were always supportive of all of us.  They instilled many things like working hard, family and friends and following your dreams. My brothers and I all became musicians with the support and love of our parents. They always attended every show or performance of ours. During my school years, I was involved in gymnastics, wrestling, bicycle motocross and music. Some of my regular activities presently are working out, bowling and playing music. I was also very fortunate to have had a chance to work in the movie industry as a stunt fighter/actor appearing in multiple movies as well as playing drums in as many as 20 band projects through the years performing all over Los Angeles, California and Arizona. Currently I am working as an electrician at a great university in Southern California, which provides great benefits including paternity leave.

About Chris, by Helen: Chris is a simple, funny and genuine man. He loves kids. What amazes me most is that he seems to have natural bonding with kids. He likes muscle cars and is looking forward to having one to work on in the future. Chris loves cooking and is a really good chef. He tries new recipes and loves to see people enjoy it.  For his company’s Christmas Pot Luck Party, he would prepare home-made bacon fried rice and Chinese BBQ buns. And as always, he ends up becoming the hero of the party. He is a great self-taught drummer. He would love to teach kids how to drum if they share the same interest.

About Chris

About Helen

Hi, I am Helen. Before I relocated to U.S, I was a teacher in China. Before I graduated, I got a part-time job to teach kindergarten kids English. I felt it so rewarding to instill knowledge into these little brains, I chose to become a teacher. I was chosen to go to UK to teach Chinese language in 2003.  During my tenure, I travelled around Europe. Travelling really changed my life. I came to realize that people were different.  Instead of judging, it would be more kind just to show passion and be willing to put oneself into other people’s shoes and try to understand them. When I relocated to U.S, everything was so foreign to me and all I could do was to try. Today, after eleven years’ hard trying, I finished my Master Degree of Business Administration (MBA), got licensed as Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and have been working for a prestigious hospital as senior financial analyst for over five years.

About Helen, by Chris: Helen has been the single best thing that has ever happened to me. She has accomplished so much in the 11 years we have been together, such as graduating with an MBA, earning a CPA, learning to drive in  Los Angeles… LOL!!  She also got a great job in accounting at a fantastic hospital. She is very intelligent, caring, loving, has a great sense of humor and has always been my rock and best friend. She has bettered me as a person.

About Helen

Fun Facts About Us

Fun Facts:

  • Helen’s favorite movie is Harry Potter, while Chris’s is Enter the Dragon. Not sure whether it is because Chris was born in the Year of Dragon.
  • We are both good chefs. The only difference is that Chris is the chef and Helen is the sous chef.
  • Chris loves bowling and Helen loves hiking and playing badminton.
  • Chris’s dream career would have been a world touring musician, while Helen’s is to become a food critics.
  • Helen’s favorite colors are purple, red and orange. Chris’s favorite colors are blue, red and black.
  • The first country Chris visited was Japan while he was on the way to China to meet Helen. For Helen, it was United Kingdom.
  • Chris’s dream travel destination is Europe while Helen’s is Africa.
  • We are both adventurous eaters –  we will try almost anything, although there are somethings Helen loves to eat but Chris will never touch.
Fun Facts About Us

Our Home & Closing Thoughts

Our Family

Chris’s side: Chris was born and raised in a Japanese American family, and is the youngest of the three brothers. They formed a family band called Bad Boys of Blues with friends. It was a big hit in the neighborhood.  Chris’s father passed away several years ago however his mother lives close by. We visit her often and we are very close. She is an amazing woman with great family value.  She loves Helen and says she is the daughter she always wanted. She is so happy to know that Chris and Helen are ready to expand the family through adoption. She is so ready to become a grandmother again.

Helen’s side: Helen was born and raised in Shanghai China and she is the only child in the family. Helen and Chris have very close relationship with Helen’s parents, who are currently staying with them. This is a typical traditional Asian family, which focus on family value. Helen’s parents are also very excited about welcoming future grandbaby and would love to help babysitting when needed. Helen’s other relatives are all back in China, and Helen and Chris would love to bring the baby to visit them in the near future.

Our Home and Community

We live in a beach community in Southern California. The neighborhood is very friendly and diverse. We always help and watch out for each other. Besides the neighborhood, we live in a great school district. There are a lot of nice parks, beaches and youth centers close by.

Thank You

Again thank you so much for taking your time to read our letter. We promise you that we would love your baby with all our heart and soul and give our love unconditionally.  May you be blessed for your courage, generosity and love.

Our Home & Closing Thoughts