Chris & John

To A Very Special Woman

We can’t thank you enough for considering us as potential parents for your child. While it’s diffi-cult to fully understand our whole lives by reading this profile, our hope is to provide you insight into our life and to give you peace of mind in knowing about our dedication to you, your child, and this process.

We hope to give you a sense of what life would be like if you give us the opportunity to become fathers to your little one. We have built a great life together and can’t wait to grow our lives even further with a child. We know your journey to this point has been incredibly brave, and we hope that we can be brave with you from this point forward.

About Us:
We met 13 years ago at a photo shoot near the big Beverly Hills sign in California. We were working for a magazine cover; John as a makeup artist and Chris as a hairstylist. That was the first time we met and have been together ever since that day. It was love at first job sight. LOL. We got married this year at the San Francisco City Hall and had a small ceremony in the South of France where we were surrounded by our family and friends.

We are fortunate that our jobs as a hairstylist and makeup artist are flexible, so we can devote a lot of time to our future child. We love to travel, especially to France, where we visit Chris’s family at least once a year. We also have family and friends all over the United States, Europe and Lebanon that we get to see regularly. We enjoy the beach to relax and swim, and we look for-ward to sharing all these adventures with our future little one.

Fun Facts:
– We love Crossfit because of the community, camaraderie, and support it creates during our workouts. We love our workout family!

– We love to travel! We get to do it a lot for work and for fun. Our future child will get to experience different countries with us.

– Our child will be trilingual in English, French & Lebanese.

– Chris is an amazing cook and baker . His family owns 3 bakeries in the South of France and is looking forward to cooking and baking for the little one. John has 2 nieces and 2 nephews. He loves kids and making sure everyone is well taken care of.

– We love going to the movies and try to point out the actors that are wearing wigs since we work in the hair and makeup industry

– WE LOVE GELATO!! It’s always a must when we visit Italy!!

– Chris loves to cook! His favorite dish to cook is Italian food because the aroma reminds him of when his grandmother and mother would prep family meals in the kitchen.

– On date nights we enjoy trying new restaurants and are looking forward to exploring new cuisine with our future child.

– The best thing about working with celebrities is having that iconic fashion moment on the red carpet for a big event, traveling the world with them, and being treated like one!! Sometimes we get to travel in our client’s private jets!

To A Very Special Woman

Meet Chris

Bonjour! I was born in Cannes, South of France and spent my childhood watching my family work hard in the family bakery selling bread and sweets. I enjoyed the Mediterranean Sea and going to the mountains where I climbed trees with friends.

After studying 4 years of hair school in South of France, I moved to Paris. At 21, I had an opportunity to move to Washington D.C. and worked as a traveling hair stylist for one of the First Ladies of the United States! 5 years later, I moved to Los Angeles for an opportunity to work as a celebrity hairstylist. Ever since I took that job I have never looked back!

Clients I have worked for: Target, JC Penny, Kohl’s, Sleep Number, and more!

More about Chris by John
Chris is a strong, passionate, loving and funny person and I am so blessed to have met him. Chris is a compassionate person and loves animals. He works with several animal rescues in his spare time and helps feed abandoned kittens. He saves animals whenever he sees them in dis-tress. I know these traits will be the same toward his future child. I can’t wait to become a father with Chris!

Meet Chris

Meet John

Marhaba! I was born in Lebanon to an American mom and Lebanese dad and I have an older brother, Jimmy, who is married and has 4 kids. During my childhood, my family moved to Los Angeles, back to Lebanon, then finally settled in Arizona. I speak English, Lebanese and quite a bit of French (thanks to Chris).

While my brother became a doctor, I gravitated towards more of an artistic field. When I was 22, I moved to Los Angeles where I studied make up in Hollywood and worked as an assistant to some of the biggest makeup artists in the industry. Slowly I worked my way up and signed with a major makeup and hair agency. After a while I started to be the lead makeup artist on jobs and started working with major celebrities.

More about John by Chris
When I met John 13 years ago and got to spend time with him, I knew that we shared the same values. He won my heart by being a very compassionate, understanding and loving person. He has the ability to be calm and collected in any situation, which is a trait you can’t find in many people. I have seen him around his nieces and nephews and there is no doubt in my mind that he will be the most incredible father!

Meet John

Our Tribe & Tuscan

“Blood makes you related. Love makes you family.”

We are surrounded by an incredible network of friends and family who love us unconditionally and have been with us every step of the way. We are inspired by them to be the best version of ourselves and they always have our best interests at heart.

Our friends and family all share a few common traits – authenticity, honesty, and a wonderful sense of humor. While our common love and dedication of family bonded us, it is our desire to build our own family and create our own traditions that drives us.

Meet Tuscan
Tuscan is our 9 year-old golden retriever who we rescued at 10 weeks old. Tuscan is loving pup-py at heart that loves kids and people in general. When we take him on walks, kids gravitate to-wards him and he loves every minute of it!!

Holidays and Traditions

Traditions are very important to us and celebrating life’s special moments with our loved ones is our greatest treasure. Chris’ favorite holiday is Christmas so we go all out on decorations, pre-sents, and we host a big dinner for all our friends. On Christmas Day, we open presents and watch classic movies the rest of the day. Our favorite movies include: White Christmas, Home Alone, and Christmas with the Cranks.

John’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, where we often celebrate with John’s family in southern California or Arizona. Our Thanksgiving meals are a mix of Lebanese food like tabouli salad, hummus, grape leaves, fried Kibbeh balls with turkey, gravy and traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

FUN FACT: Every Christmas, John gives Chris an ornament that represents something that happened during the year. One year John gifted a chicken ornament because that year all Chris could talk about was getting a real chicken with a chicken coop.

Our Tribe & Tuscan

Our Home & Closing Thoughts

Our Home, Bay Area California
We have a beautiful 3 bedroom house with a lot of outdoor space and green lush surroundings. We are around the corner from an elementary school and there are many parks and shops nearby. It’s a very quiet neighborhood filled with young families and children.

We are a short drive to San Francisco where there is so much to do! From museums, parks, restaurants, to the famous Fisherman’s Wharf, which is a beautiful waterfront with fun shops and sunbathing sea lions. The Bay Area is filled with so much diverse culture and ethnicities. It’s a wonderful community to raise children.

Closing Thoughts

Thank You We know that this may be a challenging time for you and hope to provide you peace of mind in knowing that should you select us, we would be overjoyed and honored to raise your child in a loving, kind, and compassionate home.

We hope our profile gave you a glimpse into our lives and that you feel the warmth and openness with which we wrote this for you. If select-ed, we promise to devote ourselves to your child fully. We are ready to be dads and are grateful to you for your consideration.

Chris & John

Our Home & Closing Thoughts