Chris & Stacey

Hello from Stacey, Chris & Zane in CA!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking a peek into our world! Being in the face of so many challenges and decisions, know we are amazed by your strength, bravery and selflessness.

We believe children are life’s layers and the greatest gift we could ever give our son is a brother or sister. Chris and I are fortunate to share a relationship of love, support, and friendship with our younger siblings. We wish for Zane to experience this same, forever bond.

If the stars align, you will have great confidence and peace knowing we will nurture, provide safety and love your child with overflowing abundance. We will speak of you often to them with pure love and gratitude for choosing us as their adoptive parents.

Though our family is only that of three, our love is BIG! Our hearts and arms are open wide to receive your gift.

About Us: We met at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, FL in 2007, Chris was working as a DJ and Stacey was there for sun, fun, and friends. Through the power of music and many sun-kissed dance floors later, we married after three years of dating, barefoot on the beach in FL surrounded by loved ones.

Our honeymoon was spent on a Caribbean cruise. We bought our first home and gave birth to a beautiful boy in 2014.

We are a colorful couple who believes in lots of #LOL and makes the most out of every day. Thirsty for new culture and the arts, we pride ourselves on being down-to-earth flip-flop lovers:) Famous for packing a weekend bag and heading to the mountains to hike and relax in cabin life, we also like to pop up at a beach campsite to boogie board by day and make s’mores in the fire pits by night. We frequent film, music, food and seasonal festivals and enjoy staying active.

Family is the core of everything in our lives. Zane came into our world as a miracle baby, and after two years of failed attempts to conceive our second child, God has recreated the plan for adoption to make our dreams of a family of four come true.

As a couple and best friends:
• We understand the need to play on the same team and support one another in our marriage, careers, and parenting.
• We believe in the art of conversation, importance of hugs, eating dinner as a family, and practice keeping our home happy.

Our Family Loves to…
• Build sandcastles & run on the beach
• Farmer’s Market trips to pick out fresh fruit, veggies and yummy baked goods
• Live concerts and outdoor movies in the park
• Taco Tuesdays and DIY Pizza Nights @ home
• Drum Circle Saturdays, where we drum along with other families to kid-friendly and classic rock n’ roll beats
• Take special occasion trips to Legoland, California Adventure or Disneyland
• Bake muffins
• Play games, puzzles, Legos and build giant car tracks
• Ride bikes on the park trails or at the beach

Hello from Stacey, Chris & Zane in CA!

Meet Stacey

What Makes Stacey a Great Mom: WHAT MAKES HER A UNIQUE MOM IS HOW SHE GOES ABOVE AND BEYOND TO MAKE ZANE FEEL SAFE, SPECIAL AND LOVED. She always packs lunches with cookie cutter shaped sandwiches and paper hearts or stickers that say #ILoveYou, includes him in whatever it is that she’s doing to make him feel important, glow-in-the-dark dance parties featuring his favorite playlists, and makes a big deal out of the little wins in life.

Meet Stacey (aka Mama Bear): Stacey was born and bred a proud Indiana Hoosier, wearing her heart on her sleeve. Post graduation with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design, she ventured into the world of fashion and public relations. Now a boutique PR agency owner, she enjoys placing entertainment and lifestyle clients on television, radio and in magazines. She has been fortunate to set up her business at home, so she can actively parent throughout the day with the help of “NaNa.”

Energetic and adventurous, Stacey keeps things interesting by filling the family calendar with fun things going on around town. Though creative, Stacey likes to stay organized with a schedule in place and is contagiously ambitious. The last person to judge a book by its cover, she’s the personality type who elevates everyone around her and creates a happy place wherever she goes.

Passionate about health and wellness, Stacey is very much the “Juicing Queen” and known to make all sorts of drinkable concoctions! Happiness for Stacey trying out a new recipe, watching an independent film, taking a pilates, yoga or spinning class, a day spent outdoors in Mother Nature, doing an art project or reading stories to Zane.

Meet Stacey

Meet Chris

What Makes Chris a Great Dad: CHRIS IS A SPECIAL FATHER BECAUSE OF HIS ABILITY TO LAUGH THROUGH THE CHALLENGES AND SHOW LOVE IN WAYS UNIQUE TO HIM. Every day after work, he has a monster tickle party with Zane and before bedtime, he raps silly songs to him. He often jokes about wearing the pants in the family, but Stacey being the one to pick them out every day:)

Meet Chris (aka Papa Bear): Born on California’s Central Coast, where lunch breaks in school were literally spent surfing, Chris graduated college with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Sciences. Now Directory of Technology, this former DJ is a mathematical mind who geeks out to anything involving computers, web development, and trends in tech.

A big kid at heart and teddy bear down to his core, Chris is a man of comedy and welcomed silliness. He’s the guy who still dips his cookies into a big glass of milk and is a BBQ master, who shows off his scrumptious skills over the charcoal (and even helps clean up, too!).

Happiness for Chris is watching Lakers, Dodgers and Raiders games, sampling food trucks, playing a pick-up game of basketball at the gym, listening to newly released EDM tracks on his headphones, an afternoon spent on the golf course, or kicking the soccer ball at the park with Zane.

Meet Chris

Our Family & Friends

Meet Zane (aka Big Brother Bear): Zane is four and sugary sweet with the strength of a little warrior. Giving “huggies” a plenty, he’s full of giggles and pure joy. His contagious smile, bright blue eyes, and curly blonde hair could melt butter. Zane goes to half-day preschool three times a week and enjoys learning. We incorporate educational iPad APPs, YouTube videos, and music such as the “A is for Apple” song to keep things interesting.

Outside of school, his days are filled with “pip-hop” dance classes, gymnastics, mommy & me music, and good old-fashioned playing. If it has wheels, Zane will roll it! He’s obsessed with cars, trucks, and trains and building tracks for them, too.

He catches insects with his bug vacuum and makes cozy “Critter Cabin” habitats, scooters around the playground and plays hide & seek. His favorite foods are pizza, watermelon, carrot juice and the occasional cookie.

Zane watched the movie “Storks” and since then, was given a baby doll to push around the house in his shopping cart, bottle feed, change diapers and put to sleep. Whenever he sees babies, he always points and gets excited because he knows there’s a baby bear on the way.

Meet Our Family: We are blessed with a healthy bloodline of family living along the California coastline and central Indiana, including a great-grandmother who is 101!

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the central coast with Chris’s big family. This “food-a-palooza” is packed with football, kayaking and picnicking on the beach, and Black Friday shopping. At Christmas, we hop on a plane to see Stacey’s family. Plans are either to meet Santa in the snow in Indiana or meet in the Florida sand, where we all sleep under the same roof. Santa is quite in tune with our schedule and never forgets to leave presents under the tree or have breakfast with us, wherever we are:) Mother & Father’s Day festivities are spent BBQing or with special brunches and the Easter Bunny never forgets to come to town. His hunts are always a hit!

Stacey’s family is traditional, while Chris’s is blended. Our differences are what make us unique! We have biological, adopted, and many friends who’ve become family along the way. Rehka, an honorary aunt, and Maribel, Zane’s “Na Na,” are perfect examples of this. Sharing their Indian and El Salvadoran cultures with ours, we have welcomed the diversity and couldn’t imagine our lives any other way.

We are Christians who feel the world is our church and love is the essence of God. We casually attend a church comprised of a congregation who is warm and down-to-earth. It is filled with modern-day music. We a spiritual family who practices the importance of loving others and care deeply about people, animals, and the planet. Our faith is based on kindness, giving back, and the belief that we are all ONE.

Our Family & Friends

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: Our home is a sanctuary, full of love and light nestled in the hills of Southern California.

Four bedrooms with three bathrooms, we were sold by its panoramic, valley view of sunrise and sunset. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and love to cook. Its open floor plan is a great set up for keeping an eye on kids playing throughout the house.

We custom built a big deck on the front of our house for entertaining and staged with comfy, outdoor furniture, a soccer net, basketball hoop, and enough room to set up a bounce house, water table and safe sidewalk chalk play, too!

Our highly-ranked elementary school is just a five-minute walk away. The community boasts many hiking, biking trails, parks, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, movie theaters restaurants, shopping, family-friendly activities and kids classes.

Our Promises to Your Child: We promise to give you unconditional love, read your adoption story often, and express our love and gratitude for your birth mother who placed you in our arms. WE WILL PROVIDE A SAFE PLACE FOR YOU TO ALWAYS CALL “HOME” AND FUEL YOU WITH SELF-CONFIDENCE, SELF-WORTH, SO YOU HAVE ALL THE TOOLS NECESSARY TO PURSUE YOUR DREAMS. We will offer the best formal and life education, teach you right from wrong and instill great manners, values, morals and the importance of being thankful.


A Special Message For You: Thank you for reading our profile to understand the different layers of our lives, which we consider very blessed. We sincerely hope you were able to read our “hearts” within the text. Our wish upon a falling star is to add another child to complete our family.

We could guarantee a rainbow of love, happiness, support, and world of opportunity for your child, giving your baby the life you always envisioned.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts