Chris & Susan

Susan & Chris

Hello! We are Susan and Chris – a fun loving and active couple from Maryland.

We are ready, hopeful and excited to give our unconditional love to a child and expand our family through the miracle of adoption! We can only try to understand the difficulty in the decisions that lie ahead for you so, please know we offer our sincere support and prayers. It is obvious the plan you are making is being made out of love, courage and selflessness, and that you are trying to make the best decision for your child.

Adoption has always been a blessing in our lives. We welcomed our son, Matthew, 4½ years ago through open adoption and have loved the entire experience. We are hoping for another child to bring even more joy and happiness to our lives. As adoptive parents, we promise we will cherish your child and will forever be grateful for such an amazing gift. We will make sure that your child knows how much you love them and will help them to understand the difficult decision you made to place them for adoption.

It is our hope that our story brings you comfort and peace knowing we will continue to give that unconditional love to your little angel. May our story bring a smile to your face, put warmth in your heart, and help the decision making process a little easier for you.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. Even though we do not know you yet, we have a great amount of respect and admiration for you.

Our Story: We were brought into each other lives through online dating and the connection was instantaneous.
• We were married in May of 2009. Our Christian (Catholic) faith is a very important part of our daily lives.
• We live in Spencerville, Maryland, which is located midway between Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD, putting us in close proximity to fantastic museums, zoos, an aquarium, cultural activities, and many historic landmarks and the beach (only three hours away) – there is no shortage of fun things to do as a family!
• We always planned to have children. After trying to treat the medical reasons behind infertility, there was no question in our minds that adoption would be the answer to making our dreams of a family come true.
• We are both well established in our careers and enjoy the work we have chosen. Chris works as an Electrical Engineer for the Department of Defense. Susan, a Registered Dietitian, is the Director for the food and nutrition services of a local school system.
• Our home is filled with love and laughter and we dream of expanding our family by adopting another child.

What We Like to Do: As a couple, we enjoy cooking dinner and trying new recipes, running, working out, working in the yard, making improvements around the house, and date nights.
As a family, we enjoy relaxing at the park, taking walks, traveling, playing games, and hosting family gatherings.

Susan & Chris

Meet Chris

Meet Chris – by Susan: Chris has a very gentle and loving nature and an amazing mix of calmness, patience and optimism. He keeps me laughing. Chris has a nurturing spirit about him and is always a good listener. Our marriage and our family are the most precious things in his life. With Chris, there is never a dull moment as he is always ready for fun and adventure. Chris is a kid at heart and enjoys playing as much as Matthew does. Chris and Matthew are “best buddies” and he has so much love to share.

Susan Loves Chris because:
• He’s so loving, with a gentle soul and kind heart.
• He is my very best friend and my biggest supporter – always knows what I need: a hug, a good laugh, a run, or just some time to talk.
• He is very handsome and intelligent.
• He is an optimist and always says, “It will all work out for the best”.
• He has a true genuine love for his family.

Chris’ Hobbies and Interests:
• Running/working out
• Playing sports
• Working around the house and in the yard
• Watching his favorite sports teams on TV or attending games in person
• Enjoying Susan’s cooking or baked goods
• Chris has an amazing ability to remember sports statistics!

Meet Chris

Meet Susan

Meet Susan – by Chris: I admire how Susan always puts others before herself and helps others do their best. Her caring nature extends to all who know her and brings comfort and security to anyone in her care. Susan does not hesitate to drop everything to help someone in need or just sit with someone who is lonely or troubled. Susan is a joyful, generous, loving person. I appreciate Susan’s zest for life and the fact that she never takes anything for granted. Susan showers Matthew with so much love and tenderness. Her unconditional love, support, commitment and patience are a few of the many qualities that make her a devoted mother and wife.

Chris Loves Susan because:
• She is selfless as she is always putting others before herself.
• She is both reliable and dependable as she is always there for me and others.
• She is my best friend and biggest supporter.
• She is very attractive, intelligent and has an excellent sense of style.
• Susan is the most loving AND caring person I know.

Susan’s Hobbies and Interests:

• Running (favors long distance: 2 marathons, 2 half marathons and several 10ks) and keeping in shape
• Cooking/baking
• Reading
• Working in the yard and around the house

Meet Susan

Our Home

Meet Future Big Brother Matthew: When we look back and think about how Matthew came into our lives through adoption, we just can’t believe how lucky we are. We constantly marvel at him and the boy is he becoming. Matthew is just the sweetest and kindest little guy, with a great sense of humor and big personality. The in-home daycare Matthew attends has provided him the opportunity to be with little babies and he is taken by them, which confirms our belief that he will be a terrific big brother.

Matthew has brought such love to our life that we didn’t know could exist. He lights up our life and every day our love grows for him—if that is possible. We were always eager to have a family, but, after having Matthew for these past 4 ½ years, we are that much more eager to have another child.

Our Relationship with Matthew’s Birth mother, KateLynn: From the first phone call with KateLynn in 2015, we have kept all the updates we shared with her that we will one-day share with Matthew when he is old enough. We want him to know that KateLynn chose adoption, and chose us, out of the love she had for him. Until we met Matthew’s birth mother, we did not know the deep love, respect and admiration we would feel for her. We are so thankful for her. I’ve tried many times and have fallen short of explaining to someone how I feel about KateLynn, about the woman who gave my family the one thing that I could not. Should you choose us as your child’s adoptive parents, we will respect your wishes for post placement contact, but please know you will always be the most special person to us.

Our Home & Community: Our home is a warm, spacious, four bedroom colonial in Maryland. There is plenty of space for a growing family. The back yard has plenty of wide open space to run and play, and backs up to a pasture of a horse farm. We love living in our neighborhood as it is very peaceful, quiet and safe with many families with young kids.
We share our home with our loving, gentle natured and friendly Bengal cat, Montana. Montana loves to talk, play and be part of the family.

Parenting & Education: We are ready and prepared to provide a nurturing home filled with endless amounts of love, support, guidance and opportunity. We will raise our children with Christian values and we will promote respect for all people. We have already started college savings funds and will provide for a college education and other opportunities as well.

We do our best to introduce Matthew to new adventures – swim lessons, t-ball, soccer, taekwondo, etc. We also enjoy simple things like going to the park, walking around the neighborhood, visiting family and friends, going to local attractions (ball games, pool, zoo, aquarium, county and state fairs) and sometimes just sitting at home and hanging out.

We, as a family, would love the opportunity to share these experiences, and more importantly, all of the unconditional love that we have, with your child.

Our Home

Our Loved Ones & Traditions

Meet Our Loved Ones: Our families are a big part of our lives and we love spending time with them. They all love and adore Matthew and could not be happier for our adoption plan to become grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins to your child, too. Susan is the baby, with two older brothers, while Chris is the oldest, with a younger brother and younger sister. Susan’s parents and Chris’s dad passed away, but their big hearts and loving nature live on in daily memories. Chris’s mom lives close and play a huge part in our lives. In addition to big brother Matthew, your child will have many cousins to play with who range in ages 5 to 21 years old!

Top 5 Holiday Traditions:
• Decorating for all the holidays especially Christmas.
• Baking and decorating Christmas cookies and Breakfast with Santa.
• Taking a drive in our community looking at all the Christmas lights while listening to holiday music.
• Opening one gift on Christmas Eve (childhood tradition of Susan’s)
• Preparing and hosting the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Thank You: We are truly humbled to be potentially considered as adoptive parents to your child. We look forward to bringing another child into our world, to love them unconditionally, teach them all that we know, share our families and friends with them, and cherish them every step of the way.

We have huge hearts, share a great sense of humor (we think so), and honestly just want to be wonderful parents with a growing family! You will be giving us the greatest gift; and we can only hope to give back to you by loving your child to the very best of our ability. We will always have the utmost respect and admiration for you, and your child will always know that your adoption decision was made out of love.

Please, know that we are praying that you have a true sense of peace, comfort and confidence in the decision you make. We want the best for you and your child.

Our Loved Ones & Traditions