Christina and Angela

Dear Birth Mom

We are Angela & Christina from Los Angeles, California. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are beyond grateful to you for considering adoption.

In the Zulu culture, the greeting “Sawubona” means “I see you, you are important and I value you”. Considering that adoption is one of the truest forms of love and sacrifice, we wanted to recognize you for this brave and courageous act, and extend the greeting of Sawubona to you.

In these pages, we are eager to give you a glimpse into our lives, such as who we are as a couple, the importance of family and friends, our home and community, and the life lessons we live by. Even more, we hope these pages give you comfort in knowing that we will provide your baby with a secure, loving and supportive home where we will forever be grateful to you.

About Us by Christina: Our love story began on the sandy beaches of Santa Monica, California. Every weekend during the summer of 2013, my friends and I played beach volleyball and on the Fourth of July, a mutual friend invited Angela to come down from northern California to spend the holiday weekend with her and our group of friends. Instantly we connected and became quick friends. We began by sending each other a “Song of the Day” as a way to infuse joy and happiness into our day. But as our friendship blossomed, so did our love for one another. Within a year, Angela moved down to southern California and on New Year’s Day in 2015, we went to the exact spot on the beach where we met and proposed to one another.

“I will never stop trying. I will never stop watching as you leave. I will never stop losing my breath every time I see you looking back at me. And I will never stop holding your hand. I will never stop opening your door. I will never stop choosing you babe. I will never get used to you.”

“Never Stop” by SafetySuit (one of our favorite songs and was played as we walked down the aisle together at our wedding. To us, the words define our love for one another.)

We currently reside in Los Angeles, CA with our four year old son, Noah. Since both of us are former college athletes, our weekends often include attending sporting events, exercising, enjoying the outdoors and soaking up the California sunshine. But nothing compares to just spending quality time with family and friends because to us, a good life is a collection of little moments that make the best memories!

Fun Facts About Us:

  • We are a divided home – Angela works for USC (Go Trojans!) and Christina works for UCLA (Go Bruins!)
  • Taylor Swift is our favorite!
  • Nothing beats a big bowl of chips and salsa
Dear Birth Mom

About Angela

I was born and raised in a small town in northern Nevada. Most of our weekends were spent at the town lake or at an athletic event.

Deciding on what college to attend was very difficult for me. Everyone in my family, including extended family (52 people) have attended the University of Nevada at Reno; yet, I chose to accept a basketball scholarship at Idaho State University. Leaving home was tough for me to do, but it allowed me to grow and experience life outside of my small rural town.

I was a college basketball coach for 11 years before moving into my current position as an associate director of academic advising for college student-athletes. Both of these careers have afforded me the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

There is nothing more that I want than to be the best parent I can be. For me, having a family is like being a part of a team. All great teams provide a sense of unity and strength, and this is what I hope I provide to my family.

Why Christina Loves Angela:

  • The butterflies, the goosebumps and the warmth I felt the first time she hugged me is why I knew I was blessed with an “Angel”
  • Extends her hand when you need her, encourages you when you feel down and has your back when you need support
  • Accepts you for who you are rather than who she wants you to be
  • As a mother, she always has time for hot wheels, playing baseball in the back yard or snuggling on the couch watching the same movie over and over again

Fun Facts About Angela:

  • Inducted into the basketball Hall of Fame for both her home state of Nevada and Idaho State University
  • Loves watching crime investigation shows (Dateline and 48 Hours)
  • Favorite hobby is attending concerts
  • Owns multiple music instruments but can’t play any of them


About Angela

About Christina

I am a southern California native who thrives in the sun and hates the cold. But that truly has never stopped me from exploring the world and seeking adventures, whether it was learning how to river kayak, climbing Mount Whitney, running marathons (three in the pouring rain), or studying abroad in Europe. I just made sure to always wear layers.

I grew up in a family where soccer was cherished and celebrated, which is why I started playing at the age of 7. It is my love for soccer that drove me to work in college athletics. I work as an athletic administrator and oversee the women’s sport programs.

Being on a college campus also aligns perfectly with my value of an education. Both of my parents came from very humble beginnings and saw education as a way to a better life. This is why it was emphasized so much while growing up and is why education is foundational to my core beliefs. But as I like to say to the student-athletes, learning is a lifelong process and I am constantly seeking to learn new things so I can be the best version of me.

Why Angela Loves Christina:

  • Kind-hearted, shy and tender soul who would do anything and everything for her family and friends
  • The rock and glue to our family and is the reason our place is called a “home” rather than just a house
  • Small stature but a mighty and fierce presence
  • As a mother, she is patient and calm, but still holds true to the boundaries and values that we want for our family

Fun Facts About Christina:

  • Neat freak who loves cleaning and organizing (addicted to @TheHomeEdit)
  • Enjoys exercising, including CrossFit and running
  • Horrible cook whose favorite TV show is anything on the Food Network or Cooking Channel
  • Her mother, Angie, is one of eight children so she has over 75 first cousins!
About Christina

Meet Big Brother Noah

Noah is 4 years old and fiesty like Mama Christina but has a kind, generous heart like Mama Angela. From the day he was born, his big blue eyes have captivated us. They tell us when he is happy, when he is sad, when he is mad and when he just needs a hug and a kiss. He is such an expressive little boy who enjoys playing sports, going to the park, wrestling with Mama Angela and building Legos with Mama Christina. He attends an incredible school at UCLA where he is inspired to learn, to build relationships and to embrace his creativity. Even more, he has a deep love for his family and friends, which is why we know he will be an incredible big brother who will forever love, protect, care and guide his sibling.

Our Life Lesson for Noah:

  • Be YOU. The world will adjust.
  • Love is spelled “t-i-m-e”
  • Be kind & humble

Fun Facts About Noah:

  • He was named after Ryan Gosling’s character in the movie “The Notebook”
  • Is a Carb-etarian (only eats carbs… LOL!)
  • Loves music and dancing

Our Home & Community: Our home is located in the Westchester neighborhood of the city of Los Angeles. Living in Westchester offers us the best of both worlds… a small town feel in a diverse, urban suburban setting. This type of neighborhood could be hard to find in a big city like Los Angeles, which is why we are so grateful and blessed to call this inclusive neighborhood our home.

Our Neighborhood Favorites:

  • Holidays, Halloween and the Fourth of July are especially fun because the residents love to decorate their homes and celebrate together
  • Our incredible neighbors of all ages and backgrounds, from the 85-year old couple who live next door, to the family of musicians who live on the other side
  • Arts, food and music festival, hosted on our exact street every September
  • Beautiful parks and playgrounds are abundant, and we are just a short bike ride from the beach
  • The school system with options for both public and charter schools, and the opportunity to join UCLA’s schooling system


Meet Big Brother Noah

It Takes a Team

Our family & friends are our circle of strength and love.  With every birth or union, we grow. With every crisis we face, we get stronger. While our families are scattered across southern California, Nevada, Utah, Michigan and Mexico, quality time with family is very important to us, so we are intentional in seeing each other as often as possible. We both are middle children, each having a brother and sister, and we come from families of ranchers. Our moms, Angie & Carol, grew up on ranches in Mexico and Nevada respectively where they helped raise cattle and horses, grew vegetables, and made cheese. We cannot wait for our family trip to the ranches so our children can ride the horses, explore the outdoors and get dirty.

Our friends have become our chosen family. They are the people in our life who want us in theirs, who accept us for who we are, are willing to do anything to make us smile and who love us no matter what. When we were younger, our days were spent at the beach, engaging in outdoor activities, or doing things for kicks and giggles. Now that many of us have become parents, our children get to grow up together, build friendships, and give life to our growing family and friend tree.

Our Promise to You: For someone to entrust so much to others takes bravery, courage

and sacrifice. We will never take this for granted and as such, we promise to:

  • Cherish and love our children with our hearts and souls
  • Encourage individuality, curiosity and authenticity
  • Celebrate successes and learn from mistakes
  • Provide a safe, happy home where love is our primary language
  • Emphasize education and dreaming big

Being parents has brought us overwhelming joy and happiness. It motivates us to believe in “We before Me” and it is the ultimate team activity. This is why we are so excited about the possibility of adding to our family. Whatever you decide, we appreciate you considering adoption and for taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents to your ba

It Takes a Team