Christine and Troy

Dear Birth Mother

Hello! We are Troy, Christine, Dario & Rowan from Oakville, Ontario, Canada. We are so honored to be able to tell you a little bit about us and we are grateful for the time you are taking to consider our family. We hope that through our profile you are able to understand what a fun and loving family we have built and hope to continue building through adoption. Dario is Troy’s son from a previous marriage and Rowan is our biological child. While we are able to have more children biologically we have always felt strongly that we want to grow our family through adoption which has brought us to this perfect moment to make both Dario and Rowan the big brothers they dream of being. We are all so very excited to begin our adoption journey.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to adopt a child from the U.S. We have always wanted to bring a child into our family shortly after they are born, however this is a difficult process in Canada. We’re very delighted that the U.S. process is aligned with what we are ultimately looking for to complete our family.

About Us – by Christine: We met in 2010 in Chicago while we were vacationing with mutual friends.  While we are both grounded people and wouldn’t normally say we believe in ‘fate’, neither of us can ignore that the circumstances that brought us together were definitely a destiny that was out of our control! We began dating a year after initially meeting and have returned to Chicago many times to relive the journey of how we met and in 2013 Troy proposed in front of the famous ‘Bean’. It was definitely a tough decision for him on where to propose since we had so many memories at different places across the city.

Troy’s son Dario was an immediate member of our little family and a year after getting married in June 2014 we welcomed Rowan into the world. We love our boys and can’t imagine our lives without them, their laughter and noise brings a happiness into our home that we never thought possible. However, we have always wanted to adopt. So while we are blessed with two wonderful boys, we won’t consider our family complete until we are able to welcome another child through our adoption journey.

Some of Our Favorites:

Favorite Food

  • Troy: Cookies
  • Christine: Tacos
  • Dario: Pizza
  • Rowan: Mac & Cheese

Favorite Car

  • Troy: Porsche 911 GT3RS
  • Christine: Range Rover
  • Dario: Mercedes
  • Rowan: Mercedes G-Wagon

Favorite Sport

  • Troy: Hockey
  • Christine: Tennis
  • Dario: Basketball
  • Rowan: Tennis

Favorite Hobby

  • Troy: Playing with Cars
  • Christine: Running and reading
  • Dario: Playing with Cars
  • Rowan: Playing with Cars

Vacation Spot

  • Troy: Arizona
  • Christine: Chicago
  • Dario: Florida
  • Rowan: California
Dear Birth Mother

About Christine

About Christine – by Christine: I grew up in the Niagara Region in Ontario, Canada. My parents divorced when I was 2 and I lived with my Mom until I moved away to attend University. I have a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Psychology from McMaster University and went on to obtain my post-graduate certificate in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs. I have spent the last 13 years in a career in the pharmaceutical industry and am currently Head of the Regulatory Affairs, Reimbursement and Value Access department at Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals Canada in Toronto. I am extremely passionate about improving the lives of patients suffering from cancer and ultra-rare diseases and am very lucky to have a job that offers the flexibility to be able to balance work, travel and time at home. The best part about travelling for work is being able to extend the trip to have my family join me and explore different cities.

More About Christine – by Troy: Christine is such an infectious person that everyone is drawn to, and I am so lucky and honored to call her my wife. She has the ability to always make me and everyone in our large circle of family and friends, feel so important, all while putting our needs before hers. Over these past 10 years, we have built a bond of love and understanding that I didn’t think was possible, which has made my life so enjoyable, easy and most importantly fun. Her engagement and love for life have been even more evident with her connection with my son Dario and our son Rowan. The enjoyment of kids and having a big family has sparked something in her that I have never seen before and can’t wait to see it grow with the addition of a new child.


About Christine

About Troy

About Troy – by Troy: I grew up in Toronto, Ontario with my mom, dad and older sister, Tanya. When I was 16 years old we moved from Toronto to Oakville where I have lived since. After high school I attended Sheridan College for a Marketing Degree, and then went directly to work in the automotive industry in the service department of a car dealership. I have worked in the automotive industry for over 20 years, and for the last 9 years have been the Service Manager at the local Mercedes-Benz Dealership in Oakville. My job gives me the opportunity to manage my family’s needs if anything comes up during the day and I am always able to do the school DROP-OFFS and pick-ups. My passion for cars started at a young age and I have been able to turn my hobby into a career. My passion has influenced both of my sons and they spend lots of time playing together with cars of all sizes from Hot Wheels to full size ones. I know that the boys will have so much fun teaching their little baby brother or sister all about their favorite things.

More About Troy – by Christine: What makes Troy such an amazing father and husband is the unconditional love he gives to his family and how much he does to protect and take care of us. Troy’s parents consistently demonstrate the importance of family above all else and this is also evident with Troy and how he manages to balance his responsibilities at home, at work and with friends. There is never a minute of the day where Troy is not putting his family first. He will drop anything in an instant if I or his boys need him. While Troy does love that his job allows him to spend his day surrounded by cars, he is undoubtedly the happiest when he is at home playing with his boys. He finds a way to make me smile every day. I can’t wait to expand our family together make him even happier than he ever thought possible.

About Troy

Meet Rowan & Dario

Rowan is full of life, energetic and a very sweet little boy who loves to play all day long. He loves spending time with his big brother Dario and his friends from school. He likes to play with cars, ride his bike, go on walks and help make pancakes. He is absolutely bursting with excitement at the thought of being a big brother!

Dario is a sweet, thoughtful and caring boy who constantly puts the needs and wants of his little brother above his own. He is so patient and takes such pride in helping teach Rowan to read, ride his bike and assemble Lego. Dario loves playing hockey and basketball and is a fantastic break-dancer. He loves teaching Rowan the moves he has learned during our impromptu dance parties in the kitchen.

“If we have a baby brother we are looking forward to playing with cars and teaching him all about cars! If we have a baby sister we are looking forward to giving her lots of stuffed animals to cuddle and teaching her how to dance!”-Rowan & Dario

Our Home & Community: We live in Oakville, Ontario which is a beautiful city just outside of Toronto, the capital of Ontario. Our neighborhood includes many parks, outdoor play spaces and walking paths to discover all that nature has to offer. Our area is full of families with young children so the streets are always filled with fun and laughter. We are within walking distance of elementary schools and parks, and a short drive or train ride away from downtown Toronto where we can visit museums, science centers and other fun landmarks.

What we like to do most in our neighborhood is to go for walks on the nature paths and look for animals in the forest. We also like to go downtown and get ice cream and walk by the lake.

Meet Rowan & Dario

Our Family & Friends

The most important reason we chose to live in Oakville is the close proximity to both of our families. Troy’s family (his parents, Selvina and Emanuel, sister Tanya and her children, Shelby and Ryder) also live in the same city and Christine’s family lives in Niagara which is about an hour away. Christine has two sisters from her dad’s second marriage (Jillian & Courtney), and in the past 5 years they have grown closer than ever (they are great babysitters and love their little nephews!!). The close proximity of family makes it easy to get together and celebrate holidays and birthdays, which are always a big deal for the family.

Family Traditions: We have a lot of family traditions that we currently take part in, and we are always adding to the list every year! We go apple picking on Thanksgiving, hang out on the days after Christmas in our matching pajamas, spend a week at a cottage in the summer with Christine’s Dad (Larry) and sisters, participate in fundraising events for Sick Kids (a children’s hospital in Toronto) and celebrate all family milestones (birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.).

Thank You: Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us! We hope that through our words you were able to feel how excited and ready we are to bring a child into our family. We are ready for our family of 4 to become a party of 5! We know we can offer a safe, loving and fun home for your child and we would be so honored if you gave us this opportunity.

~ Troy, Christine, Dario and Rowan

Our Family & Friends