Christopher and Marisa


Thank You for getting to know us. We are Marisa & Christopher from Los Angeles. We are grateful for this experience and look forward to getting to know you. We understand that this is not an easy journey, but we admire your strength and courage to take this step. As you get to know us, you will learn that we are very close and spend most of our time together, yet we see the world in unique and complementary ways. We are excited to bring the new voice and new eyes of a child into our world. Your child will be raised with family and friends that will be a source of inspiration and strength as they grow. Your child will be raised in a home that is full of creativity, love and laughter.

Our Life Together: We met 11 years ago in San Francisco when Marisa was attending UC Berkeley and Christopher was working at Greenpeace.  What began that night was a conversation about family, art, politics, and the kind of future we could create together.

Marisa works from home and provides consulting services to philanthropic foundations and nonprofit organizations. Christopher works at a non-profit organization that builds affordable housing for families in need.

Our life is financially secure, and we look forward to adopting a child, sharing our adventures, our love for learning, and our deep desire to make the world a better place for others.

You might be surprised…

Marisa could survive on popcorn alone. She lived on the Galapagos Islands. Her nickname is Tookie. She’s writing a book about her Dad.

Christopher has over 10,000 comic books. He’s studied all of the world’s religions. His record for most movies at the theatre in a day is 4.

We have…

  • Climbed to the top of Machu Piccu.
  • Swam in an underwater cave where the Mayan crystal princess lives
  • Danced with the Garifuna in Belize
  • Camped overnight in a museum



Meet Marisa

Meet Marisa, By Christopher: She has a brilliant mind, the way she gets to know you and connect with you with questions and stories. She is the smartest person I know, or have ever met. Everyone wants to be Marisa’s friend because she is an epic listener and takes cares of everyone she meets. And if you are lucky, you get to meet the goofy fun side of her, where simply being silly and absurd elicits a laugh that is bold and infectious.

For all of the reasons above, she will be a great mom, one who not only sees the best in their child, but will always be pushing them to be better. She will be that mom that all the other children will want to go over and talk to and be around and learn from.

Marisa’s Favorites

  • Childhood Activity: Climbing trees
  • Children’s Book: Are You My Mother?
  • Animal: Elephant
  • Children’s Movie: Wallace and Grommit
  • Place to take a Child: Bike riding
Meet Marisa

Meet Christopher

Meet Christopher through Marisa’s Eyes: The first thing you will notice about Christopher is his beaming, blue eyes. The second thing you will notice is his calm spirit. Everyone loves him as soon as they meet him, because he cares deeply about people and will stand up for those that need help. Very early on in our relationship, I knew that I wanted to raise a child with him. He is a kid at heart, and sees life in everything and wants to experience life to the fullest. He is also the smartest person I know (even though he will tell you that I am).

Christopher’s Favorites

  • Childhood Activity: Reading under a tree
  • Children’s Book: The Velveteen Rabbit
  • Holiday: Thanksgiving
  • Children’s TV Show: Mr. Rogers
  • Movie: It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Place to take a Child: The library
Meet Christopher

A Place Called Home

We refer to our home as a perch in the middle of the city. We live in Silverlake, a neighborhood in the hills right above the famous Sunset Boulevard near Hollywood. Our home is a combination of what the two of us need and love, a quiet refuge for Marisa to write and a short walk for Christopher to the bustling city. The first thing you will notice when you enter our home is our overflowing wall to wall book collection. We both are voracious readers and we both write—Christopher even published a story in a comic book! The second thing is you will hear music of all stripes, from Motown to punk to the gentle sounds of Billie Holiday. And last but certainly not least, you will meet the little queen of the house, our cat, Tigerlily.

On the weekends, we have so many choices for adventures since we live in the heart of Los Angeles. Hollywood, Disneyland, Universal Studios are so close, and the beach is just twenty minutes away, We also love getting out in nature, at parks or on hiking trails.

Places We Love in our Community

  • We love our church, Agape because of the diverse community that loves God.
  • We love going to Dodger games because of the hot dogs and we get to cheer really loud with the rest of the fans.
  • Our favorite theatre is the Arclight in Hollywood. They have the best popcorn.
  • Our community has tons of great places to hike.


A Place Called Home

Our Family

The People We Love – Our Family: We have a small tight knit family, that includes friends who we also consider family. Christopher’s side of the family live in Northern California, which is about a 5 hour drive or a quick plane ride from our home. Over the years, we often travel up north for Christopher’s favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. Marisa’s family lives in Simi Valley, the home she grew up in. You will find us there on the weekends swimming in the pool with Marisa’s mom and nephew.

Our family backgrounds are quite similar, in that we grew up very close to our parents and siblings.

Our Faith: We hope to pass on to our child a sense of wonder about God, the world, and the uniqueness of very person they meet. We hope to guide them with the answers we have found to the great questions about God and life, but also let them decide what that means to their life.

In Closing: Thank you again for considering us. We know that words and pictures can only go so far so we hope to meet you in person one day to hear your dreams and hopes for your child’s future. Our dream is to raise a child who will feel love and compassion and hold an understanding of the beauty of this world and the need to make it a better place.

Our Family