Christopher & Megan

About Us

Thank you for considering us as an adoptive family! We respect and admire the decision you are considering and know that it must be crazy hard to figure out the best family for your child. We are honored you are considering us. One day, our oldest son Quentin told us, “There is someone missing in our family.” Little did he know that we have been considering adoption for the past few years!

Megan’s grandmother Beth was adopted, and we feel like adoption has always been a part of our story. Quentin continued by promising us that he will be the best big brother that he can be. We promise you, too, that we will be the best parents that we can possibly be. We are not perfect, but we work hard to create a home of love and peace.

We promise to honor, adore, unconditionally love, accept, and treasure our future child.

With love,
Megan, Christopher, Quentin, Madeleine and Luke

At first, we didn’t quite hit it off–Christopher thought I was only interested in his roommate, and I thought people from the East Coast were weird. But we were both wrong about each other! And after 15 years together, we still can’t wait to be with each other at the end of every day. We believe in nurturing and developing our relationship and consider it the foundation of our family.

We also love doing things with our children–anywhere from big trips to Disney World or visiting extended family to walking our dog through the woods near our home in Boston and taking our kids swimming. We can’t wait to have another child join our family on all of these fun adventures.

Fun fact: Our second date was 12 hours long. After we went on a long drive to meet friends for a sled ride, we didn’t want it to end and went bowling at midnight!

About Us

Meet Megan & Christopher

Christopher is the kind of person who can get people excited about something, which comes in handy when he’s spending time with our kids or teaching classes as a professor. He grew up outside of Boston as the proud and protective big brother of four little sisters.

As a professor, he gets to travel to speak at different universities about once a month. A big perk of his job is his flexibility. He helps get the kids ready for school in the morning and gets home in time for dinner. He coaches basketball and loves being a father, especially helping his kids develop confidence in themselves.

Christopher is my best friend and my favorite person to hang out with and parent with. He makes sure to spend individual time with each kid every day, whether reading a book to them, playing their favorite games, or just chatting with them about his day. At family dinner we always play, “what did dad eat for lunch,” and the kids crack up at his descriptions. He shows them so much love and is there to lead and guide them in a gentle way. He is a good example of faith in God and is always trying his best to be a good person.

I can’t wait for him to share his love of life and talents with a new baby in our family.


Megan grew up in Utah with four sisters. She majored in elementary education and received a graduate degree in teaching English as a second language. She has taught English in four different countries.

Megan loves being a mom and feels so blessed to be a part of these wonderful little people’s lives watching them grow. She stays home with the kids and is there for all their transitions, doctors appointments and after school activities. Her hobbies include gardening, volunteering in school & church, writing, and hiking. She is so excited to watch a new baby grow, learn and develop and help them on their path.

Megan really sees people as people and doesn’t get caught up in circumstances or appearances. She is a deep thinker, an empathizer, resilient, responsible, so fun to talk to for hours, and has a talent for figuring out what other people need. Part of the secret to her success is spending so much of her free time thinking about the people she loves and understanding their ups and downs.

Megan loves kids and when something challenging comes up, she just digs in and rolls up her sleeves. Her training as an elementary-school teacher comes in so handy as a parent. I have learned so much from her example and from parenting alongside her.

I’m so excited to adopt with Megan and for her to share her thoughtful, big heart with a new baby.

Meet Megan & Christopher

Our Kids & Home

QUENTIN IS 10, is the big brother of the family and takes his role very seriously. Ever since he was three, he would tell us he wants us to have lots and lots of kids in our family. He always takes his younger cousins under his wing (13 cousins and counting!) and sticks up for them whenever we’re together as an extended family.

FAVORITES: Basketball, soccer, swimming, reading, playing cello, Star Wars, Legos

MADELEINE IS 7 and is spunky but very kind-hearted. She loves making presents for people in her life. She snuck into Luke’s room every night this summer to put a homemade present on his floor so he’d have something exciting to wake up to. She would love to be a big sister to a baby brother or sister.

FAVORITES: Dancing, arts and crafts, reading Harry Potter, swimming, and playing dragons with the boys at school

LUKE IS 5 and has been asking about being an older brother for a couple of years now. Luke loves to play and his main goal in life is to help others and make them laugh. He is always ready with a smile for his family and friends.

FAVORITES: Sports, trying to be like his older siblings, Paw Patrol, Star Wars, and Legos

Our suburban home close to Boston is a place of peace, love and safety. We live on a dead-end-street where our kids and their friends ride bikes, play baseball, basketball and kickball. We can walk to the library, ice cream, pizza places, the pool, a toy store, a bookstore, and candy store. In the summer, we roast hot dogs and marshmallows and play on our swingset in our backyard.

Our kids go to school about a mile away, one of the best elementary schools in Massachusetts. The teachers are kind and creative, and the school system is very supportive of all types of learners. We run into people from our church around town every day, too.

Our Kids & Home

Our Family, Friends & Pets

We both come from strong family traditions and are very close with our parents, grandparents, siblings, and their families. We have annual family get-togethers in California and Utah. Megan talks with her mom and three sisters often. Christopher’s family has a family text chain to share daily updates with each other.

We also go hiking, camping, roast marshmallows and have great friends who we do things with. We often host fun events for kids at our house (such as gingerbread house making or movie nights). Many of our friends are from our church, and a lot of them are like family to us. We watch out for each other and have each other’s backs when life gets complicated.

BECKET is our dog, who hyperventilates when he sees us sometimes because he is so happy and excited. He is especially sweet with kids.

BUDDY is our rescue tortoise. He is the slowest pet you can imagine. Madeleine especially loves taking care of him.

PUFFBALL is Quetin’s fun fluffy hamster. He comes up to his cage and greets whoever comes into the room. Quentin loves making blanket mazes for him and taking care of him.

Our Family, Friends & Pets

Our Traditions & Thank You

Going to a Christmas play at a theater downtown

Maple-sugaring and pancake-eating in New Hampshire


BBQs and S’mores in the backyard

Swimming at the local public pool

Red Sox games

Back to school shopping

Trick or treating

We feel like someone is missing in our family, and we can’t wait to welcome someone new into our home and hearts. We believe that growth comes from a safe environment where children can make mistakes and learn and grow at their own pace. We promise to give unconditional love, support and to cherish our future baby.

Our Traditions & Thank You