Cisco & Stephanie

Stephanie and Cisco

Dear Birth Mother: Hello! We are Stephanie, Cisco, Julie and Javi. We currently reside in Manassas, Virginia as our current military assignment is the Pentagon. Most importantly, THANK YOU for taking the time to learn about our amazing family!

We are incredibly humbled and thankful for your consideration. One of the greatest gifts of our lives was both our daughter’s and son’s births in 2012 and 2014 respectively. Since then, we have learned much about empathy, patience, and listening. We’ve weathered the inevitable sleepless nights and plethora of “potty” incidents, but above all we genuinely love being parents and role models to our wonderful kiddos. We always knew we wanted to bring another child into our family.

As we are not able to have kids naturally, we were very fortunate to have both of our little ones through the IVF process. Our hearts have plenty more love to give, and as such, we look forward to continue to grow our fun family through the gift of adoption.

We will always be truthful and open about your child’s adoption story, and they will know of your great love and generosity. Like you, we want to give them the most loving, fun, and secure life possible. We want to raise children who are curious, confident, respectful, goal oriented, and kind. We promise to laugh with them, to be there for their tears, to give strength during their struggles, and to always give them the biggest hugs.

Fun Things We Like To Do:
• Chicago Cubs GAMES
• T-ball and Basketball Youth Sports
• Recreational flying
• Family bike rides and hikes
• Woodworking
• Fly kites in “El Morro Puerto Rico”
• Themed kids’ parties
• Snorkeling

About Us: We met in 2001 while we were in college. Stephanie went to College to become an Elementary Education Teacher and Cisco to become an Air Force Pilot. To this date, we both have different versions on how we met, however one thing we’ve always agreed on is that we knew we were perfect for each other from day one!

In 2003, Cisco proposed to Stephanie in front of the Bellagio Hotel Water Fountains in Las Vegas, luckily she said YES, and were subsequently married in 2004! Most recently, we celebrated our 15 year anniversary in the beautiful island of Bora Bora, Tahiti. Throughout the past 15 years, we’ve embarked on a lifetime worth of experiences to include lots of military moves, family vacation experiences, and many kiddos sporting events.

As a military family (Air Force) we’ve been stationed in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Washington, California, Texas, and currently, Virginia. We LOVE to go on family cruises (11 so far!) and look forward to our kids’ t-ball and basketball seasons every year. We truly believe life goes by too fast, and as such, we try to enjoy life to the fullest extent possible every single day!

We have a big family with several yearly traditions:
• 10 Days of Pumpkin – Stephanie and the kids try 10 new pumpkin recipes each Fall and pick our favorites for our annual pumpkin party.
• We LOVE to host Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s a festive time of year and we usually have a house full of family in and out throughout November and December.
• The neighbors get together to make tu-tus for our neighborhood 5k on Thanksgiving morning. Cisco starts the turkey in the smoker, we run with our friends and family, and then Stephanie and her sister, Candace spend the day cooking traditional favorites with a Puerto Rican spin.
• For Christmas we take train rides, spend the nights looking at Christmas lights, bake cookies, and then there is our Elf on the Shelf, Elfie whose nightly shenanigans bring excitement each morning.

Stephanie and Cisco


About Cisco, by Cisco: I was born and raised in Puerto Rico until I went to College in Florida. I have the unique privilege to fly for the United States Air Force and I love it! Currently, my schedule is the most flexible it’s been in my 16 year Air Force career, reason being is that I am working at the Pentagon and will not be deploying for the next four years (Stephanie is really excited about this as she has endured multiple military deployments by herself in the past; one of the many reasons she is the best wife in the world!).

For Fun I Like To:
• TRAVEL with the family
• Go to the beach, movies, hiking, snorkeling, and biking
• Attend Cubs games
• I love flying. My kids do as well and I cannot wait to teach all of them how to fly airplanes when they grow old enough!
• Eating great food (except veggies; I can eat broccoli and carrots but that’s it!)

More About Cisco, by Stephanie: There are so many qualities I adore about Cisco. He is the most patient and fun daddy to our two kids. He takes us on adventures around the world and shares his passion of flying with our kids. One minute he will be preparing for an upcoming flight and the next minute he is chasing the kids around the yard or practicing baseball.

He is an amazing role model, family-oriented, a wonderful son, father, and husband. I can’t wait to parent another child with him! He is the perfect balance of love and adventure, and I’m excited to see him become a father again!



About Stephanie, by Stephanie: I was raised in Roanoke, VA. My family moved to Virginia when I was in the 6th grade and soon thereafter, I fell in love with basketball. I played AAU throughout middle and high school in addition to playing on my school team. I was offered an athletic scholarship to Stetson University in Florida and continued my basketball career.

In college, I majored in Elementary Education and I am currently a 4th grade teacher. Sports are still an important part of my life. I love supporting local teams and attending local and professional sporting events.

Teaching is my passion and I am thankful that my children will get to go to work with me every day once they enter kindergarten. I love getting a peek into their school day and I’m thankful I’m off from work when they are off from school (especially unexpected snow days….yay)! I enjoy running, hiking, exploring new parks and trails with my kiddos, traveling, and Fall!

For Fun I Like To:
• RUN and BIKE – I LOVE being outdoors.
• Arts and crafts
• Explore new places
• Support local sports
• Cook – I love to try out new recipes!

More About Steph, by Cisco: Stephanie is a free spirit and full of joy 24 hours a day/7days a week. She is amazing and our kids are so lucky to have her amazing persona!

Not only is Stephanie the best wife, but she is the best mother! She continuously creates learning activities for our kids, throws them the best birthday and dessert baking parties, and routinely runs around the house chasing our kids screaming “I am going to get your feet” (which our kids think is the funniest thing ever!). Stephanie is absolutely marvelous and your child will be in great hands with her by their side!


Our Family and Friends

Meet Julia and Javi: We have 2 children that are so excited to have a little brother or sister! Julia is seven and Javi is five. They both love baseball, riding bikes, and exploring every park we encounter. They both aspire to become astronauts someday. I’ve asked both kids what their favorite part of being a kid is and Julia said that she loves to play and be free. Javi said that it’s to go to the kid museums.

Julia says that she is most excited to hold the new baby and teach them how to read. Javi says that he can’t wait to play with the baby. Both kids love being outdoors. Julia loves to play sports (especially baseball) and do art. Javi loves playing T-ball, basketball, and soccer.

Family and Friends: Family is really important to us. We are very close with our siblings even though we all live in different states. Stephanie’s sister is Candace, she is married to Will and they just welcomed their first son. Cisco has two little brothers: Eddy is married to Melody and they have three children, and Felix is married to Yaneris and they have one daughter. We get together as much as possible.

Birthdays, holidays, graduations, and career milestones are important to us. Sometimes that involves hosting at our house, taking family cruises, or renting a house for a destination vacation for us all. The laughter, memories, and fun are the same—no matter what we are celebrating.

Our Family and Friends

Our Home and Thank You

Our Home and Community: We live in Manassas, Virginia which is a suburb of Washington D.C. Our home is a five bedroom three bathroom house on an acre of land. It’s perfect for playing in the sprinklers during the summer, jumping in leaves in the fall, sledding and building snowmen in the winter, and planting flowers in the spring. We are on a cul-de-sac which is ideal for riding bikes in an area without traffic. Old town Manassas has a small town feel with quaint restaurants and shops yet we are a short drive away from the D.C. monuments and our favorite museum, The Air and Space Museum.

About Our Dog, Mackey: We also have one fur baby—a seven-year-old German Shepherd named Mackie. He loves to dance (yes, dance), play with the kids, and chase his ball. He makes a great best friend for our family and will also be one for your child!

Thank You So Much: Once again we are honored and humbled that you have taken the time to learn about our amazing family. We are committed to growing our family and promise to continue to enjoy life to the fullest extent possible every single day. It is our deepest hope that you would choose us, but no matter what, we know that you will make the best decision for your baby.

Our Home and Thank You