Cole & Corey

Hello & Thank You!

Wow! What a tremendous moment for our life paths to cross. We are honored that you are taking the time to read about us, and that our connection may result in the village that raises your child.

We are beyond excited to become acquainted with you, and admire your strength and the love you give in your decision. For us, adoption was our first choice in how we wanted to create a family, and it was on our 4th date that we found out we both shared this desire. This has been our plan from the start of our relationship, and after 5 years of being inseparable, we are ready to have a child join in our adventures!

Our Story

There are those moments in life, where everything aligns so perfectly that it appears destined. We met through a series of perfectly timed – though seemingly random- events that resulted in the feeling of a relationship that was fated to be, and the story is so magical that you’ll have to hear it in person, as Cole loves to tell the entire saga.

To give a brief synopsis, Corey was wearing leggings with flying cats all over them, and those leggings started a convo that lead to the rest of our lives! We have been together from our first date, which was not the norm for either of us. Our relationship is every cliché in the book – it’s easy, it’s right, and at its core it is good and full of trust. Not to say we don’t have some of the challenges most couples have, but our relationship was worth holding out for, and we are thankful we never settled for anything less! Just like our relationship with one another, we believe finding you will also come perfectly timed.

We live in Austin, Texas which we love for the warm weather, great outdoor activities, and the lakes. Our favorite days are in the sun, on our boat, surfing and eating at lake restaurants with friends and family. We are both lucky to have parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins who live in the city, as well as many friends. We have lived in Austin for a long time, so we’ve built a strong community. Our home is located in West Austin, near the iconic 360 bridge. It’s the start of the hill country with many hiking trails and parks nearby that we explore with our pups.

We also have a vacation home in our favorite country, Costa Rica. We love to de-stress and practice our Spanish while enjoying the simpler pace of life there, and like to go as often as we can fit it into our schedules. We hope our child will grow up speaking both Spanish and English fluently.

Hello & Thank You!

About Cole

About Cole –
I grew up mostly between Texas and Colorado. I had an amazing childhood playing competitive tennis and was nationally ranked. After school I moved to Florida to try and play professional tennis. When that didn’t pan out the way I thought it would I entered the business world full time.

I’ve had a truly blessed career where I’ve been able to work for some amazing people and some amazing companies. I am now the CEO of a small technology company and enjoy spending weekends on the water or on the mountain or just relaxing with Corey and our dogs.

More about Cole by Corey –
I call Cole my “mad scientist” the way his mind works is brilliant, and he is crazy intelligent. I love that if he can imagine something to be true, he will make it true. Whether it’s learning how to flip on a wakeboard as a 6’6” adult, or start his own company reinventing data centers, he has a strong determination that will see his visions to life.

He has an infectious energy that I can’t wait for us to share with a child. We may be adults while we work, but we love the outdoors, snowboarding, amusement parks, video games, sports, and trying the latest hover boards and all those activities I can see Cole enjoying even more with our child to teach.

I know Cole is ready to be a dad, as he has “dad” jokes and puns mastered! He also somehow can quote movie lines and song lyrics like no one’s business, while also keeping up with all the sports that I never actually see him watch. How he packs all his genius, as well as everything else into his head, amazes me on a daily basis.

When with a child asking all the why’s in the world, Cole actually has the answers! He can tell you why the sky is blue, how far away the sun is, and how that jet pack works.

About Cole

Meet Corey

About Corey –
I grew up in CO, before moving to Texas at 13 with my parents and two younger brothers. My mother raised me rescuing wild animals, kittens and puppies, and I have a strong love for animals and the outdoors. I loved to read as a child, was highly imaginative and would write, draw, and perform in theater. I think creativity and constant learning is highly important to the development of an intelligent and empathetic person, and I hope to share my love of animals and the arts with my child.

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Psychology major, and have had a successful career in real estate. I’m a Realtor and I also rehab, or build homes to sell or rent out. I hear often that I should have a rehab show on HGTV!

My goal, that I share with Cole, is for the type of success that allows us to do what we want in life. For me, that was creating a rental portfolio, that has allowed me so much flexibility, while maintaining a consistent income, that I have my days free to spend with a child. I can’t wait to spend time playing, dancing, drawing, reading and imagining with our child!

More about Corey by Cole–
Corey is my dream come true. She is so patient and understanding and has a love of life that not many people can match. She’s never backed down from obtaining her dreams or those that would keep her from realizing those dreams.

She is always ready to give whatever she can for the people in her life. Beyond that she makes me laugh and is constantly surprising me with her antics. Whether it’s coming home to her in costumes with the pets dressed up too, teaching herself to tap dance off of YouTube, or getting me to join in a flash mob, she makes life spontaneous and fun and helps keep the balance between working hard and enjoying life to the max.

Meet Corey

Our Village

In the Austin area we have an amazing village of friends and family.

Cole has uncles, aunts, cousins and his cousin’s children, in addition to his parents Steve & Cindy, and Corey has one of her brothers, Kyler, her step-sister Emily, and her mother Carrie.

Corey’s dad and step-mom are only 3 hours away, and our other brothers are in CO and Boise, ID. Corey’s family has always evolved from single mom, to parents with brothers, to divorce and step-family, so she definitely believes families are created by those you choose and love around you.

Combined, we have lived in Austin over 20 years, which has developed the kind of friend support that will last a life time. Friends we went out with in our early twenties, we’ve seen them through their weddings and their children, and they’re an extension of our own families.

Our immediate families get along well, and some of our best memories are getting together for holidays or events when everyone can be together at once. We live by the motto – the more the merrier!

About our Four-Legged Friends…

Combining our lives, combined our pets, and we have 3 wonderful dogs that we love to hike and swim with, and 2 cats that were rescues. Our favorite moments are when we find that all 5 of them have actually gathered to snuggle around us. They’re all well behaved, and the dogs especially seem to love our friend’s kids.

We can definitely envision our dogs waiting patiently under a high chair, and vegetables disappearing under the table. Our youngest cat also likes to follow her people around, and we can’t wait to see the relationship that develops between our pets and our child.

Our Village

Our Promise

Our Promises to your Child:
• Provide them with a loving, fun, stable home
• Give them the freedom and opportunity to explore their interests and passions
• Encourage their personal talents and creativity
• Surround them with a village of loving and diverse people
• Be truthful and loving about their adoption story and history
• Explore with them the world, culture, food, art, science and history

We sincerely thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We honor any decision that you make for your child, as you have the awareness of what is right for you and your baby. We hope you have much peace going forward.

Our Promise