Craig and Mollie

About Us


We are Craig & Mollie from Sacramento, CA! We want to tell you that we have great respect and admiration for you. We are thankful that you are taking a few minutes to learn about us and to consider us as adoptive parents of your child. We want you to know we will always tell your child that your decision was not easy, but came from a place of love.

We’re a Team

We complement each other – Craig is very organized, good at working with his hands, working with numbers and can fix (or cook) anything. Mollie is imaginative, spontaneous, and a good communicator. We are goofy and like to have fun and laugh. We value each other’s strengths and are excited to support our future child as they explore their own strengths and individuality.

Our Story

We met over eight years ago on a dance floor in San Francisco. During our first year dating, Craig took Mollie on her first backpacking trip where we hiked 20 miles in two days to a hot spring in Big Sur. Mollie thought Craig needed a roommate so she encouraged him to adopt a puppy that could hang out with him when Mollie wasn’t around. When Mollie got accepted to law school we moved to Sacramento (with our dog Bruno, of course!) and have stayed there ever since. We’re lucky to have our jobs, friends and family all close by.

Spending & sharing time with family

We love spending time with loved ones and sharing memories with family. We are ready to grow our family and share our love, our home and our lives (adventures included) with this child. Our family is built on unconditional love and lifelong commitment, and does not consist of only blood relatives.

About Us

About Mollie

A Bit About Mollie

I grew up in a small town in Northern California. The community there is very close-knit, and even when we visit my parents today it is hard to go anywhere in town without running into someone that I know and love. One of my favorite parts about my childhood was volunteering in the community with my family. My father managed the local food bank for many years, and as a family we would cook and serve meals for the shelters and community centers in town. I am proud of how generous and nonjudgmental both of my parents are, and I try to embody those traits as best I can. In Sacramento I serve as a board member of a local organization that provides shelter and services to homeless youth. I am the only attorney in my family. I went to law school because I like to read and write, and now I work at a law firm helping people resolve conflicts concerning their businesses, wills or trusts. I love my job because every day is different, and I am thankful that my firm values family life and offers a flexible schedule. I believe it is important to not take myself too seriously, and that there is humor to be found in nearly any situation. I love exploring new places, especially outdoors, and I’ve never met a dog that I didn’t like. I look forward to family camping outings in the future!

What Craig Says…

People are first drawn to Mollie because she is fun and spontaneous. She is always ready to try something different and new, like checking out a Sacramento Sidewalk Chalk Art Show seeing what treasure she can find at TJ Maxx. She also is the best road trip navigator because she finds the best food and roadside destinations. Even if a restaurant she picks looks funky from the outside, I’ve learned to trust her! Mollie is an extremely thoughtful and caring person. She is always there for her people with an open heart and a shoulder to cry on, and her openness has had a huge impact on who I am. She is always very patient and gives her family love all the time. I know Mollie will be an excellent mom.

About Mollie

About Craig

A Bit About Craig

I grew up in Southern California but moved up to Northern California in 2009 for work. I work in the Facilities Department for UC Davis, where the benefits are amazing. Most importantly, my job offers a flexible work schedule with many paid holidays and vacation days. I love my job, but my family, friends, and community are the most important things in my life.

I like working with my hands. I don’t get to do that at work, so I always have lots of projects at home. I love fixing things around the house, making food, working on cars or bikes, and taking old things and turning them into something new. I made Mollie this really cool magnet board for her office out of an old picnic tabletop that our neighbor was going to throw away! I look forward to teaching our future child how to fix, build, and create things.

I try to spend as much time outside as I can. I love BBQing cheeseburgers for friends and swimming with the dogs in the river after work. We have a van and a trailer that I have fixed up that we take on quick weekend trips or long summer road trips. Our brothers end up sleeping in the trailer when we have lots of family over and all the bedrooms are full!

What Mollie Says…

Craig is the most steady and dependable person I know. He is handy too. He shows his love for friends and family through generosity with his time and talents, which are many. It is not unusual for a friend to come over to hang out while Craig fixes their bike or car. Craig might even offer to cook them dinner after!


When we met, I quickly realized that Craig is one of the only people I’ve met who wanted to explore the world at the same pace that I do. We both like to go on adventures, especially outside. It doesn’t have to be far or fancy either (usually, it’s not). We love exploring small towns and camping in the beautiful natural spaces in Northern and Central California.

About Craig

Our Family

Mollie’s Family is…

My family is loud (we like to talk). I have one younger brother, Colin. He’s hilarious, brews beer in Seattle, and is one of my favorite human beings. My closest friend from high school, Jen, is also part of our family. She and I always planned to live in the same city as adults, and now she lives about seven minutes away. I know she’s looking forward to being an “auntie” one day! My parents live about two hours away from us in Ukiah, California, as does my aunt. My dad, Kevin, loves sailing with new friends; and my mom, Vivian, is always in the middle of some new arts and crafts project. She cannot wait to share her passion for art with her future grandchild!

Craig’s Family is…

My family is close knit; they’re always taking care of each other by flying up to help one another move or take care of my young cousins. I am the oldest of three; I have a sister, Kate, and a brother, Connor. Kate is a physical therapist and lives in San Francisco with her husband. We spend time with Kate and her husband at least every three months. Connor lives in Bend, Oregon and works on a firefighting crew. Usually, Connor visits us for several weeks in the winter during his off-season. My parents live in Southern California, and we make sure to see each other often.

Our Family and Friends Get Together

Both of our families get along very well and are closer than we ever expected. Sometimes Craig’s brother even calls Mollie’s mom (Momma Vivian) when he is on a long drive and needs someone to chat with. Mollie and Craig’s grandma also like to text about the latest episode of their favorite show. We spend most of our vacation and free time with our family or close friends. Fortunately, we also love hosting and cooking since our house frequently has family and friends visiting.

Our Dogs

Our dogs are Ender (the little one) and Bruno (the big one). Bruno is loyal, sweet and always up for an adventure. Ender is playful and still a puppy, but his big brother is teaching him everything he knows. Their favorite activity is playing fetch with kids at the park.

Our Family

Our Home and Our Promise

Our Home in Sacramento

We love Sacramento! Sacramento is a large community that feels like a small town. There are plenty of fun activities going on every day, diverse smaller neighborhoods, and good food, without the congestion and stress of a dense city. We live in a three-bedroom, two bathroom house that is in a safe neighborhood and is close enough to walk to our favorite burger spot, the local elementary school, several parks and a library! Our house is also less than a mile away from the river where we (and the dogs) can swim in the summer. Our house has a grassy backyard and a back patio for eating meals outside (we love to be outside as much as possible!). We also have a front lawn and patio, complete with rocking chairs where we can relax and visit with our neighbors!

Our Promise

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We admire you and want you to know how much we respect your journey and your choice. We imagine that this may be an incredibly difficult decision, and we are very grateful and honored that you are considering us as adoptive parents of your child. We want you to know that we will love and support this child unconditionally for the rest of our lives.

Our Home and Our Promise