Craig & Desi

Craig and Desi

Beloved Birth Mother

Hi! We are Craig, Desi, Serenity, and Eliette. If you are looking for a fun, financially stable, well-educated, and loving family then you’ve found it. To us nothing is more important than family. Let us introduce you to ours. We own a home in Northern California, east of San Francisco. We live by a family first motto and Desi stays at home with our girls, giving them an active and enriching experience through music classes, piano lessons, Lego clubs, Spanish language, gymnastics, swimming, ballet, and lots of playtime outdoors. We are excited that you would like to get to know us, and the feeling is mutual; we cannot wait to hear from you. If we are given the privilege of raising your child we will consider it the greatest honor and we will fulfill that trust by letting your child know what a selfless and courageous act you are doing for them. We promise to always love, cherish, nurture and grow your child.

Why are we looking to adopt?

Most importantly all four of us have a lot of love to give. We can’t wait to adopt, love, and adore your child! Desi gave birth to our two girls naturally, and we are so grateful that everyone is happy and healthy. Almost immediately after our second was born we fell in love with the idea of growing our family through adoption. We have always believed that a larger family is right for us. Our two little girls would love to have a younger sibling. We know we can fully provide for an addition to the family, first and foremost with an overflowing of love and care, but are also completely capable of providing financially.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every man, woman, and child should strive to be well rounded. This means continuously improving and balancing one’s life in each of the following areas:
1. Spiritually
2. Morally
3. Academically
4. Athletically
5. Socially

Our Promise, we will
• unconditionally love
• teach spirituality
• instill morality
• treat with respect
• provide the best education
• grow your child into an upstanding adult and leader

Our story began in a faraway place…

We shared a close mutual friend who believed we would be perfect for each other. Only one small problem, we had the entire Pacific Ocean between us. Craig worked at a high-tech software company near Silicon Valley. Desi worked as an English language teacher for Elementary and Middle school kids in Japan. Craig took a leap, reached out to Desi and 3 months later was on a plane to visit her in a small rural village in Japan. Two weeks (and one amazing trip around Japan) later we both felt the spark. Desi had 8 months left on her teaching contract so we got to know each other the old fashion way through letters, phone calls, and the occasional visit. Looking back, this was the perfect way to really get to know each other. We married in 2009 and now are a family of 4 with two amazing little girls (Serenity – 5 & Eliette – 3). We continue to adore each other and love our beautiful family.

Craig and Desi

Meet Desi

What you need to know about Desi (by Craig)

Desi loves languages. No, I mean really, really loves languages. She speaks Japanese and Spanish, and has studied Indonesian, Portuguese, Arabic, and Chinese. Desi is accomplished. She has a Master’s degree from one of the top language schools in the country (Middlebury Institute of International Studies). Desi is passionate about early childhood education. Her grandmother started a Kindergarten through 3rd grade school over 65 years ago, her mother took over and this allowed Desi to soak up how to best educate young minds. Towards that endeavor one technique she uses is song based learning. She has successfully utilized this method; both our girls love singing and can sing the names of all the planets, US presidents, continents, 50 States, and a lot more. We truly have a musical home. Desi is athletic. She was an accomplished NCAA College diver (all-time top 10 at her school) and still maintains an active lifestyle. Desi is talented. She loves to cook dishes from cultures all over the world, plan craft projects for our girls, and research local activities to help create well rounded kids. Desi has two younger siblings and grew up in South Texas. Desi is an incredibly patient and loving mother. She adores all children and I can’t wait for her to be a mom again.
Fun Facts about Desi:
• Loves sushi
• Writes her Christmas list in Japanese so no one can read it
• Collects vintage books
• Drinks tea with honey
• Dances with our daughters everyday
• Worked at a bungee jump as a teenager

Meet Desi

Meet Craig

What you need to know about Craig (by Desi)

Craig dreams big. Even before we were married Craig imagined the day he would have kids. Back then he would often travel for work and always brought back children’s books from each destination. We now have children’s books from all over the world and in many languages. Craig is bright. He graduated College as the top Mathematician in his class. Craig is motivated. He came to California to work at a very successful high-tech software company. Later, he ran its global IT Operations and currently leads its Sales Strategy. Craig is driven. He competed in an NCAA College Soccer program, was voted MVP, and still enjoys playing soccer along with running, CrossFit, and tennis. Craig is loving. When we started having children Craig stopped traveling for work so that he could spend more time with them. As the daddy, he is the first one up in the morning to cook breakfast and play with the girls. He’s currently practicing for a performance in the Daddy Daughter dance at his girls’ Ballet recital. Craig is adventurous and loves to take family vacations. Every year as a family we go to Hawaii, to South Padre Island, and to a cabin in Oregon. Craig grew up outside of St. Louis with 2 older siblings. Craig is a family man through and through. He works hard to provide and has already started to save for our children’s college funds. Craig is the most devoted father and I dream of the day he gets to be a dad again.
Fun Facts about Craig:
• Prefers playing sports to watching them
• Sings in the shower
• Was a rafting guide in Colorado for three summers while in College
• Enjoys trimming the roses
• Loves technology, however can also leave it behind for a camping trip in the woods
• Is quite good at dancing

Meet Craig

Meet the Sisters

Serenity and Eliette are bright, energetic, loving, and curious girls.

Meet Serenity (the best big sister in the world)

Serenity loves babies. She befriends them everywhere we go. She mothers them and looks out for them. Her favorite activity is to sit her baby dolls in chairs and be their “teacher”. Serenity is outgoing, talkative, and easily makes friends with adults and kids. She is imaginative, creative, and independent. Most of all, she is sweet and loving and generous. Inadvertently, Serenity has taught us how to be better parents. Her favorite holiday is Halloween, although she doesn’t wait for it as on any given day she’ll get dressed in costume.

Meet Eliette (she’s ready to sing you a song)

Eliette loves to share. Eliette is silly, sweet, and a bundle of joy. She loves to giggle. She loves to follow in her big sister’s footsteps. Though slightly quieter than her sister she has a sweet confidence and knows how to stand up for herself. She is talented, thoughtful, and kind. And she cannot wait to be a big sister. She often practices being a big sister to any child younger than herself. Eliette loves to ride on her daddy’s shoulders so she can be the “biggest one” in the family.

Meet the Sisters

Our Loved Ones and Our Home

Introducing our Loved Ones

It’s true we may be a bit biased, but we have an amazing extended family. Desi’s parents, sister, and her brother’s family including their 3 young boys live in Texas. Craig’s sister and her family including their young boy also live in Texas. We head down to Texas at least twice every year, including an annual beach week on the Gulf. Craig’s parents, brother and their two young boys live just 40 minutes away. So far we have 6 boy cousins. Not surprisingly holidays are big highlights for our family. We provide lots of opportunities for the cousins to play together. We also go on a 10 day annual Hawaiian trip as a family. Craig’s parents are retired and we see them every week. What we can say about both our extended families is they are all loving and thoughtful. Our siblings, parents, nephews, nieces, and cousins are all family and we consider every one of them friends. We know each and every one of them would be there for us in any time of need.

Our Home

We bought our home in early 2010 and have loved it and the big backyard! It is in the best location, at the end of a cul-de-sac (ideal for biking, scootering, and chalk drawings). There is a top notch elementary school just a two-minute walk from our front door through a walkway. Our backyard has trees to climb, a tire swing, two regular swings, a playhouse, a trampoline, a sandbox, a vegetable garden, and a back porch with a grill and easels for painting. Our community is super safe and has a down to earth feel. We live close to zoos, museums, Science Centers, playgrounds, great open spaces for hiking, parks and farmer’s markets.
A last Thank You

Wow, thank you for reading this! We’d like to thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little. We’d love to talk with you, answer any questions and really get to hear what’s important to you! We respect you and want you to feel completely comfortable in your choice.

With gratitude and thanks,
Desi, Craig, Serenity, and Eliette

Our Loved Ones and Our Home