Dan & Alex

About Us

Hello! We are Alex (Alexandra) & Dan with our daughter, Hana, from Los Angeles, California. We’re so grateful that you’re taking the time to get to know us and have such respect for the brave decision you are considering. Becoming parents has been one of our greatest joys and we always imagined that we would have another child. Adoption was something we had discussed even before we had our daughter, so when we faced infertility, we knew in our hearts that this was the path for us.

We hope that our words and photos will give you an idea of who we are and our promise to provide a lifetime of happiness for your baby. Families come in all different shapes and we’re thrilled that this is how ours will grow.

Our Story: We met nine years ago at work as writers on a television show. On Alex’s first day, Dan warned her not to pet their boss’ cute-but-ferocious Chihuahua, and a friendship was born. We worked together for three years, and along the way, realized we wanted to spend our lives together.

We love travel, adventures big and small, and food – sometimes all at the same time! But we also love being at home in Los Angeles. Our house is so special to us that we got married in the backyard! In 2017 our incredible daughter, Hana, was born, and we’ve discovered that parenthood might just be the greatest adventure of all.

Fun Facts About Us
– Dan’s nickname for Alex is Plum
– Alex’s nickname for Dan is Peach
– We do “Take Back Sunday” where we make no plans and then spend the day doing fun, spontaneous things.
– Bookstores are one of our favorite places. What can we say? We love stories.

About Us

About Alex

Meet Alex, by Dan: Alex inspires me more than anyone in the world. She is entirely devoted to her family, yet manages to have an amazing, thriving career at the same time. And somehow she makes it all look easy! Every day she comes up with a new activity for our daughter – whether it’s music class or magic sand in the front yard. She remembers all the birthdays, so friends and family always get a hand-written card.

Alex is compassionate and thoughtful, curious and creative. Knowing how much she inspires Hana and me, I can only imagine how much she will inspire our next child. You couldn’t hope for a better partner, or mom.

More on Alex, by Alex:
I grew up near Toronto, Canada with my parents and younger sister, Lara. We were so close as kids that we invented our own language! I loved reading and writing stories, and also dance, tennis and downhill skiing.
I work as a screenwriter for television and film. I currently work from home or a nearby office, which allows me to have a very flexible schedule. This will be extremely helpful when it comes time to bring a new baby home. I love movies and television, cooking, interior design and photography. But my favorite thing is my family. I can’t wait to become a mom of two!

Five Things You Might Be Surprised To Learn About Me:
– I love finding new recipes to try. They usually work out but when they don’t, I have a list of delivery places to call!
– Being active is important to me. I practice yoga, hike, and even learned to surf.
– I love to watch the sun set but I’m also very happy to watch it rise. I’m a morning person!
– I’m a dual citizen (American & Canadian).
– Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite shows.

About Alex

About Dan

Meet Dan, by Alex: There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about how lucky I am to have Dan as my partner in life. He is my rock, supporting me through life’s ups and downs. Not only is he the smartest person I know, he’s also the most fun! Dan is curious and loves to learn new things – and he can always make me laugh. He also knows the words to every song and can play the guitar, so our house is full of music and singing.

Dan is a wonderful father. He loves to take our daughter swimming and to the playground, to invent new games, build forts and sing songs to her. I can’t wait to see Dan become a father again – he’s a natural

More On Dan, by Dan: I grew up an only child in Northwest, Indiana. I lived with my mom and her partner, but my dad was a big part of my life as well. No matter how much trouble I caused (which was plenty), I was loved and supported.

I went to Indiana University (go Big Red!) where I studied film and music, before heading west to follow my dream of writing movies and TV. I’m a die-hard Cubs fan and a music enthusiast – if I’m home, there’s probably a record spinning on the turntable. I love grilling in the backyard, or reading books about obscure mathematicians. But most of all I love cuddling up with my girls and am so excited to have another child to love.

Five Things You Might Be Surprised To Learn About Me:
– I come from a family of Indiana steelworkerS.
– I had an 8-inch mohawk in high school.
– I love to snowboard (and still sometimes skateboard)!
– I’m an enthusiastic Halloween decorator.
– I make a mean pasta from scratch!

About Dan

Hana and Our Family & Friends

Meet Hana, she’s almost 3 years old: Watching her grow has been an absolute gift. She is kind, curious, and more than a little mischievous – just like her parents. She loves to paint at her easel, climb at the park, and do somersaults onto her dad’s chest. She’s also a little fish – she loves swimming, whether it’s lessons at a pool, or in an ocean or lake.

Hana has taught us so much about the world, and about ourselves – to slow down, smell (and pick!) the flowers, and that nothing is more important to us than family. She can’t wait to be a big sister, and we know she’ll be amazing at it.

Our Family & Friends: We are lucky to have incredible, supportive families. Alex’s sister, Lara, is the most loving Auntie and her dad is a retired surgeon who loves to fish, read and watch hockey. We visit him in Canada every Christmas, where we can count on snow and a big holiday dinner overflowing with aunts, uncles and cousins (two of whom are adopted).

The Grandmas and Dan’s dad live by the shore of Lake Michigan, so visiting them means walking to the beach and going to the Children’s Museum and Cubs games in Chicago. Dan’s uncle and grandma live in Los Angeles and the family visits us often. Dan’s grandma also has a home on Cape Cod where we have spent time.

The whole family is over the moon about our decision to adopt and can’t wait to welcome another baby. In addition to family, we have many friends nearby, across this country and in Canada. We’re very fortunate to have so much love in our life.

Hana and Our Family & Friends

Thank You & A Little More About Us

One Last Thank You: It’s our promise to you that our home is one where a child will be surrounded with unconditional love and support. That laughter and learning are a part of every day and kisses and hugs are constant.

We believe that it is our role as parents to lead by example and to be kind, honest and respectful. We’re committed to raising healthy, independent humans who are their own unique selves and have personal stories they are proud to tell.

Thank you so much for considering us, it really is an honor.

Our Favorite Things To Do: We love to travel. This year we went to Amsterdam, where we saw tulips, ate salty Dutch cheese, and rode boats through the canals. We also love to learn, whether it’s from a book or a museum (even strange ones, like the Chicago Surgical Museum). We’ll also jump in the car for a trip to the ice cream shop, or head downtown to the giant splash pad.

We’re not sure if we love Italian food or Japanese food more, and we’re glad we don’t have to choose. On a rainy day we love to curl up together on the couch and watch Moana or The Lion King.

Places We’ve Been
• Chicago
• San Francisco
• Toronto
• New York
• New Orleans
• Miami
• Boston
• Cape Cod
• Portland
• Tasmania
• Bali
• Scotland
• Italy
• Amsterdam

Five Places/Activities We Love In Our Los Angeles Community:
1. Swimming and sandcastles at the Pacific Ocean. So much fun!

2. The park right behind our house. All the neighborhood kids get together to play.

3. The Los Angeles Zoo. We love all the animals, but especially the howler monkeys.

4. Seeing art. From big museums to small galleries to graffiti shows. Lots of these places have children’s activities, too!

5. Our friends’ houses. We have many wonderful friends, and most have kids. Sometimes all you need is a yard.

Thank You & A Little More About Us