Dan & Angela

Hello! We are Dan and Angela

So, how do we write a profile that tells you everything you need to know about us in 8 pages? We are sure you have reviewed a ton of profiles and are tired of being told how courageous and strong you are. So here is our bottom line; we will make sure any child we are lucky enough to parent is SAFE, HAPPY AND VERY LOVED.

We have been blessed to have grown up in loving, caring, and close knit families. After spending years trying to have a baby, we came to realize that family isn’t defined by just genetics, but by love. Our parents are excited to be grandparents.

Our siblings are excited to be aunts and uncles. Our friends are excited to be “aunts” and “uncles”. We are all looking forward to expanding our family and sharing our love with a baby. We are a laid back, down-for-whatever, silly, fun-loving couple.

How Dan & Angie became “Dangie” We fit so well together that our friends dubbed us “Dangie” (Dan+Angie). Though we protested the nickname, it seems to have stuck, so we just roll with it.

We met while working together at a law firm in Washington DC. We hung out as friends for a few years until one night the sparks flew. The next thing we knew we had been together for ten years—married for four—and cannot remember what life was like prior to meeting. We are the proud parents of a bouncy four year old Boxer named Rocco and have incorporated him almost embarrassingly into most aspects of our lives. Yes, we are those people whose phones are full of dog pics.

We like to travel to places where we can put our TOES IN THE SAND, SWIM UNDER WATERFALLS, or HIKE THROUGH THICK CANOPIES OF TREES and FLOWERING PLANTS. We spent our honeymoon in the Hawaiian islands, and while the scenery was beautiful, the activities amazing, and the company fantastic, the most incredible part was that despite being together 24/7 for three weeks we didn’t fight once.

We are a great team, who compliment each other and care for each other deeply. We are comfortable spending time with large groups of friends on adventures or hanging out just the two of us enjoying each other’s company.

This Is How We Roll:
• Love to travel – especially during the cold winter to warm places with beaches. Dan gets tan and Angela stays pale

• Hiking with friends (including our furry little friend).

• Spending time with Angela’s family in Nebraska every summer

• Generally spending time with friends and family or just being silly with the two of us.

• Sporting events – especially baseball and basketball

• Watching live music, whether it be a large outdoor concert, a small club or going to the Kennedy Center to get some culture.

Things We Can’t Wait To Do With A Child:

Hello! We are Dan and Angela

Meet Dan

Why I know Dan will be a great dad , by Angela: Dan is my best friend, a wonderful husband & will be a great dad! HE IS PATIENT, THOUGHTFUL, AND LOVES KIDS. Dan is the kind of guy who will walk into a room where children are playing, sit down on the floor with them and start asking about the toys and playing along. He is thoughtful and observant which makes him a great gift giver, not that I am complaining!!! Soon after Dan and I started dating, my sister’s three kids sat her down and with serious faces told her “We want Dan to be our REAL uncle.” They were in our wedding shortly thereafter.

During good times, Dan is the first person I want to celebrate with, and during difficult times, Dan is always quick to remind me that we are a team and will get through life’s challenges together. WE CAN’T WAIT TO ADD TO THAT TEAM.

Dan’s Favorite Things:

• Philadelphia sports – He loves every sports team from Philadelphia — the 76ers, the Flyers, the Phillies, and the Eagles.
• Live music – I know he’s enjoying a performance when his head starts to bob.

• Chinese food – He’d eat dumplings 5 times a week if I let him

• Hot sauce – On everything!

Meet Dan

Meet Angela

Angela is the best person I know, by Dan: I can’t wait to see how amazing Angela will be as a mom! Angela comes from a loving, caring, family from a small town in rural Nebraska. Despite moving to the “big city” of Washington DC/Arlington, she has kept her small town values. She is compassionate, caring, friendly and always sees the good in everyone. She is my backbone, and there are days when all I want to do is get home as fast as I can to give her a big hug.

ANGELA IS HILARIOUS AND SILLY. Whether it’s a sarcastic comment, or a silly face, she always makes me smile. I cannot wait to see her light up the tiny little face of our child.

Before we met, Angela was a nanny for her niece and still talks about the fun she had dressing her up, taking her on outings, and laughs about the blow-out diapers she would have to change. She has found similar joy in caring for Rocco. Petting him, calming him, and playing with him.

Angela’s favorite things:

• Diet Dr. Pepper – her “coffee” as she calls it

• Anything on HGTV – she is pretty handy and is always looking for a home improvement project especially something we can do on our own

• Dogs, dogs, and more dogs – she knew the name of every dog in the neighborhood even before Rocco joined the family

• Loves to bake – which usually ends in Dan eating all the gooey chocolate chip cookies and fluffy banana bread

Meet Angela

Meet Our Entire Family

We love spending time with all of our family and can’t wait to add a little one to our next summer trip to Nebraska, beach trip to NJ, and all our fun in Philadelphia.

ANGELA’S SIBLINGS: When we get together with Angela’s brother and sister we tell funny stories until everybody is gasping for breath laughing. Angela and her sister can get each other laughing so hard that tears are streaming down their faces.

FRIENDS: We have very warm and supportive friends both locally and throughout the country who we consider to be our family. We love to visit them whether that means meeting for dinner in Arlington, or travelling to New York, Philadelphia, Texas, or Nebraska.

Fun Facts About Our Families:
• Dan’s dad won an Emmy Award as a consultant for a daytime soap opera
• All four of our parents have been teachers
• Dan went to school with and played basketball with Kobe Bryant
• Even though Angela is not a fan of country music, her brother was recently named Musician of Year at the 2017 Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards

• Angela worked on her dad’s ice cream truck during summers growing up

Meet Our Entire Family

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

We love living in Arlington, Virginia!
• A diverse, active suburb less than four miles from Washington DC

• Full of young families and children to play with

• Excellent schools and lots of highly-rated state colleges and universities

• Restaurants, shopping, and activities all within walking distance

• Safe, friendly parks and playgrounds, and pools within blocks

• Short metro ride from Washington DC monuments, museums, national zoo

• Walking, biking, hiking trails, national parks a short walk or bike ride away

• Incredibly pet friendly – restaurants with outdoor dog friendly seating, and multiple dog parks in the area

Our Furry Friend: Three years ago we were lucky to add a fun loving, anxious and energetic Boxer puppy named ROCCO to our family. Rocco had a rough life before we had the opportunity to spoil him rotten with our love and affection. The dogcatcher found him homeless and alone covered in fleas and ticks in rural North Carolina. Yet for some reason he still believes every dog, person, or other animal was put on this planet to play with him and love him.

He gets along with everyone and everything. He spends his evenings relaxing on the couch as he tries to be Angela’s 75 lb. lapdog. He spends his weekends going on long hikes in national parks, walking to the monuments in Washington DC or wrestling with Dan in the living room.

Thank You! We have been very lucky to learn from wise people, about great places, and to see many amazing things. We have been blessed with incredible family and friends, and we are all so excited to welcome a new child into all of our lives.

We look forward to sharing our experiences and interests with a child and are excited to embark on a new journey together. Just as we consider all of our friends a part of our family, we welcome and invite you to be as much a part of our family as you are comfortable with. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We wish you luck with this difficult decision, whatever you decide.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts