Daniel & George

Dear Birth Mother

Hello! We are Daniel, George & our son Matteo from Santa Monica, California. First and foremost, thanks for taking the time to learn about us and for considering us as adoptive parents. Your interest in our family gives us hope that one day we will fulfill our dream to give our adopted son Matteo, a brother or a sister, for a lifetime of siblings’ love and laughter. We cannot begin to express our gratitude to you for this opportunity. As adoptive parents, we promise to raise our children in a loving and caring environment, nurtured by compassion, joy, and a sense of respect for all humankind. Love is what brought this family together and love is what we will raise our children with. Adoption is the ultimate gift and we are aware of this responsibility as parents, that we cherish daily. We cannot wait to welcome another little one to complete our dream and become a family of 4! With much respect and admiration,
George & Daniel (and Matteo too!)

About Us: Since the day we met at a Starbucks in Santa Monica seven years ago (via a dating app!), we knew we were meant for each other. We can truly say that we are each other’s best friend. We were already a “family” within a few dates, and the thought of having children was second nature to us. When we finally moved in together, we filled our home with love, laughter and hopes for our future. We own a beautiful house and we love to discover new neighborhoods in Los Angeles, hike, cook, and bike to the wonderful beaches nearby. We lead an active lifestyle that we love to share with each other: running, yoga, and swimming are some of our favorite activities. George also loves to cook, and Daniel is the ultimate housekeeper.

In the summer of 2016 we got engaged in Nice (south of France). In September of 2017 we adopted Matteo and from that day our lives changed forever. We were married in October of 2019 in a forest nearby Santa Fe, New Mexico and Matteo was our ring bearer. We LOVE being dads and we cannot wait to grow our family even further.

Fun Facts:

  • We speak 5 languages (English, Italian, German, Spanish, Turkish… and a bit of French and Mandarin!)
  • We are citizens of the world (amongst the 3 of us we have 6 passports!)
  • We are explorers (together we have been to Australia, Italy, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, Costa Rica, Spain, Belize, Guatemala and the UK.)
  • We love to cook (from Italian to German, all the way to Japanese food!)
  • We have a dog (her name is Sophia and she is 15 years old!)
  • We love to take long bike tours (and we all wear helmets!)
  • We bake a cake, or a pie, or something sweet and yummy every weekend.
  • We are serious TV show binge watchers (or at least, we were before we had Matteo.)
  • We are art book collectors (we have more than 500 of them.)

We adore each other and the family we are creating.

Dear Birth Mother

About George

Introducing George, by George: I grew up in a small town in Germany where I spent the first 19 years of my life. I attended a university in Southern Germany and studied Business. I spent a semester abroad at the University of Northern Colorado and fell in love with the American culture. I made it my goal to come back and live in the US. After 4 years with a recruiting firm in Germany, I was sent to open their newest office in Los Angeles. Currently I am the Recruiting Director for our LA office. My work schedule thankfully allows me to work from home and take as much time off as needed to be with Matteo and the new baby. My company encourages a work-life balance and supports families.

Fun Fact: George’s birth name is Ufuk (/oofook/ which means horizon in Turkish). Since its pronunciation can be tricky, people call him George…after George Clooney!

More About George, by Daniel: George is one of the most courageous people I know. His commitment to live a truthful life and his pursuit of real connections has been inspiring. Behind a shy facade, he is witty, smart, cultured, and incredibly well traveled. His calm demeanor in difficult situations is the perfect balance to my more emotional approach.

He is professionally terrific and highly respected in his industry. George melts my heart every time I see him with our son Matteo. He is the best father and parent anyone can dream of: loving, caring, attentive, dedicated and always smiling… even when Matteo is fussy.

“I can’t wait to parent another child with George by my side.”

“I saw love in its purest form when we adopted Matteo and I know he has more to offer to your child.”

  • Daniel

A Few of George’s Favorites:

My favorite hobbies are traveling, cooking, running, Pilates, and yoga practice.

Food: Pasta Bolognese

Music: Sufjan Stevens

Movie: Memento

Book: Becoming

TV Show: All American

Destination: Costa Rica

Ice Cream: Vanilla

Holiday: Thanksgiving

About George

About Daniel

Introducing Daniel, by Daniel: I grew up in Italy, near Milan. I have two older brothers and I lived most of my childhood in the countryside. In college I studied Communication Science. After college I moved to New York City to start my new life: looking for a job in my dream field (fashion) and hoping to find love. My first job was helping models get ready behind the scenes during fashion shows. I am now the Executive Creative Director for a fashion company based in Los Angeles. My job is really flexible and the company has given me a lot of freedom to take care of Matteo. They also know we are hoping to adopt again and they have been very supportive. One of their mottos is: “First things first!” and family is definitely my priority.

More About Daniel, by George: Daniel is a true “people person” and is therefore very adaptable in every situation. His eye for detail is phenomenal and his taste is world class. He is very successful in his profession, and I admire him for that. Daniel came to this country with nothing but drive and ambition, and he made it. He has been instrumental in helping me adapt to my life in America, and I trust him with my life.

Most importantly he has a wonderful heart and solid values that make him a great father. I was not surprised to see his natural gifts come through when Matteo joined our lives. He has even been asking our son if he is ready for a little brother or a little sister, because he is so excited at the idea that we will be parents again through adoption!

“Daniel is the ultimate dad, providing his family with love and determination.”

“I can’t wait to see him become a father again.”

  • George

Daniel’s Favorites:

My favorite hobbies are traveling, cooking, watching movies, reading, Pilates, and swimming.

Food: Burger and Fries

Music: Anything pop & catchy

Movie: Frozen

Book: The Da Vinci Code

TV Show: Friends and Will & Grace

Destination: Australia & Italy

Ice Cream: Pistachio

Holiday: Christmas

About Daniel

Introducing Matteo

We were so blessed with the birth and adoption of our son, Matteo. It has been a wonderful experience watching him grow and start developing his own personality. Matteo is an explorer and he is curious about everything: mostly books, trains, and animals. His favorite activities are to go to the zoo, our local park, and the pool to swim. We must mention that he is already mastering 3 languages (German, Italian and English) because we speak them daily at home. Matteo is almost 3 and he has been asking for a little brother or sister, and we cannot wait to make his (and our!) dream come true.

A Few of Matteo’s Favorites:

Food: Pizza

Toy: Firetruck

Book: My Personal Penguin

Animal: Bunnies and Bears

T-shirt: Superman

Our Home & Community – Santa Monica, California: We live in a beautiful home which we bought with our future family in mind. We have 3 bedrooms ready to accommodate our hopes to become a family of 4. Our neighbors are young couples with young children. Your child will be surrounded by a diverse and vibrant community with many kids to play with. We are a few blocks away from the ocean, a street away from one of the best schools in the country, and a short walk to a park. We often host dinners with friends and coworkers where we cook family recipes given to us by our European grandmothers. We also have an apartment in Manhattan (New York City). We like to spend a few days there every year to visit friends, nurture our minds with art and culture, and absorb the vibrant energy of the city.

Our Dog Sophia: Sophia is our Bichon Havanese dog. She is the lady of the house (until further notice). She is 15 years old, but she is full of life and she adores Matteo (especially when he is asleep so she can crawl up next to him). Sophia loves chicken and pizza and she waits for our son to drop on the floor anything he is eating! Sophia will make a great companion to your child!

Introducing Matteo

Meet Our Family & Friends

We are both relatively new to the West Coast and currently building lifetime friendships. The more we go out and interact as a family and introduce ourselves, the more we’ve become friends with families who have gone through a similar journey. All of them have been incredibly welcoming and have made themselves available to be part of our circle. We also have amazing friends and family members in Italy and Germany, ready to get on a plane and join us. After Matteo was born, we had very little privacy… they all wanted to move in with us… Ha!

Our brothers (Lorenzo, Edoardo and Umut) are now married and have kids with their wives (Giulia, Margherita, Lorenzo, Guney, Seyit, Devrim are our nieces and nephews–total of 2 girls and 4 boys). We host them a few times every year (they love to play at our home) and we visit them as well!

Thank You: Thank you again for considering us as adoptive parents to your child! Life is at its best when someone can share his/her gifts, talents, and fortunes and we want to share the life that we have created for ourselves and our son with another child. Love is the ultimate gift and reward. This and respect for all humankind are the most important things that we could teach our children. Because of our diverse backgrounds, we believe that culture, empathy and kindness hold the keys to make the world a better place. Traveling has taught us respect, how to understand each other better, and made us appreciate differences in opinions. Together we embody a good balance of the southern European warmth and vibrancy, with the northern European appreciation for dedication and commitment. From our parents we learned that “success is when preparation meets opportunity,” for which we will always be grateful.

Our family cannot wait to welcome another little one to complete our dream.

With much respect and admiration,

George & Daniel (and Matteo too!)


Meet Our Family & Friends