Daniel & Scott

Hello from Daniel & Scott in Los Angeles!

More than anything in the world, we want to be fathers. We’re so grateful you might be the woman who gives us that chance.

In these pages, we want to share our stories with you, invite you into our lives, and paint a picture of the families we come from—as well as the family we wish to start. We hope something about us will spark a genuine connection with you. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll read this and think: these guys – these guys could be the parents my kid is looking for.

So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. We know you’re making an important decision and we are so happy that you’re considering us!

Our Story: We met online in 2010 and found out we lived just a few blocks away from each other in Los Angeles. We arranged a quick date at a nearby café for a raspberry smoothie and ended up spending the next three hours together talking… and talking… and talking. The next day, Scott went out of town on a work trip—for a month—but we kept in touch and planned another date for the same night he returned.

Four and a half years and many raspberry smoothies later, we got married in Scott’s hometown of Portland, Oregon. Our wedding involved songs from The Little Mermaid, a puppet show, cookie cakes, and tons of confetti.

At home, we love spending time playing with our dog Penny and exploring new parts of our city. We also love, love, love going to the movies! In fact, we organize a group called Summer Movie Club, and we go to the opening night of every big blockbuster with about twenty friends. Travel is another passion of ours. We’ve been lucky to visit Thailand, Sweden, Norway, Mexico, France, England, and Belgium, and we are always planning our next trip. But nothing is as important in our lives as family, and we are so eager to start our own.

A Few Things About Us:
• We are the same height and wear the same shoe size
• Our moms both work in real estate, and our dads are both doctors
• We both have a background in sketch comedy
• We both made short films that went to the Sundance Film Festival
• Daniel had a pet turtle as a child named Sheba
• Scott had two dogs when he was growing up: Cleo and Maggie
• Daniel was an exchange student to Australia and Scott was an exchange student to Turkey

Things We Love To Do Together:
• Hiking with our dog
• Renovating our house
• Singing karaoke
• Hosting dinner parties
• Watching the Oscars!
• Going to game nights

Hello from Daniel & Scott in Los Angeles!

Meet Scott

About Scott: I’m from Portland, Oregon, and I’m an 8th generation Oregonian. I went to college at Columbia University in New York City, and I have been working as a writer and director for my whole career. My feature film, KABLUEY, stars me and Lisa Kudrow from FRIENDS. I also have a small part on the HBO TV show SILICON VALLEY.

I have six younger cousins, four nephews, and one niece, and I pride myself on being the “fun uncle.” I can’t wait to take our future child to their first movie, to Disneyland, to plan elaborate birthday parties, and to celebrate HALLOWEEN! Daniel and I love Halloween so much and we are going to go BAZONKERS coming up with fun costumes and planning Trick-or-Treat nights for kids. I am so excited I can’t wait! I’m excited to become a father I have always loved kids and think I’ve been planning for this my entire life.

More About Scott, by Daniel: Scott loves giving surprises—I mean loves them. For my birthday a few years ago, he surprised me with THREE different events that convinced me how generous, kind, and just plain awesome he is. He assembled all of my local friends for a dinner party, whisked me out of town for another celebration, and then organized another party with my other friends in a different city.

It’s that kind of caring, thoughtfulness, sense of adventure, and pure joy that makes me love him so much. And it’s what will make him the very best father. Scott’s also a big kid at heart, constructs the greatest cardboard box forts I’ve ever seen, and makes the most ridiculous faces in virtually every single photograph. He finds humor in almost all situations and has a tender, gentle soul that he shares with everyone he knows. I can’t wait to have our future child call him dad.

My Hobbies:
• The dog, the dog, the dog!
• Collecting cartoon art
• Going to Twin Peaks events and festivals
• Doing Escape Rooms!
• Talking on the phone to my best friend Chicken (that’s her nickname)

Meet Scott

Meet Dan

About Daniel: I grew up in Maryland as the youngest of three kids. My parents immigrated from Korea before I was born and worked hard to give my sisters and me a better life than they had. Education was very important in our family, and I was lucky to attend great schools and made my way to Brown University for college. I eventually moved to California (inspired by the long family road trips we used to take out there), where I work today as a writer and actor. Scott and I both have flexible jobs, which means one of us can always be home to raise your child.

I can’t wait to share my love for food, travel, and tennis with your kid, and I’m excited to cook macaroni and cheese, explore the streets of Paris or Tokyo, and watch the US Open together as a family.

More About Daniel, by Scott: When I adopted my dog, it was a really big deal for me. I felt like I was an actual parent. Daniel had never had a dog, and I wasn’t sure how he was going to react to Penny. But on one of our first dates, he got down on the floor and let her jump all over him and lick his face. Later, I found him taking a nap, cuddled up in bed with his arms around her, and I realized I was going to marry him. I also knew someday he’d be a really great dad.

Daniel is such a good person; he’s kind and caring and always thinks the best of people. And in many ways, he is the backbone of our relationship. I can’t wait to find him someday, cuddled up in bed, napping with his arms around our future child. Daniel has made me a better person, and I know that together, we can give your kid a very happy life.

Fun Facts
• Go-to karaoke song: “Chandelier” by Sia
• Best useless talent: Hula-hooping
• Never learned how to: Dive into a pool
• Unreasonably afraid of: Heights. And bugs!

Meet Dan

Our Family and Friends

We are lucky to have large extended families and an incredible community of friends both near and far. We’re especially fortunate to be uncles to four energetic boys—Wilson (loves lacrosse), Luke (named after Luke Skywalker) Oliver (allergic to eggs), Jasper (big fan of Tin Tin)— and one sweet girl, Niki (the next ballet superstar).

Daniel’s parents live nearby in Orange County, while his sister Alex, her husband Ed, and their two kids reside a little further north in the Bay Area.

Daniel’s other sister, Hane (Penny’s favorite dog-sitter), recently relocated to Detroit. We visit Daniel’s mom and dad frequently (especially when we’re craving home-cooked Korean food), and the whole family gets together several times each year for holidays and other gatherings.

We also take an annual retreat to different destinations like Yosemite, Mexico, Lake Tahoe, and Hawaii. Everyone is looking forward to adding another child to these trips!

Scott’s family still lives in his hometown of Portland, Oregon. He’s so proud that his brother BJ recently became the General of the National Guard of Oregon. BJ and his wife Jenny have three boisterous kids and three sets of grandparents close by to spoil them rotten.

Scott’s mom Carolyn and her husband Larry often take us to Palm Springs when they want a break from the Northwest winters. And Scott’s dad Bill and his dad’s wife Sherry have a cottage by the beach in Oregon where we all vacation during the summer. Scott’s many cousins, aunts, and uncles also live in and around Portland, and they can’t wait to welcome our future child!

Our Dog Penny: Penny was rescued by Scott when she was two months old, and she came into Daniel’s life less than a year later. She’s fifty-five pounds and we think she’s part American Foxhound or part Vizsla, but we don’t know for sure. Penny loves little kids and asparagus, but she hates squirrels. She also gets so excited and happy around babies and wants to lick their hands and toes. It’s very funny. We know she will make an amazing big sister.

Our Family and Friends

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: Our house in Los Angeles, California is truly a labor of love, as we’ve spent countless hours renovating and turning it into a real home. It is a totally unique space with a gorgeous patio and lots of nooks and crannies that make it one-of-a-kind.
Our neighborhood, Silver Lake, is incredibly vibrant and diverse.

We have amazing restaurants, coffee shops, and stores at our doorstep, but we live on a quiet, residential street where we walk Penny and run into her “dog friends” every day. There are parks, meadows, and lakes all around us, along with miles of green space, hiking trails, and gardens.

We’re also close to world-class libraries and museums, and walking distance to excellent elementary, middle, and high schools. Plus, most of our best friends and their growing families are nearby. It’s a real community and we love living here!

Thank you! Wow! We’re at the end of the profile! We know these eight pages can only scratch the surface of who we are and what kind of parents we’d be. But we hope this glimpse into our lives is a good starting point for a future relationship with you and your child. We’d be so excited to go on this journey with you. Thank you again for considering us.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts