Daren & Kyle

A little about us!

Greetings! We are Daren and Kyle from Northern Virginia

Thank you for taking a moment to get to know us and to learn our story. We are truly humbled to be considered as potential adoptive parents to your child. Words cannot express how much we admire your bravery in making this difficult choice. We have been so fortunate in our lives and careers and we are at a place now where we can add to our family and help shape the future for a lucky child. We pledge to provide a loving, fun and safe home for your little one.

Our Life Together

Our story begins about six years ago in Orlando, Florida where we met and had an almost instant connection. Our first date was at Medieval Times and we had such a great time that we think we both knew we had found “the one.” It wasn’t long after we started dating that Kyle convinced Daren to move from Florida to outside of Washington D.C. for work.

Luckily, as an elementary school teacher, this was an easy transition for Daren. Shortly after moving to Northern Virginia we said “I do” and haven’t looked back!

We have grown fond of cruising these past few years (Daren is ridiculously scared of flying!). We have had the great fortune and opportunity to travel all over the Caribbean and Central America visiting over a dozen countries. It is really amazing to see and learn about all the different cultures, traditions, and people as we hop from place to place.

Our travels have taught us to enjoy every moment we can and to appreciate the vast differences in us all. We can’t wait to carry on this relaxing family time with our future child!

We Love Our City!
It has been an awesome experience living near the nation’s capital and getting to take in all the sights, museums, and rich history of our country. While we both hail from hot-weather climates, we have enjoyed our annual pile of snow although we can’t wait for it to move out and for summer to quickly move back in!

We have also enjoyed immersing ourselves in the culture of our community in around Washington D.C. There is no shortage of any type of restaurant you desire and it has opened us to seeing and tasting more of the world just steps from our home! On any given weekend you can find us out and about visiting an estate sale, catching the latest movie, bowling with friends, or just relaxing at home with our pups.

A little about us!

Meet Kyle

About Kyle, by Kyle: While I was born in Southern California, I grew up under the bright lights and restless pace of Las Vegas, Nevada! It was certainly an exciting place to be a kid growing up with all the glitz and glamour. But the biggest impact to my youth and transition to adulthood was growing up just minutes away from one of the biggest Air Force bases in the country. All day and all-night jets would come and go and it drove my passion for wanting to serve my country and to be part of such an amazing organization.

So, at 18 years old I packed my bags, headed off to boot camp and had the enormous privilege of serving all while spending nearly 15 years at various overseas assignments including places like England, Germany, Italy, Turkey and several tours in Afghanistan and Iraq! While my military days are behind me, I still proudly serve our nation as a federal civilian employee supporting our men and women in uniform.

I like to think I have a knack for gardening. It took me a while to get there, but I can successfully grow at least one tomato a year and enough basil to make our own pesto sauce. I also enjoy bargain shopping and I have become pretty good at super couponing.

About Kyle, by Daren: From the first moment I met Kyle on our first date to Medieval Times, I knew I was going to marry him. Kyle completes me like an unfinished puzzle. He is very smart, caring, loving, and driven person who knows what he wants in life. From the moment we met, we have always talked about having a family of our own and I know he will make the best dad ever.

Kyle will never let our future child go without anything and will spoil them to the moon and back. Every time we are out and about and see a little one, he looks at me and says, “I can’t wait until that is us” and he smiles with a little sparkle in his eyes. I cannot wait to hear our little one call him Dad and see the joy on his face.

Things that make Kyle happy:

– That first cup of coffee
– Seeing the world
– Gardening
– A new catchy tune
– A corny joke or two

Meet Kyle

Meet Daren

About Daren, by Daren: Growing up in a small town in South Alabama molded me into the person I am today. I grew up on a family beef cattle farm with my parents and sister. Family was a huge part of my childhood and still is to this day. My grandparents and great grandmother lived beside us and I had the pleasure of seeing them every day. We would spend our summer planting vegetable gardens, baling hay for our cattle, and fishing in the four ponds located on our farm.

After graduating from High School, I continued my education where I pursued my desire of becoming an educator. Once graduating college, I started my career as a kindergarten teacher in which I have had the pleasure of being part of the educational world for more than fifteen years.

I love how my career field has allowed me to have an impact of more than 500 students. My love and passion for education continues as I earned my master’s degree and work toward becoming an assistant principal.

During my summers and other breaks from school, you can find me relaxing and enjoying other hobbies such as creating acrylic and oil paintings, quilting, and traveling. Having the summers off will allow me to spend more time with our future child and teach them all new things.

About Daren, by Kyle: From the moment we had our first date, I knew Daren was the one I wanted to spend my life with. Even though we come from two completely different backgrounds, a big city boy and a small country boy, it simply works as we balance each other in every way! I am so proud of all his accomplishments and I know our best days together as a growing family are still to come.

Daren is going to make an excellent father as you can feel his love for children in how he interacts with his kids at school and all the little ones in our family. I cannot wait to see his face light up every time he teaches our little one something new.

What makes Daren’s day:

– That first coca cola
– Teaching students something new
– Beach time
– Creating art
– Visiting family

Meet Daren

Our Home And Pets

We live in huge condominium community which has everything a kid will love! Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, playgrounds, trails and tons of other kids! We are situated just outside of Washington D.C. in Northern Virginia and have close access to some of the best museums, parks and other attractions.

Our county is known for its excellent schools and opportunities for children to learn. With Daren being a kindergarten teacher and soon an assistant principal, we know we will always have the best information to make informed decisions about our child’s learning experiences.

Things we love to do together:

– Taking the pups on walks or to the park
– Enjoying a musical at the Kennedy center
– Trying out at a new restaurant
– Couch surfing to catch up on our DVR shows!

Things we can’t wait to do with our future child:

– Take our first Disney cruise
– Teach them to ride a bike
– Taking them to their first day of school
– Dressing up on Halloween

Meet Taz and Cody!
Having pets was always a huge part of our lives growing up and we continue that love with our pups, Taz and Cody. Taz is a full Cocker Spaniel rescued from a shelter in Alabama and Cody is Boykin Spaniel rescued from a shelter in South Carolina. They both love everything that moves and they provide us much joy and humor. They cannot wait to meet their future best friend!

Our Home And Pets

Our Family and Closing Thoughts

Family is certainly a huge part of our lives. Every Christmas we pack up the car and drive down to southern Alabama to visit family. We spend every Christmas Eve at mom and dad’s where we eat, exchange gifts and just be thankful for all we have. Christmas day is always spent at Granny’s where we feast and visit with the entire family.

We can’t wait to introduce our future little one to the many cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparent’s, and even great grandparents that gather during these great family moments. Adoption is nothing new to our family, Daren’s sister recently finalized the adoption of a precious little girl and she is thriving and bringing our family smiles and new memories each day.

Our promise to you: We have both longed to be parents and are so excited about this journey. We promise we will provide your child with endless love and will create a safe environment for them to flourish in life.

We know you are facing the most difficult decision of your life and we hope that this small glimpse of our family helps put your mind at ease knowing that if selected, we would be forever grateful to you and that your child would be raised with unconditional love, opportunity, and compassion. WE LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING YOU!

– Daren and Kyle

Our Family and Closing Thoughts