Dave & Autumn


Hello! We’re Autumn and Dave. We are excited about fulfilling our dream of parenthood and are thrilled and grateful that you would consider allowing us to welcome your baby into our lives. We hope that our words and pictures can be a window into what a child’s life with us would be like. We can provide your child with a loving and secure home environment, lots of hugs and fun times, and a good spiritual and moral foundation to help him/her grow up to be a happy, self-confident adult.


We admire your decision to consider adoption, and we hope that we can fulfill your desire to find a loving family for your child.


After college, we both moved from Michigan to Silicon Valley, California to start our software engineering careers, and we met shortly after that at a local church. We bonded over our Michigan roots and software careers, and a lifelong romance began. We both knew from the start that it was meant to be, and in 2004 we married in Autumn’s childhood church. The reception was held in her parents’ backyard with wildflowers blooming everywhere.


In the 13 years that we have been together, our bond has only gotten stronger. We are best friends. We like to take an annual vacation to places like Disney World, Universal Studios, Los Angeles, or Hawaii. We love to play games like Sequence, Outburst, and Cranium. We also like to watch our favorite TV shows together, like Person of Interest and The Big Bang Theory.


On weekends, we like to work on home improvement projects. We just installed a new garage organizing system, and we’re looking forward to painting the baby’s room. During the week, we like to relax with a fun TV show and enjoy Autumn’s homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.



A Little Bit About Autumn

I love reading and collecting books. As a child, my family had a huge library of books of all kinds, and I explored them with a real passion. Now I look forward to reading with our child as my parents did with me. Over the years I have collected hundreds of beautiful, fun, exciting children’s books for our child. Some of my favorites are “Good Night Moon” and “Blueberries for Sal”. I can often be found reading a book in our backyard with a glass of lemonade or a cookie. I like books that have some humor, adventure, and mystery. I like how the Harry Potter series really draws me in and keeps me engaged, and I like that the characters go through some difficult challenges but they get through it by planning, having courage, and helping each other. In Confessions of a Shopaholic, I like the main character’s positive attitude, the way that she cares for her friends, and her inventiveness in solving problems.


I really enjoy planning family vacations. I always do tons of research and figure out the best sights to see, places to stay, and food to eat. When we visit a different city, like Los Angeles, it’s all about finding the top places to eat and fun things to do (we like to see magic shows and Cirque du Soleil). At Disneyland, we plan what rides we’ll head for first, so we can maximize our fun and minimize waiting in line. I’m excited about planning trips with our child to our favorites like Disney World and Universal Studios (especially Harry Potter-land) as well as many of the great landmarks like the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam.


Craft projects were always a staple in my house growing up. Anytime I didn’t know what to do, my mom would suggest an art project. As an adult, I especially enjoy sewing and baking. I’ve made several baby quilts already, as well as other fabric baby gear, like swaddling blankets, burp cloths and soft blocks. As for baking, let’s just say that whenever we visit friends, they ask me to bring dessert. I love to make homemade chili (my Grandma’s recipe) and try new recipes. I’m experimenting with my new crockpot – Dave loves the pulled-pork sandwiches!


I also like to work on home improvement. Recently, focusing on our new child, I renovated a closet near the playroom so that it can easily store our large collection of board games. We have a big section near the floor for children’s games so they’re easily accessible.


As a lead software engineer, I love giving (digital) life to the ideas in my mind and leading my team to be happy and productive. I work for a very family-friendly company that is near our home, so I’ll be able to take plenty of time off when the baby arrives as well as working from home a couple of days a week to spend more time with our child. Having a career that I am passionate about can help me to be the best mom I can be.

A Little Bit About Autumn

A Little Bit About Dave

On a typical Saturday you might find me watching college football (University of Michigan) or hockey (Red Wings or Sharks). Other times I enjoy projects around the house, hobbies, and spending time with Autumn. I also like to play games and catch up on my favorite TV shows, like The Blacklist and The Flash. In the evenings we almost always play trivia, Boggle, Scrabble, or Yahtzee to wind down. I tend to win at the strategy games, and Autumn shines with the word games, and we both like to play games where we can work together toward a common goal.


When we purchased a video camera a few years ago, I discovered a love of making home movies. Now we have plenty of coverage of all of our trips and special occasions. I stumbled on creating video reviews as a creative outlet for my filming and editing hobby, and I have hundreds of reviews online. I’m excited to film all of the precious moments of our child’s life.


When we moved into our home, it was in good shape, but we wanted to customize it. I’ve learned how to become a handyman in my own home. To create more storage space, I built out a floor in our attic and installed an extensive garage organizing system. To make our rooms brighter and warmer, I installed recessed lighting throughout our home. And to make our home beautiful and unique, we ordered custom paintings, which we then stretched and hung in our home. I learned how to do many of these things with my dad, and I look forward to teaching our child how to build and fix things.


I also enjoy gardening and working on our landscaping. Most years we have a vegetable garden where we plant tomatoes, green onions, peppers, and more. Last year we had large basil bushes in our garden, and before that we grew strawberries and melons. Whenever we grow tomatoes, we always end up with way more tomatoes than we could ever eat.


I work for a large software company as a lead software engineer. My office is minutes from home, and the company is very flexible to help promote a good balance between family and work. I am passionate about my career, and I like that my company provides me plenty of opportunities to take additional training and classes to learn new things. I plan to work from home periodically to spend more time with our child.

A Little Bit About Dave

Home & Family

We live in a spacious four bedroom home with a large, private backyard minutes from several neighborhood parks. In the backyard we have a small koi pond with colorful orange and white fish, and in the front yard we have a garden railroad with a working train. We are close to San Jose and San Francisco, where museums, amusement parks, aquariums, zoos, hiking trails, planetariums, and festivals abound. Our child will go to great local schools. Meals will be a time for family bonding; we’ll talk about our days while making and enjoying good, healthy food.


The exceptional weather (plenty of sunshine!), the abundance of great job opportunities, and the cultural, educational, and recreational possibilities make the San Francisco Bay Area a fantastic place to live and have a family.


We’re excited about starting new traditions with our child, like picking out pumpkins for Halloween, decorating cookies for Christmas, and dyeing eggs for Easter. We’re looking forward to teaching our child to ride a bike, helping with homework, and celebrating their achievements.


Our families are based in Michigan, and we both have some family spread around the country. We usually see them a couple of times a year, and we know once we have a child we will see a lot more of them.


Dave’s parents are so excited about having another grandchild to love and spoil and brag about to everyone they know. They’re already planning their trip to come out to help when the baby arrives. Dave has a lot of relatives, so our child will have many cousins to play with when we visit them.


Autumn is the third of four kids in her family, and she’ll be the first to have a child. Her parents are thrilled to have a grandchild to love. They live in a rural area of Michigan surrounded by fields, forests, lakes, and historical areas. When we visit them, we canoe, ride bikes, go to the beach, hike on the sand dunes, or just enjoy a lazy afternoon reading in a hammock in the garden. Summer evenings are for eating chicken and pasta salad and enjoying the sunset.


Our friends have already given us plenty of advice on parenting, as many of them have young children. We’ve gotten advice on everything from how to wash baby bottles to what safety monitors work best. Our childless friends are looking forward to being “aunts” to our child and babysitting. Everyone has been very supportive of and excited about the adoption and is looking forward to being a part of our child’s life. Our child will have plenty of friends to play with.


Home & Family

Our Life As Parents

We’ll raise your child with a sunny outlook toward life, lots of encouragement, lots of love, abundant warm hugs, and adoring kisses. We will guide and nurture them to grow, thrive, and become their unique and special selves. We will trust them, guide them, and give them space to be responsible and make the right decisions. We’ll show them that even when things don’t go according to plan, the result can be just as good or even better.


What does this mean on a daily level? We want your child to have fun, positive experiences. As a baby, they’ll have toys and games that challenge them physically and mentally in a warm, safe environment. We’ll encourage them to be creative and work with others. We’ll expose them to all types of music, books, art, sports, history, and culture. We’ll do chores together, too. We’ll celebrate holidays and achievements and go on family vacations. We’ll teach them to cook healthy food and eat together. We’ll teach them the importance of a good education and help them to choose a college that is right for them when the time comes. We’ll support them when they struggle, applaud them when they do well, and guide them when they make mistakes. We will love them every day.


We are as prepared as possible to warmly welcome a baby into our happy home. We promise to nurture and give your child endless opportunities and support, encouragement, and guidance. Thank you again for reading our letter.


Our Life As Parents