Dave & Jaimee


Welcome to this snapshot of our lives. Thank you for taking the time to allow us to introduce ourselves.

We can only imagine what you are going through and what an important decision this is for you; we wish you peace in your decision. Our hope is that this profile will give you a glimpse into our family and the love that holds it together. We have always wanted to bring another life into our home; a little one to grow with us and make us a family. We will dedicate our lives to providing your child a happy home full of love, support, and cheer.

Things we are excited to do with a child
• Look at the stars on camping trips
• Ride our bikes to the beach and play in the waves
• Getting them a puppy for Christmas
• Take them to Disneyland and let them choose their favorite Mickey ears
• Singing together as a family on road trips!

Our story
We met when Jaimee took a vacation to Georgia to see a mutual friend. We clicked immediately and spent the rest of her vacation together. After a few months, Dave moved to Los Angeles and we were married shortly thereafter, and it’s been an adventure ever since!

Our relationship thrives on the things we have in common and the amazing ways we complement each other. Both of us are intelligent and curious, we both love learning and doing new things. We both tend to get really into things, love collecting memories from everywhere we go, and we always have a good time. Our connection was instant.

The way we complement each other will only enhance the strengths we will bring to parenting. Jaimee is a giant ball of energy, and is always planning things for us and problem solving, but can be a bit of a worrier. Dave is endlessly patient and optimistic, but can be a bit forgetful. We bring out the best in each other, and are better people since finding each other.

We Love Family Time
• One of our goals is to go to all the national parks
• Jaimee is an avid kayaker and made Dave learn as soon as we started dating
• Taking public transportation while exploring new cities
• Date nights playing mini golf and going to the drive-in. (Dave always throws the game at the end!)
• Nights in doing a puzzle and playing board games.



Jaimee, by Dave
Jaimee has an unbelievable devotion to the people around her. Every day someone calls her with a crisis, and she resolves it with two sentences and a smile. Everyone, family, to friends and coworkers can always depend on her. She is also very kind. Not only does she laugh at most of my jokes, she inspires me to take on anything. Her big picture focus helps me work that much harder in every aspect of my life. I’ve never met anyone quite as driven as Jaimee.

This alone would make her an incredible mother, but there is so much more. She loves to play with children and teaches them new things constantly. Our Nieces and Nephews will call her on video chat to tell her a story and she makes for the best audience. She makes them feel like the most important thing in her life whenever they are around and I believe that will increase tenfold when she is a mom.

Jaimee’s Career:

I was a practicing lawyer, but changed careers and am pursuing a PhD at UCLA in urban planning. My work focuses on helping cities improve their environment, and I love that my job Though I am a student, I am finished with my classes and now work as a researcher. My work focuses on helping cities improve their environment, and I love that my job lets me make the world a better place. I work mainly from home and can create my own schedule. My bosses are very supportive of the adoption, and I plan on taking time off to spend as much time as possible with the baby.
Fun facts about Jaimee:

• Born and raised in New York.
• She’s been to all fifty states.
• She loves cheering on her favorite sports teams
• Her father is a fiddler, as a child her whole family would dance to the music
• She was a high school badminton champion and still plays regularly
Jaimee’s Favorites:
• Ghostbusters
Sports Team
• NY Giants
• Fried Chicken
TV Show
• Gilmore Girls
• Talking Heads



Dave, by Jaimee
Dave is the warmest person I have ever met and I knew it the moment I met him. He is loyal, optimistic, and can bring humor and perspective to make any situation better. Always ready to crack a joke, he has the self-confidence not to care that about 30% of them are terrible, as well as the persistence to just keep going until I laugh. He is the kind of person who gets along with everyone, and always sees the good in people, knows how to make everyone around him feel relaxed. He also has incredible manners, which is not a comment I’ve ever made about anyone until I met him.

Every day I look at him and think about what a wonderful father he will be. He cares so deeply about everyone around him, and has the boundless patience and optimism it takes to be a great parent. Every time we are with our families or friends with children, the children flock to him and play with him the entire time. My four-year-old niece constantly asks when she next gets to play with Big Dave!

Dave’s Career

I’ve always loved reading and writing, so it was only natural that I went on to earn a BA in English. I also love technology and computers, and I am able to combine both these passions in a career as a technical writer. I have an amazing job with a large automotive company where I can do the things I love every day, and have the flexibility to often work from home.

Fun Facts about Dave

• Dave lived in Germany, Alaska, and Georgia as a child, and doesn’t have an accent!
• He was on TV proclaiming his love of bacon.
• Loves jokes, especially puns- When I discovered I could call it a microDave instead of a microwave, I laughed about it for weeks. Jaimee, however, did not.
• He is a Tetris and Mario Kart champion.

Dave’s Favorites

• Aladdin
Sports Team
• Atlanta Braves
• Lasagna
TV Show
• Simpsons
• David Bowie


Family and Home

Our Families

Jaimee’s family
My family is incredibly close and I talk to my parents everyday. They’ve been married for 47 years and set a wonderful example for our marriage. I have a younger brother, who has two adorable kids. My family is not the largest, but we’ve always welcomed everyone, often having over 30 people at Thanksgiving!

My family includes the many friends we’ve made and kept along the way, and keeping a warm welcoming household is one of the strongest values my family instilled in me, and I want to instill in my children.

Dave’s Family
I have a very southern family. By that, I mean they make everyone that comes in through the door feel like one of the family. Yes, they drink sweet tea while sitting on the front porch swing. My father was in the military and I frequently moved around as a child, learning that everywhere I went, the only lesson that always remained true was the importance of family.

My mother is a nurse, loves to read, and is a constant source of wisdom. I have two brothers and together they are responsible for 7 of our 8 nieces, which they call the beginnings of their baseball team.

Our families are as excited as we are about the adoption. Our family is unbelievably supportive of the adoption and looking forward to us being parents. Everyone is excited to welcome a new baby into our family! In addition to our family, we have an incredibly supportive group of friends both near us in California and all over the word excited to meet our little one. A lot of them also have children that are equally excited to have a new friend in their lives to adventure with.

Our Life in Los Angeles

We live in a very diverse and lively part of Los Angeles, just 2 miles from the beach! Our neighborhood is filled with young families, and weekends we typically walk everywhere we want to go. We are near great schools, awesome parks, and the farmers market, and they often close the street down for community events.

We have many close friends here, most with kids of their own, and we consider them our west coast family. We spend lots of our time doing family oriented activities, such as BBQs, beach days, and cheering at little league games. Everyone we know here is excited to welcome our adopted child.

Odds and Ends
• We have 8 nieces and one nephew!
• One of our goals is to go to all the national parks.
• On our first date Dave took Jaimee on the Atlanta subway to the World of Coke museum and then to dinner at a great fried chicken restaurant!
• Every year Jaimee’s family has a huge party where they pick apples from their orchard, cook giant apple themed meals and play baseball with the leftover apples.
• Dave’s mother smuggles chocolate home from Germany every year, and at Christmas, you can find German chocolate hidden in just about every nook and cranny throughout the house.
• Jaimee loves Thanksgiving, road trips, rain storms and dancing to live music.
• Dave loves coffee, cartoons, puns and couldn’t survive without a GPS.

Family and Home


Thank you for spending the time to learn about us and our lives. We hope this has helped you to get to know us a little better. Should we be lucky enough to get selected, we will be grateful for the rest of our lives for the priceless gift of life and love you gave.

Our promises to your child:
• We will provide unconditional love and guidance
• We will pick apples with them every fall
• We will teach them honesty and kindness
• We will take them to baseball games
• We will provide them with a stable home and the best possible education
• We will read them Harry Potter at bedtime
• We will help them jump waves at the beach
• We will teach them the value of hard work
• We will teach them confidence and pride
• We will help them with science projects
• We will build a treehouse with grandpa
• We will help them develop their talents and reach their potential
• We will teach them to love education, new experiences, nature and travel


Jaimee and Dave