Dave & Nicole

Dave & Nicole

We are grateful that you are letting us introduce our family. Love, laughter, and a dash of craziness fills the house we share with our 3 children Sawyer, Lia, and Gavin. We love having a large family and four is our perfect number. It even ensures everyone has a roller coaster buddy at Disney World.

Adoption has played a big part in our lives already since both Nicole and Lia are adoptees. We know what a loving choice it is and have experience making sure each child knows how special their unique family story is. We hope to show you all the joy we have to share should you choose us to share your baby with us.

Like lots of modern day couples, we met online and had an instant connection. We often spent hours talking on the phone. We met for the movie “Hairspray” then didn’t want the date to end so have been together ever since. Married for 5 years, we’ve enjoyed growing our family from the 2 children we had when we married to the addition of our youngest son.

There is no one lacking for love or attention in our home. It starts with us as a couple, making our marriage a priority (date nights!), and this spills over into our devotion to our children who each find themselves with both planned and spontaneous one-on-one time with us. More importantly, as a family we love each other. We support each other. We cheer each other on. We enjoy each other. And we are waiting for our new family member to love.

It has been beautiful to witness the relationships between our children. Our oldest son adores his younger siblings. He has such a special bond with Gavin that he chooses to share a room with him, despite their age difference. Lia is the flash of pink and princess, while still enjoying active play with her brothers. As much fun as her brothers are for her, Lia is yearning for another little brother or sister to claim as her own.

Our family is built on one main goal and that is teamwork. We work together to help each other move past rough spots and celebrate our success. We believe in hard work but sometimes more importantly taking the time to enjoy the life you have while you splash in the puddles together.

These are the bricks we hope our family’s future will always be built on.
We enjoy parenting – it makes our lives full and exciting and challenging and rewarding – and yet, we are yearning for a little one to join our family.

We feel strongly in our hearts that our family is not yet complete. One of the gifts of the spread in the ages within our family is that we will have the time to truly enjoy each milestone with this last blessing.

We look forward to the day when we are able to bring home a baby to introduce to Sawyer, Lia, and Gavin – who will be waiting with open arms, and perhaps a little bit of friendly competition over who will get to hold the baby first.

Dave & Nicole

Meet Nicole and Dave Through Each Other’s Eyes

Dave made sure me feel special from the day we met. One of his gifts is making people feel at ease and included. No one is ever a stranger to him for very long before they become a friend.

He works hard at everything he does, but my favorite thing about him is his fun side. I have never seen him refuse a request to play…..work, chores, anything gets dropped when he hears the magic words, “Can you play with me, Daddy”. He makes life fun! He added quirky new traditions to our family such as the 7 day birthday. This means that for the week leading up to your birthday you will get a little surprise each day. This has ranged from a mini golf trip to green eggs and ham for dinner.
He loves creating detailed plans to create amazing things with this kids.

He builds awesome bookfair displays or holiday wonderlands on our front lawn. He always gives 150% to all he does. He channels his creativity into making others smile and often makes even an everyday doctor visit a happy adventure.

All of our friend’s kids seek him out when we get together since they know he’s always got something fun planned. He’s really just a big kid himself.

It is hard to put into a few words what Nicole means to me and how much joy she brings to my life each day. The first time I met her it felt right. It is that feeling you get inside that everyone talks about but you never really understand it until it happens to you. She was that for me.
Nicole has made such a warm home for our family live in. Not just the kind you see in books but the kind of place where love, laughter and happiness thrive. She is an amazing mother to our children. Nicole is always seeking creative ways for our family to grow and experience new things. She puts the family first.

Nicole’s love does not end with our family. She has a real heart for all animals. She has done rescues for years of many dogs, cats etc. She has taught our children what it means to give to others.

Each day she helps me be a better man, husband and father to our family.

Meet Nicole and Dave Through Each Other’s Eyes

Our Family and Home

Sawyer is our easy going 10 year old who’s a Cub Scout and has earned his black belt. He’s patient with his younger siblings and is always willing to help out. He’s full of imagination, often leading games as a family of dragons hunting fireflies or running from a frog.

Lia is 6 and our social butterfly. She has never met someone she didn’t consider a friend. She loves to bring everyone together in all sorts of play from dress up to building with Legos. In her quieter moments, she loves creating for the family art gallery. She’s a fun-loving and occasionally bossy big sister.

Gavin is 100% energetic 3 year old boy. He loves driving on his train table and swimming in his pool. He never turns down the offer of a snuggle. He will enjoy his new role as a Big Brother, and will be enthusiastic about helping his sibling explore.

Should you place your baby with us we guarantee that he/she will be part of a large, loving family! We were taught that family is the most important thing in a person’s life.

We gather often to celebrate or just hang out at family birthday dinners, vacations with extended family sharing a beach house, or just playing at the local parks or pools.

Our kids see their grandfather every day, since Nicole’s Dad lives right next door, and they are the apples of his eye. He often treats them to cookies or reads a book. He shares memories of Nicole’s adoption journey as well, and is excited to be repeating it with us. We also have a cousin nearby, who was adopted as well and is like a sister to Nicole.

We are very fortunate to have so much family support.

We built our house on 7 acres with a large family in mind. We have 5 bedrooms so each of our children can have a space of their own. Our basement includes a movie theatre for traditional Friday night movies.

We enjoy the countryside, but are less than 20 minutes from the conveniences of town. We’re regulars at the local zoo and children’s museum. Our county is like an extended family where most people know each other and still wave even if they don’t. The schools are small and among the top in the area. Nicole is a regular fixture at the elementary and preschool, currently serving as PTA president, and focusing on the education of our children.

Our Family and Home

Our Farm and Family Time

We share our home with a small herd of animals of every size including a pond of goldfish, some turtles, barn cats, 2 pet pigs, plus a few mini donkeys and a pony, named Rocky Road. We breed golden retrievers so there are often puppies for the kids to cuddle.

We have always believed in the causes of animals in need and have worked with golden retriever rescues in many capacities including being a foster home to dogs in need. Our animals are definitely a large part of our family’s life.

We are often on the go, exploring the world around us. We enjoy sharing the beauties of the different sights and cultures. We recently visited some of our family’s roots in Athens, Greece and hope to see more soon.

As Disney fanatics, we are often found at Walt Disney World or cruising with the mouse. We love all forms of water and are very fortunate to have a home at Myrtle Beach where we create lots of sandy memories.

When we aren’t traveling the globe we love checking out our hometown. Some favorites include: picking strawberries in the Spring, cheering our local baseball team on at a game, Tacky Light tours during the holidays, and nothing beats sharing popcorn at the drive-in movies.

Our Farm and Family Time

Our Special Message to You

We know of no more selfless act than the one you are considering. Should you place your child with our family we promise that you will always be a special part of our lives as the mother that carried them and gave them life. I promise that he/she will always know how much they are loved by you. It has always been a dream of ours to continue adding to our family through adoption. Nicole being adopted gives us a unique insight when it comes to parenting adopted children. We were thrilled with the placement of our daughter Lia by her birth mother and are excitedly choosing to complete our family in this way.
If we are entrusted with your baby, we will work to be worthy of your faith daily. Our promise to you is that we love your baby with all of our hearts, be there to listen and understand, and encourage then to work hard to achieve all of their dreams. We hope that you have been able to get a glimmer of all the love our entire family has to give. We guarantee your child would be treasured and respected each day.
I hope you can find comfort in your journey and trust that whatever decisions you make will be the right ones for you and your child.

Dave & Nicole’s – Top 5 on Parenting

1. Dave is hands on…he is a diaper changer, school project helper, and all around handy man

2. Nicole is a planner…family activities, vacations, weekly schedules – she keeps us organized

3. We’re involved….scout troop leaders, PTA/school and classroom volunteers

4. Our friends have kids…this means play dates, family-friendly outings, and people who understand

5. We balance…there’s time for “just us” when the kids stay with a family member, there’s time for family, there’s time for work, and there’s time for play

Our Special Message to You