David & Janet

About Us

Hi, we are David & Janet from San Diego, California!

Thank you for checking out our profile. We have always dreamed of having multiple children and are thankful for the ability to adopt. We hope to give you a glimpse into our life so you can see who we are and learn all about our family. Thank you for your courage in choosing adoption and giving us the chance to be a family of 4!

A Few Fun Facts:
We live in California, but are Texans at heart
We grew up in the same hometown
We were married at home, in our backyard
We adopted Haylee in 2016
We are a military family, Go Navy!
We love to be outdoors
We both have wonderful, loving families
We have the sweetest dogs, Jake & Rooster

About Us, Told by Janet
We met in Texas, during high school, but were just friends through college. When David started training to join the Navy, I would join him for long runs and we began seeing more of each other.

We took things slow and finally started dating a few years later, ha! We just loved spending time together and knew we had a good match in each other.

On October 15, 2011, our world was turned upside-down. David had a parachuting accident and suffered a spinal cord injury. Our hearts were broken as we wondered what our future would look like.

After difficult years and fighting to find joy through it all, we realized the accident was a gift, a new beginning. We wanted to celebrate this and make it a new anniversary. David and I on October 15, 2013 and have loved every second of being husband and wife.

We now see the hardest thing in our life as the biggest blessing we have received. We learned that though difficulties will come, it will turn out better than we can imagine or plan- nothing happens by accident.

One of these “better than we could imagine” moments came in 2016 when we adopted our daughter, Haylee Kay. She is a true joy and we feel so blessed to have been chosen be her parents.

Our Careers, Told by David
Janet obtained a Bachelors in Marketing from Texas A&M University and worked for several years in real estate. I joined the Navy after high school and became a Navy SEAL. After my parachuting accident, I was medically retired in 2013.

In 2014, we started managing a non-profit physical therapy clinic for people with neuro injuries. I have been a patient at this facility since my accident, so it means a lot to me to have the opportunity to give back. Janet and I love working together and it gives us the freedom to work from home. This allows us both to be home with kids too!

About Us

Meet David

About David, Told by Janet

David is a true man’s man. He grew up with a Navy SEAL as a dad and then chose the same profession for himself. David excelled as a soldier, enjoys being challenged, and is truly the strongest man I know. He values faith in God and honesty above all else.

I love that he is a risk taker and not afraid to try anything and will do so with a smile on his face! David has fun in just about everything he does. I am constantly laughing with him, even doing the most routine tasks. He is also a hilarious storyteller, but you will just have to experience that in person!

David also has a soft spot, which might be my favorite quality. He cares deeply for those he loves and always puts others first. He is the one friends call in an emergency and will be there anytime. He has an amazing way of encouraging others that is gentle, yet speaks the truth.

David is an amazing dad and Haylee lights up when she sees him. He is very involved and is hoping she will love sports as much as he does. One of David’s favorite activities with Haylee is her nightly bath, which usually ends up sounding like a comedy routine!

Meet David

Meet Janet

About Janet, Told by David
Janet is truly one of a kind. She is passionate, loving, and adventurous. She is a perfect blend of serious and goofball. Janet invests herself in impacting people’s lives. Whether it is the work she does now helping the nonprofit or being a big sister to under privileged kids while in college, Janet just wants to bring love to others.

Janet seems quiet at first but is actually very adventurous. She is constantly looking to get outside whether it is playing with the dogs or swimming in the ocean. She enjoys traveling and eating new foods (especially food involving chocolate). She is constantly pushing me to try new things.

Most importantly, Janet impresses me on a daily basis with her undying faith in God. She has stood with me through the hardest time in my life and kept reminding me that God has a perfect plan for us. Janet has handled adversity in her short life that most people never will. She has shown a calmness under pressure and the courage to tell the truth as opposed to what people just want to hear. She has made me a better person through her example alone.

As a mom, Janet is always playing and trying to show Haylee how fun it is to explore the world around her. She combines fun activities with learning like swimming, counting, colors, and reading. Haylee loves all the fun things Janet does with her. Janet is a natural at being a mom and makes everyday fun and exciting for her kiddo!

Meet Janet

Our Family & Home

Meet Haylee
Haylee will be a year old in September and has an easy going, joyful spirit. She tends to take her time and loves to observe the world around her. From an early age, she loved swimming and no one can make her laugh the way David does!

Haylee was born in Washington and has a big, loving birth family. She loves being around other kids and will be a wonderful big sister.

David and I were close in age to our siblings growing up and would love to provide the same opportunity for our children. It made for many fun adventures and a close bond that we still have today.

Meet Our Family
We are fortunate to have a great relationship with both our families. We joke that our most difficult decision is how to split our time because they both just want to be together!

David’s family lives here in San Diego and we love having them close! His parents, Mike and Beth, have been married for 32 years and he has one younger brother, John Paul. David’s family are his best friends and support. His parents taught him to love God above all else and to never give up in the face of adversity.

Janet’s family is a bit spread out, but do an amazing job of visiting several times each year! Her parents, Carol and Dale have been married 36 years and she has two older sisters, Beth and Stacy. Beth is married to Tony and they have three children, Cole, Cate and Emma, and Stacy is married to Gerrod. Janet’s parents taught her the importance of family, working hard, and honesty.

Our Home
Our Home is in a quiet neighborhood of San Diego that has access to great schools and parks. We are only a few miles from the beach and close to Mission Bay Park. Our backyard overlooks a beautiful canyon and has a large yard that will be fun for kids as they get older! We love being outdoors or in the water and our location allows us to do that year round.

We also have two loving dogs, Jake and Rooster. They are sweet with Haylee and she enjoys getting to pet them and pull on their ears. David often takes them into work too, the patients love to see them and they brighten everyone’s day!

At home, we often have friends and family over for dinner or game night. We love that our home is a favorite spot for friends and family. David enjoys grilling out and inviting friends over to watch sports!

Our Community is something we are very thankful for daily. David is medically retired from the Navy and our family has access to military benefits, such as, healthcare, college grants, and base access for pools, recreation, sports, and more. This is a huge benefit for a growing family and we are thankful for the support the Navy has given us.

We are also very involved with our local church and believe it is important for children to grow up surrounded by a loving community that supports parents and children.

Several of our close friends have recently started families as well. It is so much fun to have children close in age!

Our Family & Home

Our Promises

We promise to love your child unconditionally, to always encourage their dreams, and guide them as they grow. We promise to create an environment where they have access to education and opportunities to pursue their interests. We promise to surround them with the love of family and friends. We promise that your child will know their adoption story, the love you have for them, and the beautiful story that brought us together.

We thank you for considering us to raise your child and helping us complete our family. Words could barely express our gratitude for giving us the opportunity to be parents of two little blessings!

With Love,
David, Janet & Haylee

We Promise to Teach Them:
To Love and Know God
To Be Humble
To Treat Everyone Equally with Respect
To Be Creative and Adventurous
To Have Courage and Strength
To Work Hard and Never Give Up

Our Promises