David & Katie

David & Katie

Hello! We are David and Katie from sunny San Diego, California!

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us and considering giving us the opportunity to become the parents that we long to be! We have a happy, supportive, and fun-loving family that we hope to share with your child.

After years of unsuccessful fertility treatments, we are excited to experience the joys of parenthood through adoption. We are so impressed with the loving selflessness that you have for your child and are so appreciative of the opportunity you would be giving us if you choose us to be parents to your child.

David & Katie

About Us

Fun Facts about Us
-Our favorite place to visit is Jackson Hole, Wyoming
-We take a weekly bike ride and rollerblade around the San Diego Bay
-One of our favorite adventures was riding a hot air balloon down the San Diego coast
-Katie taught David to ski and surf
– Our guilty pleasure is watching the Bachelor

About Us
We met through mutual friends at an “80’s party” 10 years ago. Though we are very different, we quickly discovered there was an instant connection between us, ranging from our love of the outdoors, animals and our mutual love of Iowa football. We blended our then “fur families” of one cat and three dogs when we got married over seven years ago. We lead an active and healthy lifestyle. We love to travel, hike, eat at local restaurants, cook new recipes at home, and get together with friends and family.

Things That Make Us Happy

-Weekend coffee
-Beach days
-morning dog walks
-quite time/meditation

Promises to Your Child
-We will show absolute unconditional love;
-We will lead by example in teaching patience and kindness;
-We will show love and compassion for others, teaching your child to do the same;
-We will show your child the beauty and wonder of nature and the outdoors; and
-We will let your child know that you love them.

Our Home and Community
We live in a 3-bedroom home in a central part of San Diego, two blocks from the elementary school and down the street from a middle school and high school. We have a fenced in yard that is waiting for some playground equipment and toys. Our home is located 1.5 miles from the beach. We live ten minutes from downtown San Diego and Balboa Park, which is world-famous for its zoo, museums, theaters, restaurants, and gardens. Disneyland is also a short 90-minute drive away! We live within a few miles of David’s family and all of our close friends and “Framily.”

About Us


About Me, by Katie
I was born in Wisconsin, but have lived in California, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Illinois, and Iowa. I grew up in a loving, supportive family, playing sports, playing outside with friends, going to summer camp, and vacationing with family.

I went to college at the University of Delaware and majored in Athletic Training. I then moved to Chicago where I earned my Master’s Degree to become a Physician Assistant. After one too many freezing winters in Chicago I moved to sunny San Diego where I met my husband, David!

I absolutely love the outdoor lifestyle in California and enjoy hiking, surfing, sailing, roller blading, taking the dogs to the beach, but I also enjoy relaxing at home with Netfilx or a good book. I love doing projects around the house and creating a cozy My job is very rewarding. It also provides me with the flexibility to work from home a few days a week and a generous vacation policy, which will come in handy when it comes time to bring home the new baby.

I have wanted to be a mother for so long and I look forward to welcoming a child into a loving and nurturing home, to creating new and unique traditions and memories, and loving your child unconditionally. Watching the love between my mother and her adoptive parents (my grandparents) has shown me the beauty and love of adoption.

More About Katie, by David
I was introduced to Katie over ten years ago by a mutual friend and immediately fell
in love with her. I was attracted to Katie’s energy and kindness. She has a very big heart and lots of love to give. She is constantly striving to be a better person, sister, wife, daughter, and colleague. She is always lightening the mood with her silliness and sense of humor.

Katie is also very adventurous. She’s taught me to surf and ski since we’ve been together. Katie will make an amazing mother because loving a child will be a natural extension of the overwhelming love, kindness, and compassion she always gives to others.

I cannot wait to see her create a loving and nurturing environment for our family.

Fun facts about Katie:
-Favorite movies-Joe vs the Volcano and Love Actually
-Favorite foods- Italian food
-Favorite places to travel-The mountains and Italy
-Loves all animals, especially dogs
-Favorite holiday-Christmas
-Her mother and Aunt were adopted -she has seen the beauty of the amazing gift of adoption through observing the love between her mom and her adoptive parents.



About Me, by David
I was born in El Paso, Texas but did not stay long enough to become a Texan. My parents moved my two sisters and me to San Diego nine months after I was born. I grew up playing many sports, including basketball and tennis, both of which I played
in high school.

Education was also a very important part of my childhood. I
went to UCLA for college and then moved to the Midwest where I attended law school at the University of Iowa.

I returned to San Diego after graduating from law school (you cannot beat the weather here!) and began my career as a lawyer right away. I am currently a
partner at a law firm that stresses work-life balance for its employees, which is very
important to me.

I met Katie one year after returning to San Diego and we have been together for over ten years.

When I am not at work, I enjoy living an active and healthy lifestyle with Katie and enjoying everything San Diego has to offer from the beaches to hiking, sunny skies, great food, culture, and friendly people.

Fun facts about David:
-Favorite Food: Burritos
-Favorite Movie: Star Wars.
-Favorite TV show: The West Wing.
-He has run twenty half-marathons and four marathons.
– The Chargers, Padres, and Packers are his favorite teams.

More About David, by Katie
David is a sweet and sensitive man. I felt at home with him from the moment I met him. He is one of the smartest people I know, but very down to earth. He makes me laugh daily. He is physically and mentally strong, athletic and energetic, but is also a big softy at heart. Although he claims to be a “cat person,” I think he now loves dogs as much as I do.

David is incredibly loyal and maintains close friendships with many of his childhood, high school, and college friends. He makes friends very easily and is well loved by those that know him.

I know that David will be an incredible father. He is patient, kind, playful and incredibly loving. He would do anything for me or our dogs, which speaks so highly of the kind of father he will be.


Our Home and Family & Friends

Friends and Family
David’s family lives in San Diego. Though Katie’s family lives out of town, her parents are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to meet their future grandchild and spending their retirement years visiting and bonding. Katie’s sister, Kelly, is her best friend. Kelly also visits San Diego at least twice a year.

We have a very close group of friends in San Diego who have become like family. Many of our closest friends (who David has known since childhood) have young children ranging from four months old to three years old. We spend a lot of time with our “Framily,” including most holidays that are not spent in Iowa with family. We are fortunate to have been named godparents to one of our closest friends’ daughter and look forward to introducing our future child to this group of loving people.

Family Traditions
– Spending Christmas in Iowa with Katie’s family, where we read “The Night Before Christmas” every Christmas Eve with the whole family
-Family Vacation every year (we try a new spot each year)
-Watching Iowa Football games
– Making homemade pizza with Katie’s sister

Meet Duke and Lola
We have two rescue dogs named Duke and Lola, who we treasure! They are best friends and are such a special pair. Lola is a smart, energetic, and sweet girl. She absolutely loves children and babies. If we are at a park and she could choose between playing with another dog or a child, she chooses the child every time and goes up to them wagging her tail and asking for pets. Duke is a gentle giant. He loves cuddling, chasing the ball, and licking Lola.

We spend a lot of time with our dogs and they are a major priority in our life. We look forward to the bond they will form with our future child!

One Last Thank You
Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We are incredibly appreciative of your efforts to provide a loving and happy life for your child. We realize that the decision you are making is so selfless and is being done out of love for your child.

~David and Katie

Our Home and Family & Friends