David & Kristina

Hello from David and Kristina in Southern CA!

Thank you for the making this courageous and unselfish decision. We know that you are at a difficult crossroads and we hope that you have the love and support that you need to make the decision that you feel is best for you and your baby.

We hope that this profile helps you get to know a bit about us and to see the safe, happy and loving family that we can provide for your child. We will be forever grateful to that special Mom who will make our dreams come true.

Our Story (so far)
It took us several years to get here as a married couple, as we originally met in college when we were in our early twenties. We were friends then, but reconnected years later. Kristina was living in Los Angeles, CA and David was living in Orange County when we began dating. It felt like we picked up where we left off, our friendship turned into romance and our dating quickly led to love.

It was after a hike along the ocean in Palos Verdes, when David proposed to Kristina using a fake lottery scratcher. The final scratch-off grand prize revealed the words “will you marry me?” after they scratched off the numbers! David then proposed with the ring.

Why we’re adopting
Kristina’s Mom is adopted and we have always seen it as a natural and loving way to build a family. Faced with fertility issues, and not wanting to give up on our dream of becoming parents, adoption was a natural choice for us.

Over the last several years, we have grown stronger as a married couple and staying active in our Faith. Most of all, we enjoy doing yoga, surfing, and walking with our adorable puppy Basil. We are excited to share our goals and activities as a family.

Hello from David and Kristina in Southern CA!

Meet David

I grew up in Pasadena, CA, where my father was in charge of our family business – a corner 50s style soda drug store. He and my Mom taught me about hard work, commitment and love for family. My parents presented a great example of these qualities and intend to do so with my future family!

I love helping others and building long lasting relationships in my personal and business life because of their example.
After leaving San Diego State University (where I met my Kristina!), I settled into a career in Banking where I became a commercial lender. I enjoy creating business, while learning about my client’s goals and needs.

I also enjoy serving others by being a Board member of the 5th Regiment Marine Support Group and Fish for Life, where we take special needs kids and their families fishing in the harbor.

The best part about living at the beach in Dana Point is being able to go surfing in town and at all the local beaches. Surfing and exercising in the ocean is a passion that I intend to share with my entire family!

Things that make me happy!
• Surfing
• Ministry
• Paddleboarding
• Swimming
• The Beach
• Travel
• Walking Basil
• Business
• Entrepreneurship
• Serving Others

About David by Kristina: David has a great sense of humor and a genuine character- bringing passion for everything in life! Whether it’s me, our families, friends, mentees, hobbies or the organizations he’s involved with, he gives all of himself.

David is one of the most caring and compassionate people that I know. He’s involved in several charitable organizations and the guy that his friends go to when they need someone to listen or ask for advice.

David is a kind and giving soul with an incredible mind that pretty much makes me laugh in most situations. He brings out the best in me and I know that he will be an amazing Dad.

Meet David

Meet Kristina

I come from a relatively big family. Three older brothers and my loving Mom and Dad are still married and living in Orange County, CA near Disneyland.

Growing up, my family loved spending time together – from nightly dinners to family vacations visiting the great outdoors for skiing in the winters and camping and hiking in the summers. I loved to read at an early age and competed as a gymnast throughout my childhood and early teens.

I went to San Diego State University for college (where I met David) and upon graduation got my first job in sales and marketing and loved it. I’ve worked in various sales and marketing roles with just a few companies throughout my career, which have provided me the opportunity to live in many great cities such as Chicago, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Arizona and New York City.

I have a career that provides flexibility and the ability to work remotely once we welcome our future child. I moved back to Southern California 4 years ago where I reconnected with David via Linkedin. I am happy to be back on the West Coast, close to my Mom, Dad, brothers, nieces and nephew.

I look forward to sharing our hobbies and passions with our future child.

Things that make me happy!
• Traveling
• Reading
• Volunteering
• The Outdoors
• Yoga
• Hiking
• Paddleboarding
• Biking
• Snowboarding
• Walking Basil
• Cooking

About Kristina by David: Kristina is my best friend and partner. She is very organized, caring and selfless. We make communication and love a priority in our marriage and are on the same page most of the time.

Most of all, Kristina comes from a family that puts quality of life and life experiences over the need for material possessions. This is exemplified by her endless support for others and her commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

I am excited to see her heart grow larger and larger as a Mom. I am confident she will make a great Mother, as we put faith and family first.

Meet Kristina

Friends and Family

Family and friends are very important to us, so is living close by Kristina’s parents and David’s Mom.

Kristina grew up in Orange County, CA and where we spend a great deal of time with her brothers – Steve and Paul.

David’s mother and cousin Leon live in San Clemente, CA, where we see them frequently.

The best part about us going to the same college together, is that we have many of the same friends! Many of our friends live close to our home in the lovely beach community of Dana Point, CA. Our favorite traditional holiday is Thanksgiving, where we blend our families and include many friends in our celebration.

The first born in our family is our puppy Basil, who is adorable and very sweet! Basil is a rescue and very dear to our heart. Being a beagle/dachshund mix, he is at his maximum weight of 25 lbs. but is very playful and kind. Basil is an active member of our family who participates with us in many of the local activities and loves playing with kids!

Friends and Family

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Welcome home to the beautiful beach town of Dana Point located in Orange County, California. Our safe neighborhood is flush with many family oriented festivals, an active harbor, restaurants and, more importantly – good schools! It is an amazing place to raise kids.

We truly believe our comfortable 3 bedroom home and community will be great for your child.
We are located less than a mile from the beach, which we enjoy any chance we are able. David loves to go surfing, while Kristina enjoys paddleboarding in the harbor. There is also a section of shoreline entitled “baby beach” where the neighborhood brings their babies to enjoy the serenity of the water!

Thanks again for taking the time to get to know us. We admire the strength and courage that it takes to make this decision and are honored to be considered. We are wishing you the best in your decision and journey.

We Promise To:
• Always be Loving, Patient and Supportive
• Encourage creativity, following their dreams and showing love for Others
• Provide the best education and Opportunities to Explore
• Show the Value in Heritage and Culture
• Make sure your child experiences Happiness and unconditional Love every day

Our Home and Closing Thoughts