David & Mathew

Bonjour! We are David and Mathew from CA

Bonjour! We are David and Mathew from San Francisco

A message from us to you: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and share a little bit more about our lives with you. We respect the wonderful decision you have made by considering adoption. You are making the impossible possible for a couple like us — who cannot have children on our own. We’re grateful that you have taken the first step in getting to know us. We live a life full of travel, homemade family meals, elaborate holidays, family Halloween costumes, and frequent visits to Disney Parks, that we greatly look forward to sharing with our future child! We can’t wait to become parents. We hope that the next few pages give you an idea of the loving parents we’re excited to become and would be honored to be able to speak with you.

Our Wonderful Life Together:

  • We met at the Dolores Park Cafe in 2013.
  • We got married in 2015.
  • We completed a full remodel of our home in 2018.
  • David has been to 45 countries, Mathew has been to 28 (and counting).


We initially bonded over our mutual love for outdoor picnics, pets, all things Disney and Star Wars, and Mathew’s ability to cook a fantastic meal. But we fell deeply in love as we discovered we shared goals and priorities in life — primarily family and bringing a child into a world where they have an opportunity to thrive, with two loving parents supporting them along the way.

We love to travel! Each of us were fortunate to be able to travel internationally as children, and those experiences instilled a lifelong love of experiencing new places. We plan to make sure that our future child has the opportunity to travel around the world during their life.

We Have a Beautiful Home in San Francisco

A one-hundred-year-old house in fact, and after completing a remodel of it we now have a gorgeous home that we look forward to raising our future child in. It’s close to parks, a local library, schools, and outdoor playgrounds. On evenings and weekends, we can be found seeing movies both at home and in theaters, seeing plays, hosting holiday meals and parties, visiting theme parks, binge watching shows on Netflix, and making trips to snowy locations (David is a seasoned snowboarder).

Bonjour! We are David and Mathew from CA

Meet David

David in His Own Words

I grew up in Montreal, Canada, the oldest of four in a close-knit family and community. My parents met on an 18-hour blind date while on vacation from opposite sides of the world. Their origin story prompted my fascination for travel and exploring. I have a great sense of direction and get a thrill from checking out new places. Living overseas for a few years as a kid, then growing up during the Star Wars era kicked all that into overdrive. I always kept my fascination with technology alive, eventually moving to the Bay Area to pursue a career in computer software. These days I’m a mobile app developer at a Silicon Valley startup; both Mathew and I are lucky to have flexible work schedules where we can be home regularly. I stay true to my Canadian roots with snowboarding adventures each winter, and I carry my Dad’s fondness for all living things. My lifelong curiosity, love of exploration, and passion for travel are all things I can’t wait to pass on to our future child.

Quick Facts About David:

  • David is an avid chocoholic with a strong preference for dark chocolate.
  • David went on an around-the-world trip that he documented in a memoir.
  • David is left-handed.
  • In addition to English, David speaks French and Hebrew.


More About David, by Mathew: “David is incredibly smart. I joke that part of the reason my family loves David so much is because he’s good at trivia games. I know he’ll be a great parent, not only because of all the knowledge he’ll be able to impart onto our future child, but because of how tender, caring, and sweet he is. David has a really close relationship with all of our nieces and nephews, especially with the older children on his side of the family. David is reliable, great with directions, and has an amazing sense of humor.”

Meet David

Meet Mathew

Mathew in His Own Words

I was born and raised in Northern California. My father worked for an airline so my family was able to travel a lot when I was a kid. My mother has always been crafty so my upbringing was filled with lots of craft projects, puzzles, holiday decorations, and over-the-top school projects. I’ve wanted to be a parent for as long as I can remember. According to my Mom, I would insist on holding babies when I was just a toddler, and my first sentence spoken was “I want baby.” After writing professionally, I now work in digital marketing, and am fortunate to be part of a small team composed of multiple parents — who all respect the importance of spending quality time with family. One of my favorite activities has always been reading. Some of my lifetime favorite titles include the Jurassic Park books, the Hunger Games trilogy, Gone Girl, the Harry Potter books, and Crazy Rich AsiansI’m a legit Disney fanatic, and hope to visit every international Disney theme park one day. I love cooking and baking, and consider Halloween to be my favorite holiday. These are things that I look forward to sharing with our future child. I plan to start reading to them from the time they’re a newborn and cannot wait to make them their favorite foods. Most importantly, I’ll make sure they know they’re loved and supported no matter what.

Quick Facts About Mathew:

  • Mathew has been a vegetarian for over a decade.
  • His favorite Disney film is The Little Mermaid, but his favorite Disney princess is Moana.
  • Mathew was a Staff Writer at BuzzFeed a few years ago.
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tweeted at Mathew not once, but twice!

More About Mathew, By David: “Mathew is that enthusiastic, funny, passionate person who brings out joy and love wherever he goes. He’s always been a go-getter, finishing college ahead of schedule and building a marketing business when he was a teenager. He’s an accomplished chef who makes amazing, nutritious meals. His love for children is limitless, and he’s formed wonderful connections with nieces and nephews on all sides of the extended family — eleven in all! His parenting instincts are among the strongest I’ve ever seen, and I’m sure he’ll make a caring father to our future child.”

Meet Mathew

Our Home & Community

 Our Family and Friends

Mathew’s family lives close by, and we’re lucky to be able to see them frequently. His parents, Mike and Brenda, live in Sacramento, and his brother Joseph lives in Marysville with his fiancé Janelle, and his step-daughters Jocie, Jackie, and January. Family is the most important thing. David’s sister Miri lives in Southern California with her husband Joe and her two sons Hunter and Everett. The rest of David’s family (his mother Esti, two sisters, their husbands and children) live in Montreal. Years ago, David began a tradition of taking each of our nieces and nephews on an international trip when they turned twelve and has so far taken four on journeys across the Atlantic. David and Mathew have close friends that live locally, as well as family friends living in various international cities like London and Berlin that they visit frequently.

Favorite Holiday Traditions:

  • Dressing up in coordinating family costumes for Halloween.
  • Decorating the inside and outside of our house for Halloween, then Christmas.
  • Hosting our family for big Thanksgiving meals.
  • Lighting the Hanukkah candles with the kids in SoCal.
  • Fourth of July at our house — we have an amazing view of local firework displays!


Home Sweet Home

We have a beautiful home in San Francisco, with a big backyard, and plenty of space for family to visit. We can’t wait to convert a bedroom into a nursery. We are excited to be able to raise our future child in such a diverse, vibrant city, with great playgrounds and parks, dozens of theatres both large and small, excellent schools, and kid-friendly attractions like the Exploratorium!

Meet Our Pets

Mathew brought Olly, our beloved dog, home over ten years ago. Shortly before we met, David rescued our cat, the Khaleesi, and she and Olly hit it off from the first meow. Both are loyal, loving, and can’t wait to meet the future addition to the family.

Our Home & Community

Our Promise & Thank You

Five Things We Will Teach Our Future Child:

  1. To be curious.
  2. To appreciate learning.
  3. To value and respect all life.
  4. To challenge him or herself.
  5. To snow ski.


Thank You! 

We really appreciate that you took the time to get to know a little more about us. We are excited about growing our family and continuing our family traditions with a new generation. We look forward to becoming loving, caring, supporting dads, and promise to spoil our future son or daughter. We would be honored if you chose to join us on this journey.


David and Mathew

Our Promise & Thank You