David & Tara

Hello! We are Tara, David, Luke and Caroline

Dear Birth Mom: We want to sincerely thank you for considering our family as adoptive parents and siblings for your child. We cannot imagine the weight of this decision and hope that these words and pictures give you a feeling of our loving home.

We have had a desire to grow our family through adoption since we got married. DURING OUR WONDERFUL TIME TOGETHER WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH 2 CHILDREN, LUKE (5) AND CAROLINE (2) who cannot wait to be a big sister and big brother! We would love the opportunity to include another child on our journey.

About Us: We originally met on the high school cross country team. We became very close but after graduation, as many do with high school friends, we fell out of touch. David went off to the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut, and Tara was recruited to run track and cross country at University of North Texas.

Just before David’s graduation we started talking again. Our friendship picked back up without missing a step. It was like we had been apart for 4 weeks not 4 years. It became obvious that the friendship and bond was somehow stronger than it had been.

As we continued to talk over that summer it became apparent to both of us that the feelings had developed into something more and 364 days after our first kiss we were married.

Now, after 8 years of marriage, our two dogs have started to slow down but our two children rarely sit still. Our days are filled with trips to grandma’s house, walks with the dogs, preschool and parks.

We live in a wonderful and safe suburb north of Dallas where we take advantage of the amazing community. You will frequently find us at the town events, firework shows, or supporting the local high school sports teams.

Hello! We are Tara, David, Luke and Caroline

Meet Tara

About Tara, by David: Tara is truly my best friend and one of the kindest people I know. Tara is driven, organized, and intelligent. She is the engine of the family and works tirelessly to help everyone grow and be fulfilled.

During the holidays she likes to serenade the family with Christmas carols on her cello that she has played since elementary school, occasionally getting the band back together with her mom on violin and her sister on viola.

Because Tara is a stay at home mom, Luke and Caroline have been able to have a variety of experiences, from local museums/zoos, story time at the library, to cross country trips to visit family on short notice. They are always active and are always having a good time. I love the way that she can turn a simple trip to the park into a wonderful adventure, the excitement for life that Tara has and instills in our children is my favorite thing to watch.

In her spare time: When Tara gets a few free moments to spend on herself, she enjoys running, leading a local workout group, and planning activities for the summer camp she founded 15 years ago for kids with Celiac disease.

Interesting Facts:
• Life time Girl Scout
• Earned Girl Scout Gold Award
• Founded and served as co-director of a summer camp for kids with Celiac disease for the past 15 years
• Ran 4 half-marathons

Meet Tara

Meet David

About David, by Tara: David is goofy, encouraging and extremely loyal. His loyalty is very important to him and it extends not just to me and our family but to his many friends. He goes out of his way to help anyone, friends, family or even strangers.

His compassion for others means that if there is a door that needs held, a flat tire that needs changed or an elderly person that needs something carried to their car, David can always be found going the extra mile to help.

David is a senior consultant at a large consulting firm that allows him to have a flexible work schedule. He works from home when he is not traveling, and has generous paternity leave. He loves being there for the simple things like preschool drop off, kissing boo-boos, and reading before naptime. He has provided our family with a fun and loving home and always puts his family’s needs before his own.

Interesting Facts:
• Completed 3 marathons, several triathalons, one ultra marathon
• Was an officer in the Coast Guard
• Built multiple pieces of furniture in our house
• Traveled to 42 states and 19 countries

Meet David

Our Loving Family

Luke: Luke is talkative, polite, and inquisitive. He is very extroverted and is happiest when he is able to interact and help other people. He loves playing at the park and spending time with his grandparents helping sew a quilt for his sister or cooking his mom a birthday dinner.

He loves being an older brother and instinctively shares everything with his sister. Luke is excited to have another sibling because: “Caroline is getting big and he wants another baby.”

Caroline: Caroline has a very active imagination and is much more introverted than her brother. She can play quietly by herself with her stuffed animals and trucks for hours, she also loves playing with her baby dolls; putting them to bed, feeding them and “reading” to them.

Though she can be shy, when she is with her brother Caroline is fearless. Caroline is excited to have a little sibling.

Family and Friends: We are lucky to live very close to both sides of our extended family and we do not see it as having two separate families but instead one large family. The majority of occasions, both special and routine, are spent all together.

Tara is the oldest of 3, and is very close to her siblings and her parents still live in her childhood home where we frequently have family dinners.

David has an older brother and younger sister that live in the area and we see them regularly. David’s mom lives about 10 minutes away, and will have dates with the kids at least once a week. David’s dad lives in New Mexico and we connect using video calls in between his visits.

In addition, we have 8 families of cousins/aunts and uncles that live within a 30 minute drive that we see frequently. They have several children ranging from under a year old to 14 years old giving our kids many “cousins” to learn and grow with. With all this family we always have a ready babysitter for date nights usually spent running or working out together.

Our Loving Family

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: We live in Allen, TX, a small suburb north of Dallas. Allen was recently voted the number 2 best place to live in America for its wonderful parks, walking trails, and sense of community.

We live 5 min from both our childhood homes, where Tara’s parents still live. Our home is in a quiet neighborhood within walking distance of the elementary school, 2 neighborhood parks, a community pool and splashpad.

We have a large backyard which we use for family games of tag, practicing soccer, and playing catch. We have a small vegetable garden which we still have not quite figured out but the family enjoys trying. Our home has an extra bedroom that is waiting for a child.

Our Dogs: We have two dogs, Maverick and Goose.

Maverick is 8 years old and is beginning to show his age as his favorite things have started to shift from walks and digging holes in the backyard to naps and getting his belly scratched.

Goose is 7 and still has a lot of puppy in him. He frequently plays chase in the backyard with Luke and Caroline. Both dogs are very gentile with the children and are good watch dogs. They diligently scare the mail man away every day.

Thank You: Thank you so much for considering us. It is difficult to summarize our family and the love we have in just 8 pages, but we hope that this gives you a glimpse of our lives. We are excited at the opportunity to grow our family, and it would be an incredible privilege if you selected us.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts