Debbie & Jessica

We're Debbie & Jessica from CA!

Dear Birthmother: Thank you for taking the time to review our profile. We have spent most of our lives dedicated to our careers and are now overjoyed that we are ready to raise a child.

We feel passionate about providing a child with a world beyond their wildest dreams. We feel proud that you would possibly be choosing us as future adoptive parents of your child. We also have so much support from our family and friends, and your child will be raised in a safe and loving environment.

About Us, By Jessica: Debbie and I currently live in the Los Angeles area in a home that we share with our dog and three cats. We live in a safe, tight net community in a middle class neighborhood.

Debbie and I first met 6 years ago at a friend’s wedding where we happened to sit next to each other. We smiled at each other and instantly felt a connection. Moments later, I leaned over and took a picture of us stating “we will appreciate this picture one day.” Obviously the Love at First sight phenomena was at play. Later that night, Debbie found me in the crowd. And the rest is history.

Debbie and I dated a year before deciding to move in together. At the time, Debbie was working as an orthopedic nurse and I was working with a protective children services department as an on call crisis therapist. Work life had its ups and downs but Debbie and I maintained that our home environment would be one of security, relaxation and restoration.

We're Debbie & Jessica from CA!

Meet Jessica

About Jessica, By Jessica: Hello, I am Jessica! I grew up in California, in the county of Los Angeles. My childhood was as amazing as it gets. My mother was born in South America, in the country of Colombia. My father was born in Mexico near the border of Texas.

My parents met when they were in their mid- 20’s and decided to marry and have a family. I had a loving mother and father who worked hard to provide for my siblings and I. We lived in a big house and had a motorhome that we took on vacations quite regularly.

I also had lots of cousins, which made my childhood even more enjoyable. I was fortunate enough to go to private schools most of my life and developed the skills to make school an intricate part of my future. After endless years in school, I finally obtained a bachelors, masters and doctorate degree in the field of psychology.

Currently, I work as a licensed clinical psychologist at a girl’s residential treatment program. I am a clinical supervisor of newly graduated therapists who work directly with teenage girl’s ages 13-18 years of age. My schedule is flexible since my responsibility is to support the clinicians and their work with the clients. This position gives me the ability to go to work late and to leave early when I need to.

More About Jessica, By Debbie: Right from the start, I knew Jessica wanted a child. She explained to me that she wanted to build her career, specifically to obtain a life that would welcome a baby. And in our past 6 years together, every transition has been centered on this desire. She has all the traits you would want in a mother. She is loving, patient and dedicated. You can trust that your baby will receive exhaustive devotion from Jessica.

Meet Jessica

Meet Debbie

About Debbie, By Debbie: Hello, I am Debbie! I also grew up in Southern California is the county of Los Angeles. My childhood was typical. I was born to my mother and father who had moved here from the east coast. My sister was two years older than me.

Our home was always full of pet dogs and cats and was very alive with lots of cousins and neighborhood kids. My sister and I lived very close to our schools and would walk home together each day.

I always enjoyed school. In fact, I realized in my teenage years that I would continue attending school until I became a nurse working in in our local hospital. I became a volunteer while I was still in high school and then completed my degree at a local community college. By the time most people were figuring out what they wanted to be in life, I was a successful Registered Nurse.

After years of working in a hospital settings, I returned to school to obtain my Bachelors in Nursing and got a job in home health working with elderly. This allows me a very flexible schedule in which I create my daily schedule. Between my and Jessica’s flexible schedule one of us will always be home with the baby.

More About Debbie, By Jessica: When I first met Debbie, I was immediately drawn to how she cared about our pets. She would stop whatever she was doing to pay attention to our dog or cats when they reached out for affection. Never did she think that a task was more important than our pet’s needs. This is when I knew that she would be an attentive partner and an extraordinary caregiver for our future child.

Nothing has changed since my first observation. In fact, I have much more to report. Not only is she attentive, but she knows what is needed to keep us, me and the pets, clean and safe. She ensures a clean home, money in the bank and that all our emotional needs are met.

Meet Debbie

Our Family & Friends

Jessica’s family includes her younger brother John and younger sister Natalie. John is a rock star musician that tours around with popular bands as a guitarist. When he is not on tour, he makes guitars from scratch. Her sister is a math genius who currently works as an accountant for a big company in the area.

The three of us are very close in adulthood. Currently, Natalie helps Jessica and John with the finances included in their small business of the Escape Room Business.

Jessica’s mother and father have been together for 42 years. Olga, Jessica’s mother, was born in Colombia and has 17 siblings. John, Jessica’s father, was born in Mexico and has 6 siblings. Due to the amount of aunts and uncles, Jessica has over 70 cousins and a few generations of 2nd cousins. Her mother and father are looking forward to welcoming a baby into the family.

Debbie’s family includes an older sister named Cindy. Cindy and Debbie were always close growing up. Even today, they like to share birthdays together celebrating at a fancy restaurant or casino.

Cindy currently lives with their mother as a caregiver, in addition to working a full time job. Debbie’s father died when she was 39 years old after years of providing exceptional love and support. Debbie’s mother is currently retired and spends her time listening to audiobooks and working on keeping her house an inviting environment for her adult children. Debbie’s mother is also part of a social group called the Red Hatters.

Our Holiday Traditions: We celebrate most holidays but are mostly excited to share Christmas with our new family addition. During Christmas, we all unite at the family Cabin to exchange gifts, sleigh on the snow and drink hot coffee by the fire. Jessica’s brother John usually plays us his new music while her dad tends the fire. Even as adults, every Easter, we go Easter Egg Hunting with our families.

Our Family & Friends

Our Home & Closing Thoughts

Our Home: We currently live in Los Angeles in a middle class neighborhood that is very safe and nurturing. We live a block away from a park and live in a house that is closely located near both of our families. Also located near us our private elementary and high schools.

Our community is made up of affluent families who are all raising young children. The great thing about Los Angeles, other than Hollywood, is that we are 20 minutes from the ocean and beach communities.

We are 30 minutes from amusements parks like Disneyland, Magic Mountain and Knott’s Berry Farm. Our weather is usually perfect year round but during winter we are one hour away from visiting our cabin covered in snow.

Our Dog, Bella: 4 years ago, Debbie and I were taking a walk and happened to pass a local shelter. We walked in and met baby Bella and were instantly in love.

Bella enjoys daily walks, driving in the car with her moms and visiting with the grandparents who provide her treats. Bella also enjoys taking trips to our family cabin in Big Bear California during snow season and putting on her paw shoes or jumping into the lake during the summer.

About Our Cats: When Bella arrived she met our three cats, LC, Spike and Kitty Rat and instantly took to them. Our animal family was complete. LC was first adopted by Debbie who shortly after the adoption discovered that LC was deaf.

Spike is a tuxedo boy cat who is very rumbustious and meows over everything. Then Debbie and

Jessica adopted Kitty Rat, the baby of the family, who turned out to be the glue that bounded all the animals together because of her playfulness.

In Closing: We would be truly honored to be chosen by you and to be trusted with your child. Above all, we will provide a safe, calm and financially secure home with the sort of structure that will help a child develop and thrive and become a wonderful human being.

We have a fun life that we can’t wait to share with your little one. Education is extremely important to us and we would provide your child with the top-notch education that will help him/her reach his/her potential in their chosen career.

Our Home & Closing Thoughts