Devin and Joe

Dear Birth Mother

Hello! We are Devin and Joe. Before anything else, we would like to say how amazing you are – we are incredibly grateful for you and admire your courage! We can only imagine the whirlwind of emotions you must be feeling, and we recognize how strong and brave you are to make this decision: You are a Rockstar!

Our journey to become parents has not been without ups and downs, but we have always felt adoption in our hearts. When we met, it only took two weeks for us to discuss the future – adoption was always part of our plan to grow our family. Having a biological baby wasn’t meant to be for us but we are so excited to be given the chance to be adoptive parents! Here is a small peek into our beautiful, silly, and fun lives!

About Us: Hello from Paso Robles, California! We met on a dating app, like many couples do these days! We were both so busy with summer activities, that neither of us were making an effort to get together. After a lot of rescheduling, we met for the first time at a local pub. After two hours of the easiest conversation we’ve both ever had, we took a walk around the park and Joe kissed Devin in front of the water fountain. We were inseparable after that and realized after a few months that we were going to be together forever. Fast forward a year – Joe proposed on a Maui beach in front of our family!

We love cooking together, going on walks with our dogs, trying new restaurants, spending time with friends. We have a large loving family consisting of siblings, parents, nieces, cousins, second cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents!

Dear Birth Mother

Meet Joe

I was born and raised in Aptos, California, right next to the beach! My childhood was carefree – I climbed trees and played games with neighborhood friends. As a kid, I played T-ball and basketball and I spent my summers at Boy Scout camp. As I got older, I started playing team sports: football, lacrosse, and rugby. I was and still am an avid reader.

I worked hard through community college and eventually decided on being a firefighter. I have an associate degree in fire science and have been working full time for almost nine years! My career as a firefighter gives me a steady and dependable, but flexible schedule. I am at work for two days but off for four days, which will allow me to spend a lot of time at home being a dad!

About Joe by Devin: Joe is the most loyal and selfless person I know. When we met, he breathed life back into me and has been my oxygen every day since. He is tender-hearted and loving and is the true definition of a hero. Joe is respectful and sensitive and is eager to lend a helpful hand, whether it’s helping a neighbor lift a heavy item or going to the grocery store once or twice a week for my grandparents. Joe is unbelievably considerate, dependable and cares very much about his family and friends. All these qualities are what will make him a wonderful father, and I cannot wait to see him with a baby on his hip.

Joe’s Fun Facts and Hobbies:

  • I love superhero movies
  • I normally read 2-3 books at the same time
  • My favorite color is dark blue
  • I love Disney movies and secretly sing along
  • I love costume parties!
  • Favorite foods: sushi, hamburgers, and ice cream
Meet Joe

Meet Devin

I was born and raised in Paso Robles, California. We lived about 45 minutes outside of town in a small, gated ranching community where my brother and I spent every day barefoot outside! We rode bikes, built tree forts, played baseball, spent hours exploring with neighborhood kids and swam in the nearby lake. I was an artistic child and my parents put me in ballet, piano and singing lessons. As I got older, my passion for dance grew and I continued through high school and college.

I attended Cuesta Community College where I studied Early Childhood Education. Somehow, I went from teaching kids to the software industry. I have a flexible schedule and work from home which will allow me time to be a stay-at-home mom, as well.

About Devin by Joe: Devin is the most loyal and loving person I have ever met. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for her family and friends and her big heart allows her to love everyone as if they were family. She is so incredibly selfless, and people are drawn to her because they know they can trust her. She is strong and determined, and when she sets her mind to something there is nothing that will hold her back. Without a doubt, Devin was meant to be a mom and I cannot wait to see her holding our future child in her arms with a beautiful smile on her face. When I met her, I didn’t know I was living half my life, and when she came into my world, it was like I was truly awake for the first time. She is my rock and the person I love most in this world, and I cannot imagine life without her.

Devin’s Fun Facts and Hobbies:

  • I talk to my mom every day
  • I LOVE a good dress-up/theme party!
  • My favorite color is teal
  • Potatoes are my favorite food, but I also love fruity candy
  • I want to pet every dog I see
  • Dodger baseball!
  • Family gatherings
  • Puzzles
  • Reading
  • Camping
Meet Devin

Meet our Family – People We Cherish

We have a close family and we spend every holiday together – birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Hanukkah, etc., and we see at least one family member every week. Devin’s parents, Ron and Vicki and grandparents, Zayda and Grandma D. live five minutes from us. Devin’s brother, Jordan, and sister-in-law, Chantal, are currently pregnant with their first child. Our children will spend a lot of time growing up together!

We are close with Joe’s brother and sister-in-law, Matt and Sarah, and they have three beautiful girls, Addison, Emma and Stella. Every year, the entire family (about 31 people) squeezes into Zayda and Grandma D’s house for Hanukkah and we eat tons of potato pancakes and light the Menorah. We are so fortunate that our “village” is so big.

Our Pets: We have two dogs and three cats, and all of them we have rescued.

Ardy, our twelve-year-old Boxer Mix, is mellow and a “people dog.” He grew up in a daycare and loves kids!

Sophie is a one-year old Hound Mix and is a social butterfly and is the happiest girl!

Wilson is nine years old and is grey with stripes and rules the house – even the dogs know he’s in charge! Wilson is kid friendly, as long as he’s getting scratched behind the ears.

Mojo is the sneaky cat of the house. He’s an all grey tabby with a long, soft tail! He LOVES kids and follows them around.

Ember, the youngest and smallest cat is all grey and has medium length hair. Joe rescued her from a fire, and we nursed her back to health. She is curious about kids but is a little skittish.

Meet our Family – People We Cherish

Our Home and Community

We live on the beautiful Central Coast of California where the beach is 45 minutes away and there are many hiking trails. We have a wonderful two-story, four-bedroom, three-bathroom home. We live in a cul-de-sac and the neighborhood is full of kids; someone is always organizing a block party. Our backyard has a great view of the elementary school that our future child will attend, and we have plenty of parks in the surrounding areas. The local schools are well known for both academics and sports. Our community ALWAYS has something fun planned – a parade, food festival, Midstate Fair, concerts in the park, etc.

Our four best friends live in the same neighborhood as us! Kayla and Brian live next door and we do BBQ’s and walks with them and their two children, Bryce and Hailey. About a half mile down the road, Stephanie and Eric live with their two kids, Emerson and Selah. We try to have dinner at least twice a month! The six of us, plus their kids get together often.

In Closing: From our hearts to yours, we want to thank you for considering us. We are grateful for your strength and we admire how selfless you are! We are so excited for the future and we cannot wait to be parents.

  • Devin and Joe
Our Home and Community