Drew & Raegan

Hello! We are Drew and Raegan from AZ!

We’re excited and grateful to be on this journey with you and we have so much respect for the decision
that you’re making.

Drew himself was adopted and so were his older brother and younger sister. We have a strong connection to adoption, and to us, there is no greater way to grow our family.

We met while working in the Emergency Room at a hospital; we work as a doctor and a nurse. We were instantly laughing with each other and this is still true of us today! We are a city-boy from Washington D.C. and a small-town girl from the Midwest. Put us together and we’re a fun team for raising a family and creating a loving life.

Fun Facts About Drew

• Is proud to be adopted
• Loves his job as an ER Doctor
• Knows a lot about America’s history from growing up in our nation’s capitol
• Traveled to Egypt, Greece, Italy, and France as a young man and learned more from those trips than he did in school
• Started a charity triathlon in medical school at Georgetown University which raises money for children’s cancer
• Has done 7 triathlons and 3 marathons – even wearing a crab costume in a half-marathon that he ran to support his sister
• Favorite place to relax is the fire pit in our backyard or a paddle board on the lake

Fun Facts About Raegan:
• Competed at the State Championships in volleyball and track in high school
• Played volleyball in college
• Ran the Disney World Marathon
• Was a medical social worker (before becoming a nurse) and worked on the Labor and Delivery unit of a hospital where she helped families with adoption
• Is currently licensed as an Emergency Room nurse, but has been a stay-at-home mom for the past 2 years
• Enjoys hiking, decorating the house for holidays, BBQ’s, flowers, and shopping at discount stores

Hello! We are Drew and Raegan from AZ!

Meet Raegan

About Raegan, Through Drew’s Eyes: To see Raegan’s desire to adopt evolve because of my family’s story is truly touching. She’s very close to my siblings and she has witnessed first- hand that there’s no difference in the love of family whether people are blood-related or adopted.

Raegan is fun-loving and tender-hearted, yet a strong soul. She always has a funny remark that gets everyone laughing. She’s thoughtful in remembering important events or just to reach out to people to say hello. Raegan is fiercely protective. She puts our daughter Charley above everything and she will do the same with any child that she is given the chance to love and raise.

Our friendship and adoration for each other grew over a mutual love of sports and being adventurous. We’ve surfed in Hawaii, hiked the Grand Canyon, and attended our favorite sporting events. These days, you can find us traveling to see our families at the farm in Missouri and at the lake in the Boston area, or dressing up on Halloween as chocolate chip cookies for our little Cookie Monster. TOGETHER WE TRY TO LIVE OUT OUR MOTTO: “DREAM BIG, WORK HARD, HAVE FUN”.

More About Raegan, by Raegan: I grew up in a small Missouri town of about 5,000 people. When we visit, we go to parades and fairs, eat drive-in food, feed the farm animals at grandma and grandpa’s house, play basketball at my sister’s house, and cheer-on cousins playing sports. I once played for hours on those same fields and courts.

As 1 of 5 children, my parents were busy rooting each of us on. I have such incredible memories of growing up in a small town – the simplicity may sound boring, but it was truly fulfilling.

I’m the middle child of five kids. My brothers and sisters live in Missouri and Alabama; working as a teacher, another nurse, and a sports-nutritionist with college athletes. I absolutely treasure the relationships that I have with my brothers and sisters. They’re the people who have been there with me or for me through it all. My love for them is one of the factors that drive my desire for Charley to have a sibling.


Meet Raegan

Meet Drew

About Drew, Through Raegan’s Eyes: Drew and his family have taught me about the power of love and what the true definition of “family” is. It’s a group of human beings that come together to love and protect each other. I’m so inspired by them, especially Drew. HE IS THE ROCK OF THE FAMILY, LEADING BY A CALM EXAMPLE. HE CARES DEEPLY, BUT ALSO TEACHES US TO LAUGH AT OURSELVES! He works some tough days in the ER and then comes home to join me in caring for Charley and our home.

Drew is the best playmate to Charley and I just love to watch them. They chase each other around the house, sing and dance while Drew wears a tiny princess dress draped around his neck and together they cheer for our favorite sports teams.

More About Drew, by Drew:

I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. I lived my first week with my grandparents and even slept in a dresser drawer because they had no crib for me! One week later, I was flown home to Washington, DC to meet my adoptive parents. My childhood was filled with family, friends, and fun times, and I was lucky enough to learn about different cultures and religions because Washington D.C. is home to many nationalities.

My older brother and younger sister are my best friends. My brother is a writer and my sister is an event planner and mother of 3. We’re involved in group-texting almost daily. If Raegan hears me laughing out loud, she knows I must be talking with my family! My mother still lives in the same house that I grew up in. When we visit, we have cook-outs, tour National Monuments, and attend sporting events.

MY FONDEST CHILDHOOD MEMORIES can be summarized in 3 words – Halloween, Christmas, and the Lake. For Halloween, we’d carve pumpkins and dress in costumes such as vampires and ex-presidents. At Christmas, we’d decorate trees and make gingerbread houses. Someone would always dress as Santa Claus and this is a tradition that I carry on for Charley. The lake is where I spent every summer growing up. Campfires, swimming, relay races, and spooky stories are just some of the memories that we’re passing on to Charley and hope to pass on to another wonderful child.

Meet Drew

Our Loving Family

Our Daughter, Meet Charley: Charley brings us incredible joy. She is a sweet firecracker who loves playing dress-up, feeding carrots to our neighbor’s horses, playing with her doll house, and jumping off of everything. She is often times playing “mommy” to her dolls and stuffed animals, giving them check-ups when they’re hurt. She will even put bandages on their ouchies!

The best gift we hope to give Charley is a brother or sister. They can share in life’s adventures together and support each other, as we have been lucky to do in life with our own siblings. She will be an amazing big sister.

Charley’s Fun Facts:
• Loves making cookies with Mom and tries to sneak bites of the dough
• Loves helping dad roll out pizza dough for pizza-making
• Best “buddy” is our 10-year old rescue dog
• Favorite movies are Frozen and Trolls
• Loves chasing geckos in our yard and has almost actually caught one!
• Has a great memory and is often reminding mom and dad of things they’ve promised!
• Enjoys dressing herself and her style is quite interesting!

Our Loving Family

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Community: We absolutely love our home in the mountains of Arizona. Our town is a mix between a city and a small town. It has family-owned restaurants and shops, theaters, reputable schools and many churches. Our community of friends is amazing and they help us to provide a safe and fun life for our family.

We were raised as Christians and continue to lead Christian lives. We attend church as a family and sometimes join our friends at their churches. Drew’s co-workers and their families are our closest friends and our “family away from family.” We live in the same neighborhood as some of them and we gather often for BBQ’s, football-watching, holiday feasts, and swimming at our neighborhood pool.

Thank You: We really appreciate you taking the time to get to know us. We know that there are so many wonderful families wanting to adopt and you won’t go wrong by choosing the family that’s best for you and your child. Hopefully, through our story and pictures, you’re able to get a sense of our family – to see that our greatest joy is to be parents, love our children, have adventures, and make memories.

We would cherish the opportunity to love and raise another precious child and he or she would complete this family of ours. Our village is large and loving, and EVERYONE we know is excited to welcome the blessing of a child. THE MEMORIES ARE JUST BEGINNING!

Our Home and Closing Thoughts