Ed & Diana

Diana & Ed

Hello… we are Diana + Ed from Rhode Island. Wishing you a warm hello! Thank you for considering us to adopt your child. We’re excited to begin this amazing journey with you.

We are truly grateful to you for having the strength to make this courageous decision. We promise to love your child in a home filled with respect, creativity, joy, adventure and compassion.

We are thrilled to become parents and honored that you could make our dreams of nurturing and loving a child come true. We’ve always wanted children, and after struggling with infertility and a miscarriage, growing our family through adoption is a perfect fit for us.

Diana & Ed

Our Story

What Makes Us Happy:
• Canoeing, hiking and cross-country skiing with our dog, Elyse
• Couples-dancing…all we need is a good beat
• Cooking together: Ed is sauce-master & Diana adores grilling veggies
• Taking long strolls on Rhode Island beaches
• Playing tennis at the public park near our house

How We Met
We met in San Francisco as co-workers 18 years ago, and we’ve been best friends and partners ever since. The sparks flew at a bonfire on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach, and our relationship became a lifelong journey of love, adventure and friendship. We complement one another in so many ways—a true balance of equals.

Sharing a love of the outdoors, we planned a family vacation to Utah’s Bryce Canyon and Mount Zion with Ed’s parents, Edward and Wanda. While hiking on a scenic vista, Ed proposed to Diana moments before the camera snapped a picture.

After getting married in San Francisco City Hall with Diana’s brother, Doug, as our best man, we celebrated in Diana’s Mom’s backyard in Los Angeles. It was a wonderful occasion for Diana’s grandmother, Alice, her father, Donald, and her stepmother, Donna, to share in our joy.

Our Story

Meet Diana

What Makes Diana Happy:
• Speaking French (I’m fluent and lived there twice)
• Reading the Sunday newspaper with Ed
• Tending to our vegetable and herb garden
• Soaking in a hot tub under the stars
• Exploring outdoor adventures

About Diana by Ed
Diana is my best friend, and we complement each other so well. I am a “big picture” dreamer while she never forgets a birthday and plans all the details. A California-native, she is fun-spirited, easy going and relaxed. She is intelligent, genuine, and open to diverse ideas and people. Diana will be a warm, kind and attentive Mom.

About Diana
Growing up in Los Angeles with my brother, Doug, I remember adventures with close friends, exploring the trails in my neighborhood. Now when I visit, we get together and enjoy the warmth and joy of life-long friendships. Throughout my youth, I enjoyed playing soccer and volleyball, cheerleading and dancing.

When I spent a summer in France learning French with my closest cousin, Mary Margaret, I discovered a passion for their culture. After graduating the University of California, Berkeley, I worked in France, and I’m excited to teach French to our future child and inspire him/her to appreciate different cultures.

Meet Diana

Meet Ed

What Makes Ed Happy:
• Taking photographs
• Creating things in my wood workshop
• Sailing the Rhode Island waters
• Swinging in our hammock with Diana
• Painting landscape watercolors

About Ed by Diana
Ed is compassionate, trustworthy, and honest with a great sense of humor. You can always rely on him. As a creative entrepreneur, he gives back to his community and perseveres through solving difficult problems. Ed will be a generous father with his endless curiosity, strength of character, and a yearning to learn and teach.

About Ed
My parents were married for an amazing 60 years and raised my brother and me in a charitable home in Portsmouth, RI. They volunteered at our church, public library, hospital and Boy Scouts.

I am proud to say I am an Eagle Scout. I have fond memories of camping and hiking trips, and sailing on the Sakonnet River as a boy. My Dad was a decorated Korean War Marine veteran who taught me discipline and respect. Playing football and lacrosse in high school and college taught me the necessity of teamwork.

Inspired by my mother , who is a fabulous artist, I decided to pursue my artistic inklings. After studying Graphic Design at the Rhode Island School of Design, I moved to San Francisco, California where I met Diana. We were drawn to one another’s shared interests in music, dancing, cooking, and outdoor activities. Diana and I can’t wait to raise our child in a home full of kindness, diversity and opportunity.

Meet Ed

Our Family & Home

Our Loved Ones
Since we moved to Rhode Island, we’ve shared many cherished memories with Ed’s parents until his Dad recently passed away. We spend weekends with Wanda going to art events (she’s an artist), playing cards (high low jack is our favorite), and watching moonrises from her panoramic deck. Wanda is ecstatic to be a grandmother for the first time and can’t wait to create art with her future grandchild.

We’re excited for our child to spend time with Doug, his wife Leslie, our niece Sadie (18 months), who share their San Francisco home with our mother, Dorothy. Diana’s cousin, Mary Margaret, who taught her to ice skate, rock climb and camp, lives nearby. We enjoy visiting Diana’s Dad, Donald, and his wife, Donna in sunny Laguna Beach, CA.

Some of Our Favorites:
• Hiking the deserts of California, Utah and New Mexico
• Preparing a delicious home-cooked Polish feast with Wanda every Christmas Eve
• Sharing a house on Cape Cod with our parents

Our Work
Our company, The Digital Ark, partners with libraries, museums and universities to help preserve history, art, and culture. Owning our own business, which is located only 4 miles away, enables us to work from home with flexible schedules, so we can share child-care responsibilities.

Our Home
Our neighborhood in East Providence, RI is within walking distance to many parks and a great elementary school. We live in an ethnically diverse community of families, many with young children.

Meet Elyse
Elyse, our golden retriever rescue dog, loves hanging out in our spacious, child-friendly backyard and lounging with us in our hammock. She is eager to play and cuddle with our future child, her new buddy.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We promise to cherish your child and nurture a loving family adoption. Our child will have a deep understanding and appreciation, as we will, of the amazing gift you are granting. To be chosen as your child’s family would be an honor.

With love and kindness,
Diana + Ed

Our Family & Home