Ed & Susan

Hello! We are Susan, Ed and Hannah from Ireland!

We want you to know how AMAZING and SPECIAL we think you are! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our lives with you. We can’t wait to get to know you!

We admire your incredible strength, courage and selflessness. We know this decision does not come easily but whichever path you may choose, we would like to help you feel comfortable, cared for and loved

As you take a moment to get to know our family, we hope you will see just how much unconditional love we have to share with you and your baby, should you choose adoption.

Our Story, Written by Ed: In 2005, I met Sue through a mutual friend. As the relationship progressed, I introduced her to my daughter from my previous relationship, Lauren on a gradual basis, and they developed their own bond. In 2008, I proposed to Sue and we married in a traditional Irish wedding ceremony in front of our families and friends and had a wonderful honeymoon in California and Canada. We have been together for 12 years, married for 8 and feel each day is an incredible blessing. We enjoy date nights, attending sporting events together and doing activities as a family and our friends.

In 2016 we adopted our beautiful daughter Hannah from Virginia. This tiny bundle, the person we longed for, dreamed about, hoped for, cried over and waited for was finally in our arms…and our love was unconditional. These feelings of love, joy and protection were instantaneous, tinged with sadness and immense sense of gratitude for her wonderful, amazing birth mother. We look forward to becoming adoptive parents for a second time and growing our family through this gift of adoption.

FROM THE VERY BEGINNING, we want your baby to know that their birth mother loves them unconditionally. Our ultimate goal is to raise a loving, well-adjusted child with a strong sense of identity and great self-esteem. We will encourage openness around their adoption story. There will always be an open line of communication with their birth family, should everyone choose to, and should you choose to keep in touch, we will encourage your child in the relationship as it is important to us that your child knows as much as possible about you and your story.

The adoption process in Ireland is long & tough.There are very few children adopted through domestic adoption – usually one or two a year. The international adoption process is very long and can be very challenging. The first adoption process took six long years but the joy of raising Hannah together has made our lives better in so many ways that it has reinforced our decision to enter the adoption process in the United States again.

Things We Love To Do:
• We take an annual SUMMER HOLIDAY IN EUROPE – Italy, France or Spain.
• Once a year we try to take a family trip to EXPERIENCE A NEW PLACE and a DIFFERENT CULTURE.
• ED LOVES WATCHING SPORTS AND MOVIES. His favorite move is the “Shawshank Redemption”.
• SUE LOVES TO SWIM, READ AND BAKE. Her favorite book is “Irish Myths and Legends” by Michael Scott. My Mum read this book to me when I was a young child and I did the same with Lauren and now Hannah.
• LAUREN LOVES TO PLAY A TRADITIONAL IRISH SPORT CALLED CAMOGIE and has won an All Ireland medal with her school.
• Hannah is an engaging, joyful, happy and curious toddler who is interested in everything going on around her. She has given us the most wonderful gift of all by just being herself.
• We love taking our nieces and nephews on DAY TRIPS-TO THE PARK, THE ZOO, THE BEACH
• We VISIT FAMILY AND FRIENDS and spend quality time together

Hello! We are Susan, Ed and Hannah from Ireland!

Meet Susan

It’s hard for me to choose just one thing that makes me fall head over heels for Sue. Perhaps, it’s that I love the way she makes me laugh. Also, Sue lights up when she is around Hannah. She is patient and playful with Hannah and spends hours playing outside in the garden. I know it means the world for Sue to be a Mum to Hannah and she has so much love to give. Sue is such a wonderful Mum in so many ways!

Oh ya, how could I forget, Sue bakes the most amazing cakes which I adore! I also love how much we have in common, we both love our families, we love to travel and experience the world, we love the same movies and we love watching rugby games together. How lucky am I to have a loving wife who likes to watch sports just as much as I do! Sue is the strongest person I know and I’m so lucky to have her as my closest friend.

About Susan, written by Susan: My favorite activities are swimming and going to the gym. I swim every morning and go to the gym 3 times a week with friends. Ed and myself support our local rugby team, Munster and the Cork hurling team. I used to work in HR, now I love being a stay at home mum taking care of Hannah.

To relax, I love reading and baking. I get my love of both from my Nana and my Mum. I bake at least once a week, usually cakes, which takes a little longer with my small eager helper.

Growing up as part of a large family, a typical weekend involved visiting our younger cousins or for them to stay over in our house. I’ve always wanted to be a Mum and give my children a home where they will always know that they are loved and cherished and where they get every opportunity available to them just like I did.

Meet Susan

Meet Ed

About Ed, written by Susan: Ed is a fantastic person and I count myself very lucky to have him in my life, both as my husband and my friend. He is very hard-working and provides incredibly well for his family but he also recognizes that it’s not material things that are important in life. He makes me laugh and he has always been there for me. He is funny, chatty, loves movies and is fantastic with his nieces and nephews.

He is an amazing Dad, very patient and understanding and I think that this shows itself in their very close father-daughter relationships. When I see how Ed is with Lauren and Hannah, it makes me love him all the more and I CAN’T WAIT FOR HIM TO BE A DAD AGAIN.

About Ed, by Ed: favorite sports teams are Liverpool in football, Munster and Ireland in rugby and Cork in hurling (Irish sport). I play football twice a week with my local team and I love going out for a meal with Sue. To relax, I love watching my favorite TV shows or going to the movies.

Being the eldest of 5 and growing up with a large extended family, I’ve always loved being playful with my younger brothers or sisters and making my younger cousins laugh. I really want to be a Dad again and to shower him or her with hugs and kisses every day, just like my Mum and Dad did with me. I really enjoy being a Finance Director at Stryker which is a company that makes healthcare better.

Meet Ed

The People We Love

Big Sister’s Lauren and Hannah: Lauren is a well-rounded, enthusiastic and happy teenager, who is so excited to be a big sister again. Hannah is loving and caring, strong-minded and talkative and cares about everyone around her. We have always wanted to have a larger family together and knowing that one day we would adopt again has brought us to you and your baby.

Ed’s Mum, Mary, and Dad, George, live very close to our house. Mary is everything you would imagine a grandmother to be. She raised five children and loves being around her eight grandchildren. George is a fun loving grandfather and is always coming over to help with projects and playing with our two dogs Reggie and Ellie.

Helen and Joe, Sue’s Mum and Dad, also live nearby. They both recently retired and love being with their grandchildren. They love coming to our home and like George, Joe has a very soft spot for Reggie and Ellie and constantly gives them treats! Sue is very close to all her siblings – Jill, Judy, Lisa and Kevin and their partners and children whilst speaking to them almost every day.


We consider our circle of friends a special part of our family too. They are supportive, caring and trustworthy people who we are lucky enough to have in our lives and call our friends. We go out with them for meals with them, both as a couple and as a family, and meet up with each other’s families over the weekend. Our family and friends are so excited to welcome our new addition!

Adoption in our lives: We started the first adoption process in the year we were married, 2010. As we mentioned before, the adoption process in Ireland is very challenging. In one way it is difficult to describe the impact of finally meeting and getting to hold Hannah. This tiny bundle, the person we had longed for, dreamed about, hoped for, cried over and waited for was finally in our arms….and our love was unconditional. These feelings of love, joy and protection were instantaneous, tinged with sadness and an immense sense of gratitude for her wonderful, amazing birth mother.

Hannah has changed our lives for the better in so many ways. She is an engaging, joyful, happy and curious toddler who is interested in everything going on around her. She is loving and caring, strong-minded and talkative and has, without even knowing it, given us the most wonderful gift of all by just being herself.

The People We Love

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home Sweet Home: We live in a two story, 4 bedroom home with a large garden in a quiet, friendly neighborhood in the countryside, just outside of Cork city in the south of Ireland. We have the best of both worlds- in an estate with lovely helpful neighbours but also surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and green trees.

Our nearby community park has playgrounds, swings and slides along with tennis and basketball courts. There is a local leisure centre with three swimming pools, soccer pitches and other fantastic facilities, including a waterslide. There is always something to see and do nearby. There is a great elementary school within walking distance of our home and one of Sue’s sisters, Judy, works as an elementary school teacher there. There are great local high schools in the area and Lauren is currently attending the same high school as Sue and her siblings did. Lauren’s cousin also attends the same school. Two of Sue’s sisters work in the main hospital in the city, one as a general nurse and the other as a pediatric nurse.

Being so close to a fun city such as Cork ensures there is never a shortage of things to do or places to go. We are also a short drive from some of the most amazing scenery off the south coast of Ireland and take regular trips around Ireland to enjoy it.

We Promise:
• To CHERISH YOUR CHILD and love them unconditionally
• To KEEP YOUR CHILD SAFE from harm, but allow age appropriate freedom
• That your child will KNOW THEIR ADOPTION STORY
• To shower him or her with HUGS & KISSES EVERY DAY and read bedtime stories at night
• To ENCOURAGE A STRONG EDUCATION and find a sport to love

As you take this time to make your decision, please know that we are here with open arms and hearts, thinking of you and your baby each step of the way. We are committed to being great parents and have so much love to give to you AND your baby. Our hope is that you have gained a sense of who we are and the kind of parents we would like to be to your baby, should you choose us.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts