Eddie and Tim


We are Tim & Eddie from Southern California. We want you to know how excited and grateful we are that you’re considering us to be the adoptive parents for your child.

We admire you for taking these first steps and understand how difficult this decision may be for you. We hope that through these pages you’ll get an understanding of the amount of love, safety and happiness we hope to share with our future child.

Before we met, both of us wanted to be parents, and the desire to start a family has only grown over the years that we’ve been together. Our journey to parenthood started when we fostered a baby boy, and the experience cemented our wish to have children of our own. After our foster baby went back to his biological family, we decided to pursue adoption in order to permanently welcome another child into our loving home.

We want to provide a child with a loving and supportive environment, with many opportunities to thrive. You are likely looking for the same for your child. We are so happy that you’re considering us to join you on this journey in finding a loving home for your child.

About Us: We met on a social media site while we were both living in New York City. We connected right away and spent that entire weekend getting to know each other. After a couple of months of dating, Eddie was accepted to medical school in the military and we had one month together before he was due to move to Washington D.C. After a month of being apart we realized just how much we were in love. We decided to make our relationship official and Tim made plans to move to Washington D.C. A wonderful year of living together passed and we got married. During the seven years we’ve been together, we have moved multiple times and have traveled to many different countries and have now set down our roots in Southern California. It’s been an exciting ride and we can’t wait for the next chapter of our lives together: starting a family!

Some of Our Favorites

  • Food – We love to learn how to cook new dishes or visit new restaurants. We try to learn a new recipe every few weeks.
  • Adventures in the United States and around the world! We’ve been skydiving, snorkeling, sailing, hiking, and camping.
  • Gardening – We have a plot in the local community garden where we grow some of the produce for our recipes.
  • Movies – We love watching movies together. Our favorite genres are sci-fi and thrillers.

About Tim

I’m a passionate guy that wears my heart on my sleeve. I love to laugh and socialize but I like my alone time too. I am drawn to people from various backgrounds and I’m grateful to have a diverse group of friends and family.

I was born in Dover, Delaware but I spent most of my childhood in Uniontown, Pennsylvania where most of my family lives. I spent many summers running through the woods and playing in fields. Looking back, I’m happy to have grown up surrounded by nature but at the time all

I wanted to do was live in a city, so when I turned 18, I moved to New York City.

I am excited to show our future child all of the exciting things the world can offer. I’m looking forward to traveling together as a family, helping them with their school projects, and being goofy with them. But I think I am most excited for the small things; reading to them at night, teaching them their ABCs, and just watching them grow.

More About Tim from Eddie: I fell in love with Tim the first day I met him. His passion, creativity, and charisma quickly drew me in, as it tends to do for most people he meets. It did not take me long to realize how perfectly he complements me, and how I felt more complete when he was around. Tim has been a great foster father and will continue to be a wonderful father to our future child.

Tim’s Hobbies

  • Watching movies and tv shows
  • Exercise
  • Learning about ancient history and ancient cultures
  • Listening to comedy podcasts
  • News/current events
  • Volunteering in politics
  • Dancing with friends
  • Going out to dinner with friends
About Tim

About Eddie

I am a Midwesterner at heart, so while I may be shy at first, I eventually open up and will give anything to help those that I care about. I am a very nurturing person and show my love by doing something thoughtful that will make someone’s day a little bit better. While I love to experience everything the world has to offer, I am definitely a home body, and try to spend a majority of my free time with those I most care about in the comfort of my own home.

I grew up in a Chicago suburb called Glen Ellyn, with my parents and two younger siblings. I enjoyed playing football and running track in high school and managing to keep up with my homework.

My next move was Graduate School, at Columbia University in New York City where I received my Masters of Public Health. I also met Tim while I was living in New York, so overall it was a really life-changing time for me.

More About Eddie from Tim: After seven years of being with Eddie I still think multiple times a week how lucky I am to be his husband. He’s caring and reliable. I admire his determination; when he says he’s going to do something, he does it. Eddie is so thoughtful and is always thinking two steps ahead. Seeing him be a foster dad has only deepened my love for him and my desire to create a family together. He’s going to be a fantastic dad.

Eddie’s Fun Facts

  • I’m a doctor in the Navy
  • I can speak Spanish, French, English, and am learning German!
  • I love cooking and baking
  • Anything outdoors – Hiking, camping, time at the beach
  • I have always wanted a family and this conviction has only been strengthened by our experience as foster parents. I look forward to raising our future child and allowing them every opportunity to enjoy diverse cultures, while honoring their own story.
About Eddie

About Us

Our Home & Community: We live in a lovely, multicultural neighborhood in Southern California. We have beautiful beaches to swim in and rolling hills to hike in. We have great local restaurants with delicious food to enjoy from all over the globe including Mexican, Asian, and American.

Los Angeles offers anything a child could want or need; Championship winning sports teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers and Lakers. Cultural landmarks like children theaters, museums, movie studios and large movie theaters where movie premiers happen! Lots of beaches and parks to play in. Theme parks like Universal Studios and Disneyland! And very importantly, LA has top notch schools and libraries.

We live in a spacious but cozy 2-bedroom apartment with a large living room and a beautiful rooftop that overlooks Los Angeles. We love to BBQ on the rooftop while watching the lights of LA below us. Our building has young families, which means new friends to meet and play with. We have a little park at the end of our street with a soccer field, basketball courts, and trees.


  • Thanksgiving: Pizza-making contests during Thanksgiving break.
  • 4th of July: 4th of July fireworks on our rooftop where you see all of the fireworks in LA, including the ones in Hollywood and Dodger Stadium!
  • Christmas: Planning big Christmas dinners. Eddie is a great cook!
  • Memorial Day & Veterans Day: Camping trips to our favorite destinations in the mountains or the desert!
  • Halloween: Halloween is very big in Southern California and there are events the whole month of October. We can’t wait for costumes and Trick or Treating as a family!
About Us

Friends and Family

Eddie has a large family in Illinois. Tim has a smaller family from Pennsylvania. Both families are loving, supportive, and excited to welcome a new baby into their family.

Tim comes from a mixed ethnicity and cultural background that he’s very proud of. His mother is of European decent and his father is Black and Puerto Rican. Tim also has a younger brother. Growing up in such a diverse setting has made him appreciate all walks of life. He hopes to instill the value of diversity in his future child as well.

Eddie’s parents live outside of Chicago, in the same house that Eddie and his siblings grew up in. He has a younger sister with a husband and two young children that live in Denver. He also has a younger brother that lives in Denver as well.

While our family isn’t geographically close, they are very much a part of our daily lives. Whether it’s through family Facetime get togethers, a constantly updated shared photo album, or just a text, we talk to our families multiple times a week and see each other multiple times a year.

We have a tight-knit group of friends that we love. We are lucky to have friends throughout the United States and the world that we get to visit often. Whether it’s a group camping holiday or a few of us hanging out watching movies together, our friends are important to us and we can’t wait for our future child to have play dates with our friends’ children.

Thank You: Thank you again for taking the time to consider us. We promise to love your child completely and will raise them in a home full of encouragement, opportunity, creativity, compassion, and above all else, love.

Friends and Family