Elizabeth and Victor

Dear Birth Mother

Hello! Hola! Mabuhay! We are Victor and Elizabeth from Los Angeles, California. We know this is a big decision for you, and we THANK YOU for taking the time to learn about us.

It takes strength and humility to consider adoption, so we give you praise and honor your choice. Because of selfless women like you, we have the opportunity to be blessed with a child and have a family of our own which we have been dreaming about since we met.

We felt called to adoption after many years of struggling with unexplained infertility. Family is very important to us, and we realize that parenthood can come in many different ways. We hope that you get to become a part of our journey.

Our Story: In 2011 while we both were living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we met through an online dating site. The first time we spoke on the phone, we spent almost three hours getting to know each other and talking about our love of travel and our shared commitment to personal growth. We felt a real connection over how we both had overcome our own personal challenges to grow and become better people and we firmly believe that we were brought together for a reason.

Victor proposed by hiding an engagement ring inside Elizabeth’s birthday gift! It was a perfect night, just the two of us. Two years after our first date, we were married on a perfect, sunny spring day just outside of Philadelphia with all of our closest family and friends in attendance. Our first true adventure as a married couple came four months later when we moved cross-country to California for Victor’s new job…and we have never looked back!

We love traveling and experiencing new adventures, whether exploring the outdoors, learning about new hiking trails, finding hidden spots to snorkel (with turtles, dolphins and manta rays), and learning about the food and culture from the locals. One of our favorite spots is Bora Bora, where we honeymooned for 11 days enjoying our overwater bungalow, dining on the beach, kayaking, snorkeling and swimming in crystal clear blue water.

Fun Fact: Even though we love traveling, we also love to enjoy the comfort of our own home. Together, we can simply watch TV, read books and hang out in our backyard.

Dear Birth Mother

About Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth by Elizabeth: I was born and raised in the Philippines and migrated to the United States at the age of 17 to attend college. I first lived in New Jersey, then later moved to Delaware, Virginia, and Philadelphia. Although I come from a large family, we are all very close and stay well connected.

I have worked in digital marketing, web and graphic design, but about six years ago, I founded my own business and I now work from home. I raise awareness for mental health, and give back to the community by supporting those suffering from depression and other mental health struggles. Through my products and by writing articles about my own personal journey, I aim to provide hope and a voice to make anyone feel less alone.

Fun Facts:

  • I enjoy reading non-fiction books, listening to music and practicing yoga
  • I love to create succulent arrangements
  • I love dessert, but dulce de leche is my favorite!
  • I have participated three times in a 40 mile Bike Tour in New York
  • My goal is to bike 100 miles
  • I love to dance Salsa and Bachata

Victor Says: Family is everything to Elizabeth, whether planning for our future child or the next family gathering. She makes me a better person every day and is always striving to improve herself while pushing me to do the same. Her huge heart and desire to help others will make her a great mother, and I am super lucky to be on this journey with her.


About Elizabeth

About Victor

Meet Victor by Victor: I grew up in New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia, in a small interracial and interfaith family of four. I have lived in London, Barcelona, Singapore and Belgium, allowing me to travel and visit about 45 countries by the time I turned 37.

I’ve worked in the media and entertainment industry for the last 15 years. Through my work, I am able to give back to my community and volunteer with career mentorship Programs.

I also love to stay active by bike riding 25 miles per week and playing Ultimate Frisbee. I feel lucky to have lived such a full life so far, and I am excited to share my love for adventure, other cultures, travel and new experiences with our future child.

Fun Facts:

  • I have been bungee jumping in New Zealand, cliff jumping in Africa, ziplining in Costa Rica and skydiving in New York
  • I was in attendance when the Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Bowl
  • I have been scuba diving with sharks off the coast of South Africa and the Galapagos Islands
  • Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
  • If given a chance, I would swim and snorkel all day – everyday

Elizabeth Says: Victor has been my rock through many challenges and still has so much love to give. He’s smart, responsible and hardworking, which will make him an amazing father and a great role model.

His loyalty to his career is praiseworthy, but nothing compared to his commitment to our marriage and the dream of growing our family together. Given his genuine and kind heart, devotion to our family, his adventurous side, thoughtfulness and humility…I could never have asked for a better partner in life!

About Victor

Our Entire Family

Elizabeth: I come from a large traditional Filipino family. I am the youngest girl and the fifth of six children. We genuinely love to spend time together and can simply hang out, surrounded by great food and conversation! Most of my family live in the Northeast of the U.S. throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey, with one sister in Northern California. We like to visit each other at least twice a year, especially on big occasions.

Victor: I grew up in a mixed household as my Mom is Christian/Puerto Rican while my Dad is Jewish with an East European background, which gave me great exposure to a wide range of views and cultures growing up. I also have one younger sister and a three year old nephew. All of my family currently live outside Dallas, Texas and we visit for holidays and special events.

Friends & Family Fun Facts:

  • Elizabeth has 17 nieces/nephews and great nieces/nephews.
  • Our future child be surrounded by lots of cousins, nieces, nephews
  • Our best friends and family are supportive of our adoption journey and always offer love and helpful advice
Our Entire Family

Welcome!! To our Home and Community

We live about 10 minutes from the beach in Torrance, California, a family friendly community just outside Los Angeles.

We have a very casual and comfortable feel inside our home and we like to hang out in our bright living/family room. We’ve created a little sanctuary in our backyard and enjoy spending most of our time out there as well.

We enjoy our neighborhood which has a great school system, an amazing variety of restaurants, beautiful parks and playgrounds within walking distance.

Our Kitty Tula: Tula is our beloved eight year old cat we rescued from the streets of Philadelphia. She is the sweetest companion who starts purring the moment you touch her, and gracefully walks around glasses, pots and other table top décor without knocking anything down.

She loves to get brushed, then be held and cuddled each day until she decides to go off to relax back in the sunny spots of the house…until the next cuddle.

As a Family We Look Forward To:

  • Hanging out in our backyard together
  • Walking, picnicking and playing on the beach
  • Taking road trips to explore the beauty of the West Coast
  • Traveling internationally to different islands to explore life under the sea
  • Driving around our neighborhood during Christmas to see the holiday lights and decorations

Our Commitment to You:

  • We promise to be the best parents we can be and to love your child unconditionally.
  • We promise to fill our home with pure love, joy, fun and play.
  • We promise to provide your child with the best opportunities in education and in life.
  • We promise to instill good values such as love, respect, honesty, generosity and humility.
  • We promise to guide your child in every stage of their life and give them the opportunity to grow up knowing and respecting you.

One Last Thank You: We appreciate you and your time getting to know us, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We hope that we have shown you that we are ready to welcome your baby into our loving home. We are very excited to be parents and we look forward to the day when we will be blessed with a child and can begin our next chapter into parenthood.

-Elizabeth & Victor

Welcome!! To our Home and Community