Eric & Amy

Hello from Eric and Amy

Hello! We are Eric and Amy from Long Beach, CA. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us. We know that you have a lot to consider and we admire your courage and determination to explore adoption. We would love to get to know you and to hear about the hopes and dreams you have for your child.

Our Story
We met seventeen years ago, during a party at a mutual friends’ house. Almost everyone knew we were dating before we even realized it; we were just so comfortable and natural with each other. We dated for a few months until Eric had to go back east to finish graduate school. Though we were apart, our thoughts were always with each other and we talked on the phone every night.

Having survived a long distance relationship and dating for a few years we knew we were meant to be together. So we got married! A few years later, we found a wonderful house in Long Beach and have lived there for the last eleven years. Henry joined our family through open adoption in March of 2014, and has been an incredible source of joy for both of us. We are all very excited to welcome a new child into our loving family.

One of the strengths of our relationship is our similar values and interests. Family time is our favorite time. We enjoy kayaking in the nearby marina, walking the dog along the beach, hiking in the nearby mountains, camping and barbequing with friends and family.

We both enjoy cooking and love finding new and creative recipes. Between what we grow in our own garden and the local farmers market we make sure to always have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to use.

Hello from Eric and Amy

About Us

Introducing Amy by Eric
Amy is one of the strongest and most caring women I know. She is easy to talk to and has the ability to make people feel immediately comfortable when they meet her. She loves spending time with Henry, nurturing his creativity and joy of discovery. She is a caring, loving and patient mom to Henry and she can’t wait to have a new little one to love.

She has never let any adversity hold her back and always is willing to try new adventures. It was because of her that we went on our first white water rafting trip. She is also very creative, though she often denies it. She has always been good at sewing, and often does small alterations of her own clothes. She taught herself to knit and her mom taught her quilting which is now her favorite hobby.

Amy is a chemistry professor at a local community college. She loves teaching and her students appreciate her passion for science and learning as well as her availability to discuss course material and life in general. She has a flexible teaching schedule which has allowed her to spend a lot of quality time with Henry which will continue with the new baby.

Introducing Eric by Amy

Eric is one of the most sincere and stable men I know. Eric is my best friend and I love sharing my life with him. He makes me laugh every single day and he is an amazing dad! His calm demeanor and kind and fun personality makes him a fantastic dad. He has already taught Henry so much about the world around him including music, Legos, sports and nature.

Eric is one of the most hardworking, optimistic and kind people I have ever met. Since Henry has joined our family, Eric has built a play area with a sandbox and jungle gym for Henry and his brother or sister and a new deck. Henry loves helping daddy build and do work! In his free time, Eric can be found driving model trains with Henry, playing video games, sitting on our front porch reading (usually science fiction) and walking our dog with Henry.

Eric is an engineer with an aerospace company. Most of his work is on the computer, and sometimes he can even work from home. Once a year or so he has to travel, usually just back east. He even gets to take Amy and Henry along on business trips making them mini-vacations.

Our Adventures
We both love the outdoors and traveling. Angeles Crest Forest is a favorite spot to go camping and more recently we have been taking Henry camping in the Sequoias where he loves to run among the giant trees. We truly love playing in the water and we had kayaked or rafted down rivers in five countries on three continents. We have begun to introduce Henry to kayaking around the local marina and he loves to paddle

Exploring new environments and experiencing new cultures has always been exciting to us. We love traveling off the beaten path to where you find less tourists and more local flavor. Our travels take us near and far. We traveled around the Czech Republic, touring old castles and canoed down the Vltava River. We also took a train across Europe to Venice, Italy. We have also traveled to New Zealand, Jamaica and a few trips to Hawaii.

We also take short trips closer to home, staying in some of the little coastal towns such as Mendocino and Monterey, going up into the redwoods, playing in tide pools and kayaking in rivers along the Oregon coast. We look forward to sharing our love of exploring the world near and far with our children as they grow.

Our Favorites
Favorite foods to cook/ bake together:
Amy: Thanksgiving Dinner
Eric: Spanakopita

Favorite guilty pleasures:
Amy: trying to find cute and comfortable shoes
Eric: Video Games

Favorite vacation memories:
Amy: Snorkeling with sea turtles and dolphins in Hawaii
Eric: Sailing in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand

Favorite place to take kids:
Amy: Aquarium of the Pacific or the Zoo
Eric: Legoland

Favorite Books
Amy: The Time Traveler’s Wife and Pride and Prejudice
Eric: Night Watch by Terry Pratchett

Favorite Kid’s Books:
Amy: Where the Sidewalk Ends
Eric: Green Eggs and Ham

Fun Facts
• On a vacation to New Zealand, Amy insisted we take the scenic dirt road to our destination whenever possible.

• When camping in Angeles Crest National Forest, Eric chased away a bear at three in the morning so Amy could use the restroom.

• When we decided to start a garden, Eric built beautiful garden boxes using no metal hardware.

• Amy does a 5K Turkey Trot each Thanksgiving before cooking Thanksgiving dinner for our family and friends.

About Us

Meet Big Brother Henry

Meet Big Brother Henry
Being Henry’s parents has been our greatest joy! Henry is a sweet, funny, curious and happy three year old. He is excited to have a brother or sister to play, share and learn with. He is very social and loves playing with his cousins as well his friends at preschool or other kids that he meets at the park. We know he will be a great big brother and be full of love and hugs for his little sister or brother.

Henry’s Favorites:
Book: Blue Train, Green Train
Favorite Animal: Turtles
Favorite Food: Quesadilla
Sports: Running, Soccer and Hockey
Favorite Vacation: Visiting family in Washington and driving Grandpa George’s Tractor
TV Show: Dinosaur Train
Toys: Thomas Trains
Favorite Place to Visit: The Aquarium

Adoption in Our Family
We are thankful every day that Henry’s birth parents chose us to be his forever family. He brings us so much joy and love in our hearts. Our families have showered Henry with love and they are thrilled that we are continuing to grow our family through open adoption.

We have built a close relationship with Henry’s birth mom. We text and send pictures and updates often and see her regularly. We are incredibly grateful that she has chosen to be a part of Henry’s and our lives. We hope to build a similar open and loving relationship with our new child’s parents.

Adoption has always played an important role in both of our families. Amy’s younger brother and Eric’s cousin joined our families through adoption. Also, two of Amy’s cousins have adopted children. We have family and friends coming from all sides of adoption and look forward to the support and perspective that they will continue to share with us and our children.

A Letter from Henry’s Birth Mother
Henry is the best thing that has happened in my life. He is the sweetest, smartest, funniest, loving and silliest little dude in the world. Seeing him grow up from afar with Amy and Eric is the hardest thing that I go through every day but every time I see him, every time he runs into his mommy’s arms laughing, knowing how wanted, how loved, how cared and cherished he is, puts me back together. All of my second thoughts, all regrets just vanish and I am assured I made the right choice.

The decision of “finding” a parent for your child is so heavy. Taking yourself out of the equation but trying to imagine a lifetime of possibilities for your little one is nightmare inducing. I know, I lived it. When I was looking though the profiles, crying and wondering what I was doing, I was so overwhelmed and so scared. But Amy and Eric kept popping up and my fears slowly started to disappear. They were always the first choice because I know they would be the perfect parents, full of love and understanding and always willing to teach and guide.

Almost three years after, I have watched Henry grow. I have also seen Amy become this amazing, caring mother and Eric have so much fun with Henry and teaching him about tools and science. They have allowed me to be part of their life and seeing how much they love Henry makes me feel whole.

At the end of last year, on a trip to the zoo, Amy told me they were starting the process of adoption again to give Henry a little brother or a little sister. I was so happy and excited for the three of them. My excitement comes from knowing the amazing parents they are, knowing they would do anything for that baby, just as they have done for Henry. Henry is going to be the most loving, caring and best big brother. You will be welcome into their lives and family, just as they have so selflessly welcomed me. I wish you the best of luck with your adoption journey.


Meet Big Brother Henry

Our Home and Loved Ones

Our Loved Ones
We are lucky to have wonderful loving families that we are close with. Amy’s parents live in Washington State on a big farm. We visit them regularly and they enjoy coming to visit us in California.

Amy’s brother Colin and his family, including our wonderful nieces, Skye and Shaelyn live in Arizona. Amy has a large extended family with aunts, uncles, cousins and lots of kids in Washington and we try to overlap our Christmas trip to include the family Christmas celebrations.

Eric’s parents still live in the house he grew up in less than an hour away. We see them at least twice a month and enjoy travelling together. We have explored Eric’s family history in Quebec, Canada and more recently travelled with Henry to San Diego and Ventura. Much of Eric’s extended family is nearby in southern and central California.

Our Home
Our neighborhood is vibrant, ethnically diverse and great for kids. Our home is located in a historic district and is a short walk to the beach, parks, library, schools and many of our favorite restaurants.

We have an organic vegetable garden in our backyard, and look forward to sharing with our children the awe of planting something and watching it grow and then cooking it to prepare a delicious meal!

Living in southern California, we are nearby to a wide range of cultural and outdoor activities. Our home is a short drive to hikes in the hills, Disneyland and museums. We also enjoy taking day or weekend trips to San Diego, Santa Barbara and Catalina Island.

Our Pets
We have had our dog Patch for over ten years. Patch loves going on trips and for walks with Henry in the neighborhood and would love some more company! We also have two cats, Jackson and Marie.

Marie was abandoned at only three weeks old and we were able to nurse her back to health. She is a crazy cat who loves to wrestle and cuddle with Jack and Patch. Jack is very snuggly and will often be found cuddled with Henry in his bed or on the couch.

Our Home and Loved Ones

As Parents

As Parents
We understand that a child’s birth family will always have a place in their heart, as well as ours, and we want to honor that by staying in touch and keeping close connections. Our child will always know that you placed them for adoption and chose us as parents because of your deep love for them.

Our Promises to Our Future Child

• You will always have our unconditional love and unlimited hugs and kisses!
• We will encourage you to learn and to explore as much as possible of the world.
• We will support you to pursue your dreams and passions, whatever they may be.
• When you fall, we promise to kiss the booboo, help you get back on your feet and teach you the skills to do so on your own.
• We promise to read you a bed time story each night as long as you will let us.
• You will always have a safe, loving and stable home with us.
• We will teach you how to make hard decisions and to make the best out of any situation.
• We promise that you will know about the amazing woman and family that brought you to us who had so much love for you and wanted the best for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and get to know us. We cannot begin to imagine the challenges that face you. If you think we might be the parents you want for your child, we look forward to meeting you and sharing each other’s hopes and dreams for raising your child.

You will always have a special place in your child’s life and we welcome keeping you informed and in contact, to whatever level you are comfortable with, as time goes on. We hope the best for you and your child, with all the love, support and joy you both deserve.

As Parents