Erik & Terryn

Terryn & Erik

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you for taking a few moments to look at our profile. We are so excited to start our family. We have tried unsuccessfully for the last five years to have children of our own. We have so much love to share with a child and just want to be parents in any way we can. To us, adoption is the difference between a full life and an empty one. We can’t wait to open our home and lives to a child.

We want you to know that we think you are courageous for the decision you are making and if you think we are the right fit for your child, we will love and cherish your child with all of our hearts.

A Little Bit About Who We Are

We met in 2011 using the online dating site Erik chose Terryn’s profile because she liked Star Trek. We had an amazing first date. We met for dinner and didn’t stop talking the entire time, then we didn’t want the date to end so we went for coffee, and then to a movie. It was love at first sight!

We currently live in San Angelo, Texas where Erik is in officer training with the Air Force National Guard. Once he has completed his training in February 2018, we will be moving to Denver, Colorado.
We are truly each other’s best friend and even have fun running errands, like grocery shopping, together. We enjoy riding our bikes around our neighborhood and rock climbing.

This summer we spent time on the lake near our house, swimming and tubing. We are excited to share all of these activities with our future child and for him or her to experience the beautiful lake!

Terryn & Erik

Meet Erik

Erik was born and raised in Tucson,AZ with his little sister, Megan. They were raised by their mom, Gerri. Erik has always enjoyed riding his bike and used to balance his Legos on his handle bars to take to his friend’s house. He attended the University of Arizona and later graduated from Eastern New Mexico University.

Erik is in the Air Force National Guard and works in his civilian career as an engineer in the defense industry. He gets every other Friday off from work and will have a lot of flexibility to spend quality time with our child. He enjoys hiking, going for walks, rock climbing, table tennis, board games, video games, and Star Trek.

Erik is excited about taking our child around the world and teaching them about sports, the outdoors, and science.

About Erik by Terryn

Erik is one of the happiest people I have ever met. He finds joy and delight everywhere he looks. I admire the way he looks at the world. He is eager to become a father and at a party can always be found playing with the children. He loves to play children’s games, read books, and watch children’s movies. At heart, he is just a big kid himself. I know he is going to be an amazing father and I can’t wait to see him hold his own child in his arms.

Meet Erik

Meet Terryn

Terryn is from small town New Jersey. She has two sisters and a brother. Terryn graduated from the University of New Mexico and spent a year in Germany as a nanny. Now she is studying to be a counselor. Her favorite hobby is knitting and she makes clothing and accessories for herself and everyone she loves.

Terryn’s mother and older sister also knit, so you can be sure any baby in this family will be clothed in well-loved knitted items!

Terryn is looking forward to taking some time off from school to spend time with our new baby and cannot wait to be a mother.

About Terryn by Erik

Terryn is a wonderful person full of love and compassion. She was a nanny for 10 years and so has more knowledge about babies than most parents. She always is thinking of others and doing what she can to make them more comfortable and happy. Her passion for life is amazing and she inspires me with her capacity to love.

Terryn and I have been through so much trying to have a child and I know she will be so grateful that she will pour herself into raising this baby. We promise he or she will grow up to be a senator and/or an astronaut!

Meet Terryn

Our Home and Community

We currently live in San Angelo, TX, which is in West Texas. We live in a duplex in a community called Lake Shore Village, a five-minute walk from the lake. Every weekend we spend some time down by the water, swimming, boating, or just enjoying the scenery.

We’ll be moving in February 2018 to Aurora, Colorado just outside Denver. We don’t know exactly what neighborhood we’ll be living in, but we will be buying a house where our child will have his or her own room. We plan to live in the Cherry Hill school district because these are the best schools in Denver. We are incredibly excited about our move to Denver, Colorado and can’t wait for our child to experience the mountains, lakes, and snow that Denver has to offer.

Meet our dog Koda

Koda is our little poodle/shih tzu mix. We think she’s about six years old, but we adopted her from a local rescue when we were living in San Angelo, TX in 2012. She is very attached to Terryn and will follow her everywhere she goes. Koda is very curious about little children and likes to sniff and lick their little hands and faces. She will love having a little sibling to play with.

Our Home and Community

Our Family & Friends

Our families are both large and spread out around the country.

Terryn’s mother and younger sister live in South Florida. Her dad, older sister, brother, niece, nephew, aunts, uncles, and cousins all live in New Jersey. Terryn’s older sister, Alexandra, has two kids, Julien and Jocelyn. They are very excited to add a baby cousin to the family.

Erik’s little sister, Megan, just had her first baby and they live in Tucson, AZ. We visit each of our families several times a year for holidays and summer vacations. We also visit our best friends, Stacy and Phil and their two kids, Avery and Wyatt, in Michigan every other year. Our favorite pastime is getting together with friends and family to play board games.

Our families are very supportive about adopting a child and are excited about adding a new little baby to the family. Everyone has their own plans for how to welcome our new baby into the family. They are all eagerly awaiting the first Christmas with our new baby.

In Closing

We want to thank you for taking this time to review our profile. We know you are making a difficult decision and we honor you for it. If we are so blessed as to be chosen by you, we will cherish your child as our own for all the days of our lives.

Our Family & Friends