Ernie & Vanessa

Hello from Vaness and Ernie

Dear Birthmother: Hello and thank you! We are Vanessa and Ernie from Pasadena, California.   We have been happily married for 16 years. We want to let you know you are brave, and we admire the sacrifice you are making. Know that if you pick us, we promise we will love your baby more than anyone else. We will put your baby’s needs above everyone else’s needs. We promise we will listen and not judge. We promise to teach them right from wrong. We promise to show them to have fun and laugh. We promise to show them the beauty of life but also set rules. We promise to read to them every night. We want to show your baby the world and learn different cultures and customs. We promise to be the best parents we could possibly be.


There is nothing more important than family and friends, and we want to embrace a new life into our intimate circle. Vanessa grew up with her mother and grandmother reading to her every night. Fairytales were her favorite bedtime stories, and now she wants to fulfill her dreams of reading to a little child of her own. Even though life can be a struggle, it can also be a fairytale if you stay the course. And dreams do come true.


Here’s Our Story: We met while out with friends at a popular nightclub during the late 90’s. Vanessa remembers a tall, dark and handsome man (hint: it was Ernie!) asking her to dance, we ended up dancing the night away!


We eloped in Las Vegas, Nevada and six months later had a huge wedding and had about 300 guests at our wedding. We’ve now been happily married for 16 years! Time sure does fly and we’ve never stopped growing and learning new things as a couple.


Ernie bought our first house on Valentine’s Day. He actually said this was going to be our home together and we would be married and raise a family! We had so much fun getting to know each other in our new home. We were young, excited and ready to conquer the world! We started to build our life together and grow in our careers. Then the years kept coming and our lives transitioned into a comfortable and stable routine.


Around this time we thought about planning for a family and began to explore our options. How many children did we want? What was going to be our plan?


Unfortunately, life does not always go as planned. We both suffered from infertility issues and we tried for years to have children of our own but to no avail. We wanted a family of our own to share our love to a child. Our extended family and friends have many children we are able to love and adore and they all have been such a blessing.


However, we want to have a family and through the adoption process this was the best choice for us. Adoption is the most selfless act of love. A child is a blessing we must cherish and nurture. We want you to know how brave you are and we respect your act of selfless love.


Hello from Vaness and Ernie

Meet Vanessa

Vanessa is the oldest of four children and is very close with her siblings. Her best friend is her sister, Chantal, who is married and has a little boy, Aden, who is also our godson. He brings so much joy to our lives! Vanessa goes out of her way for Aden — she adores him. She takes him regularly to the park, walking at the trails by our home and volunteers to babysit.


What amazes me the most about my wife is her generous heart. She goes out of her way to help others. Her grandmother is 90 years old and is deaf and blind and lives with my mother-in-law. It has been difficult to find someone to provide care for her on a consistent basis so Vanessa goes 1-2 times a week to take care of her, feed her and bath her to help out her grandmother and family.


Vanessa is very focused on our community. She’s been volunteering with a nonprofit that assists with education and homeownership for over 12 years.


She has a close circle of friends and finds time to get together with them on what they call “diva day”. I know that her friends love Vanessa because she is honest, looks for the best in everyone and is a sounding board to others.


Vanessa is also an amazing cook — she was brought up in a household where cooking was part of the family tradition. I love to see all her siblings in the kitchen making dinner together because they enjoying making a delicious meal together and sharing stories.

Vanessa will be an amazing mother because of her attention to detail, her generous heart, and her special way of making others feel great and always adding sunshine wherever she goes.


Vanessa’s Career: Vanessa has been in the lending business for the last 20 years and assists people in becoming homeowners. She helps people learn about homeownership, insurance and real estate. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration and always loves to learn!

Meet Vanessa

Meet Ernie

Ernie is such a loving, funny and humble man. I remember when I first met Ernie, it was love at first sight. After our first date I remember thinking he was even better in person!

He is always in a great mood. He is the youngest of four kids with three older brothers. His mom said “Ernie was my golden boy” and I agree. He always has a smile on his face, looks for the best in others and is always willing to help.


We have tried for years to have a family but we have not been able to and this journey has not been easy for us, but with the optimism and faith of Ernie we have persevered and become stronger as a couple. My father passed away last year and his passing has been difficult for me but with Ernie’s compassion, hugging and words of love I was able to come to peace with it. I have found Ernie’s strength and love have given me strength.


Ernie is amazing with children. Our godson, Aden, loves him. When he is here at our home he goes out of his way to get a hug from Ernie. When Aden was younger and would cry, Ernie was the only one able to calm him by singing to him. Aden would be mesmerized by his Uncle’s voice. It warms my heart to see Ernie with children… kids just gravitate to Ernie because at heart he is still a big kid! I am blessed to have Ernie in my life. He is so smart, funny and generous.



Ernie’s Career: Ernie has been in the medical device industry for the last 16 years. He is the supervisor/manager for a company that makes heart catheters — he helps people with heart conditions live longer. He is a great boss — he is fair and generous with his team. Ernie is also a smart man, he holds a bachelors degree and never stops learning. Ernie handles the investments, rentals and fixes any problems we have — he is super handy with all tools.


Meet Ernie

Our Family and Hobbies

Love Makes A Family: We are blessed to have many family members in our lives.

Ernie has three older brothers and their families. Ernie’s parents have been married over 55 years and raised a great family. His father is the oldest of 10 children — imagine the family weddings! Our family is big and loving.


Vanessa has two younger brothers, a sister and a large extended family with several aunts, uncles and cousins. She recently lost her father and this was the most painful loss she has suffered. What’s amazing is how the family came together and managed to get through the grief together with love and tenderness.


We are both close to our families and travel with them. Our village is large and loving!


We are a great couple and really understand the importance of family and friends. Some of our close friends also have adopted. Love is universal and family ties are not just bound by blood but by action.


Ernie and I are ready to grow our family and continue to multiply our love with children.


Some of Our Hobbies and Interests: We both love to travel! We are semi-nomadic and enjoy weekend getaways to Cabo San Lucas, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, San Francisco or San Diego – close by destinations. We have been blessed to have traveled to many places around the world including: Spain, France, Italy, England, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Caribbean, and many parts in the US.


We love outdoor activities – we mountain bike, cycle road bikes, hike and walk the many trails in our community.


We love real estate – we both like to buy real estate and fix up the properties to either sell them or keep them. We both like finding a diamond in the rough. When a home has not been given enough attention we take great pride in making it look new and beautiful again.   We make a fantastic team together!

Our Family and Hobbies

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home Is Where Our Heart Is: We love our home in Pasadena, Ca because it is our own little oasis. Our house is situated in a great neighborhood — it is diverse and very family friendly.


Vanessa enjoys listening to music while cooking, and trying new recipes in our very own gourmet kitchen. We recently remodeled the house to fit our lifestyle and taste. We now have two living rooms to entertain our family and friends and often host family get-togethers and holidays.


There’s a large yard to play and plenty of fruit trees — lemons, tangerines, oranges, figs and apples! Also we have allot of iceberg roses….our home is beautiful and warm.


We love our home and can’t wait to grow our family here!


Our Closing Thoughts: Our faith is important to us. We were both raised and married in the Catholic faith. But what really matters is not what type of religion we are but what is at the core of the person’s essence.


We are a loving couple and good people. Our faith and our beliefs are universal by leading by example. We believe in faith, love, and the truth. How we treat each other and other is what matters. We plan to instill these values on our children. We will raise your child with unconditional love, honesty, and we will always have faith in their abilities.


Where there is hope, there is faith. Where there is faith, miracles happen.


Our Home and Closing Thoughts