Florence and Alex

Dear Birth Mother

Hello from Los Angeles, California! We are Florence, Alex and Lily. Thank you so much for reading our profile and considering us as adoptive parents! We admire your selflessness, strength, and sacrifice to make someone else’s dreams come true. We come from unique backgrounds and can fully understand the dynamic of adoptive children; because of that we have always desired to extend our family and adopt children. We are blessed to have a 3-year-old biological daughter, and she feels as strongly as we do that our family is not complete.

We have a calling to provide unconditional love and support to more children in the world. We know the saying “It takes a village” could not be more true in regards to children; it will never be forgotten that you hold such an important role in that village.

About Us: We met a cliché high school football/cheerleader varsity season opening party. It was love at first sight. We started dating after that and the rest is history! We love to travel and are always looking for new places to explore. Being parents brings us so much joy. Lily is so curious and it is so much fun to explore the world through her eyes. We have memberships to the zoo, the center of science and industry, and many other places so she can connect with other children and learn new things. We can’t wait to grow our family through the gift of adoption!

Fun Facts About Us:

  • Alex was the only non-white member of his family after his mother remarried
  • Florence is Korean and German
  • Alex is African American and Eastern European
  • Our favorite place in the world is the Amalfi coast in Italy
  • We love playing tennis
  • We believe life is always worth celebrating and have parties for every milestone


Dear Birth Mother

About Florence

About Florence – by Florence: I was born in Tacoma, Washington State. I was immediately placed in the foster care system but was very lucky to obtain a legal guardian early on. I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and then pursued becoming a family nurse practitioner at Mount Carmel College of Nursing. While continuing my education, I volunteered as a nurse and became a mentor for underprivileged children. My job allows me to create my own schedule which gives me additional flexibility to make sure I never miss any family time. Alex and I feel that structure is important for children so we do like to keep a routine schedule. I couldn’t be more excited to become a mother again.

Meet Florence – by Alex: Florence is my soulmate and truly completes me. She works so hard yet always finds time to make sure she is home and engaged in family life. She is a constant ray of positivity and always finds the good in everything and everyone she meets. I can’t wait to see Florence as a mother again.

A Few of Florence’s Favorites:

  • Ice cream
  • Reality TV
  • Traveling to new countries and embracing their culture. My favorites are Italy, France, St. Marteen, and Africa!
  • Trying new things
  • Reading
  • Taking Lily to the beach
  • Tennis
About Florence

About Alex

About Alex – by Alex: I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio.  I played football at Miami University where I received my degree in Business. From there, I took the skills I learned and started several successful businesses including a national medical company and a real estate company. As the owner and founder, I have the opportunity to have a flexible schedule for family time. I still love playing any competitive sport, and I love being outdoors, whether to play tennis, a pick-up game of basketball, or just to kick the soccer ball with Lily. My greatest accomplishment is being a father and I can’t wait to parent a second child.

Meet Alex – by Florence: Alex is my rock, and the absolute best husband and father. He is a giant teddy bear and has the biggest heart. He would truly do anything and move mountains for his family.  He is extraordinarily smart and a hard worker. He has always been my biggest supporter, no matter how lofty the dream. Nothing brings a bigger smile to my face than watching him be with our daughter. I can’t wait to see him become a father again because he is so good at it!

A Few of Alex’s Favorites:

  • Taking Lily to the park
  • The movie Inception
  • Going on family vacations
  • Going out to dinner
  • Staying up to date with current events
  • Pizza
About Alex

Meet Lily

Meet Lily: Lily is 3 years old and is as excited as we are to add another child to our family. We love to play outside whenever we can and explore the world around us whether by foot or riding her tricycle or scooter. We encourage exploring new activities, and Lily has loved doing swim lessons, gymnastics, tennis, taekwondo, and yoga classes. We would give another child all the same opportunities to explore their talents and gifts. Lily is full of personality, loves to be silly, and use her imagination. She will be such a great sister.

A Few of Lily’s Favs:

  • Her stuffed animal Unicorn named “Cow”
  • Playing on the beach
  • Swimming
  • Swinging at the playground
  • Playing pretend store or house

Our Home: We are originally from Columbus, Ohio and have lived there all our lives. We recently moved to Los Angeles, California for work. We still have homes in Columbus, so we can return to visit, or go to the lake house. We are having such a great time living in Los Angeles, and there are so many things to do with a child! We are close to beaches, mountains, and of course Disneyland!

Meet Lily

Our Friends and Family

Our Friends and Family: We are so blessed with such amazing friends and are so happy to get the opportunity to grow our family. We are very close with Florence’s legal guardian (“mom”) and we see her all of the time. We vacation together, go out to eat, and celebrate all holidays together.  Florence’s mother, Ann, had a biological son but he passed away many years ago. Alex is fortunate to have a larger family. His mother remarried, and Alex is the oldest of two step siblings.

Family Traditions:

  • White Elephant gift exchange at Christmas
  • Christmas cookie baking
  • “Elf tuck in” – where elves come to read stories, and give an early gift from Santa
  • Helicopter Easter egg hunt (eggs filled with candy and toys fall via helicopter)

One Last Thank You: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to get to know us and looking at our profile.

We are so excited to be on this journey and we truly appreciate you considering us as adoptive parents. We can only hope we can continue down the road together, and give the absolute best life filled unconditional love and support to your baby.

  • Florence & Alex (and Lily too!)
Our Friends and Family