Franck and Valerio


We are Franck, Valerio, and Milo from Oakland, California! Thank you so much for taking the time to read through our profile! We understand you’re making an important decision and we’re really happy that you’re considering us!

We have been together since our college days and are a strong, loving family. We adopted our son Milo three years ago and watching him grow into a confident, outgoing, and kind little boy has been an incredibly rewarding experience. We cannot wait to welcome another child into our home, and Milo is very excited about becoming a big brother to a younger sibling!

Life is full of amazing surprises! Chance has brought the two of us together, and chance has brought our wonderful son Milo into our lives. We are seeking to adopt a second child because we are ready for the next amazing adventure.

We hope you will want to know more about us. We keep thinking that our future child may already be out there in the world, ready to be born. We can’t wait for him or her to join our family, and we can’t wait to meet you!

Things we love to do as a family:

  • Go to the zoo, visit interactive museums, go biking and skating
  • Hike (we’re in the right place for that!)
  • Home-made pizza
  • Travel: On top of traveling extensively throughout Europe, we’ve visited such exotic destinations as Mongolia, Egypt, Japan, & even San Diego.

About Valerio

About Valerio by Valerio:

I was born in Rome, Italy, where I grew up as the younger of 2 brothers. When I finished high school I moved to London, England, to go to college. I met and fell in love with Franck and we ended up calling London home for many years until California stole our hearts.

I work as a designer for Google, I make apps and websites intuitive and fun for people to use. My work schedule is flexible and generous in terms of paternity leave.

I feel lucky to do something creative in my work, and it’s that same creativity that I hope to foster in our children. I think it is important for kids to experience different ways to develop their brain and discover what they like and where their potential lies.

Growing up, I learned to play the piano and the guitar. I feel that music has had a huge impact in my life. I love playing music with Milo and I can’t wait to have another little one join our family band.

More about Valerio by Franck:

Valerio is an incredible dad. He is kind, gentle, and patient. I love watching him play the piano and the guitar with Milo, and watch them draw together. Valerio is someone with strong principles who always tries to do the right thing and see the best in people. He will not only transmit his musical and creative gift to our children, he will also teach them to respect others and be kind. I can’t wait to become a parent with him again!

About Valerio

About Franck

About Franck by Franck:

I grew up in France. My family relocated several times because of my dad’s job. I have wonderful memories of family hikes, learning about plants, animals, and being curious about the world. My parents also passed on to me their love of books, and I think it’s thanks to them I became a writer.

I work 3 days a week as program director at a research center at the University of California, Berkeley. I am lucky that my work is very flexible and I can easily work from home.

By training, I am an anthropologist, which involves learning about other cultures. I spent two years in Asia (China and Mongolia) as part of my studies. This interest in the world (and languages) is something I share with Valerio. We are a multilingual family who loves to travel and discover the world!

More about Franck by Valerio:

Franck is made of pure kindness. He is gentle and loving, full of wonderment and curiosity about the world, which is what has driven him to his research and his studies. I’m sure he will instill that same curiosity and thirst for knowledge in our children’s lives.


About Franck

Our Home

The beautiful Redwood National Forest is only a few minutes from our doorstep, and we love to hike there with Milo and Max. Montclair, in the hills above Oakland, is a diverse neighborhood with great schools, and many young families. A little lane, just across from our home, is closed in the evenings to traffic and used as a children’s play area.

When we were looking for a house, we immediately fell in love with our home. We moved to the Bay Area dreaming of redwood trees and now we can’t believe we have FOUR in our very own backyard. Hummingbirds, deer, and squirrels pay the occasional visit. It’s a magical place that has the feel of a vacation home. The house came with its own slide and swing set. It’s a fantastic environment to grow up in.

Our Home

Our Family

Most of our family live in Europe (in Italy, France, and England) but we have an amazing and supportive family of friends right here in the Bay Area, many of them with young children.

Christmas is the time we normally spend in Italy with our Italian family, which includes Milo’s cousins: Tommaso and Martina. At 15 and 17, they’re a bit older than Milo but love to look after him when he visits and can’t wait to meet the next addition to our family.

Our families also come to visit us from time to time here in California, and we are blessed to have an in-law unit in our house where they can stay and spend time with us.

Our future child will join a large extended family that speaks English, French, and Italian.

We’re no strangers to learning foreign languages ourselves (wait to find out how many languages Franck has studied!) and we want to raise our children to be fluent in all three languages to be fully integrated in their large multilingual family.


Our Family