Fred & Cindy

Cindy and Fred

Our story began ten years ago when we met online. We felt an instant connection leading to hours of long conversations on the phone.

Our connection to each other flourished with many exciting adventures like building snowmen while snowshoeing through the Lake Tahoe wilderness and making lemon cookies from a 5-pound homegrown lemon.

We got married during a surprise spring snowstorm on the shores of Lake Tahoe surrounded by our closest friends and family.

We are still best friends and our love for each other grows each day. We live in the diverse San Francisco Bay area where we can spend a day gazing up at the towering redwoods, playing in the waves at the beach, or viewing original art masterpieces at a variety of museums.

We enjoy anything outdoors including camping, wildlife watching, and exploring new trails with our faithful dogs, Piton and Picabo. We are also passionate about our community and volunteer to help prepare it for natural disasters.

Beyond discovering local treasures, we delight in traveling together within the United States to national parks and are looking forward to worldwide travel such as seeing koalas in Australia. After a full day of excitement, coming home to a favorite book and cooking a meal together is our cozy way to end the day.

Fred is a software engineer at Google helping to understand the world’s information and Cindy is a civil engineer building water infrastructure for California cities.

Both our employers are committed to providing a work life balance and they understand that family comes first.

Cindy and Fred

Meet Cindy

Cindy is my constant companion and trusted partner. When she smiles, all of the world’s problems disappear. She loves reading books, learning new hobbies, helping people, exercising outdoors, and discovering the small pleasures in life such as a cup of hot tea while sitting in the sun.

Cindy is a professional Civil Engineer and enjoys designing projects to improve water quality. She manages her own local office for a larger consulting company. Thankfully this offers much flexibility in her schedule which allows her to focus on other important parts of her life.

Cindy has a strong sense of adventure and volunteering that has led her to learning a diverse set of skills to help people.

Over the years, she has been a volunteer search and rescue team member, an emergency medical technician, a ham radio operator, a high angle cliff rescuer, a community emergency response team member, an animal rescue team member, a horseback riding instructor, and a summer camp counselor.

Am I glad to have Cindy by my side? Absolutely! She knows how to do a little bit of everything!



Meet Cindy

Get to Know Fred

Fred is my best friend and brings out the best in me. He is an avid reader, likes to run, and has a gift for teaching. He can explain the chemistry behind a warm gooey chocolate sauce, the physics behind a red sunset, or the elegance of a rock climbing move.

I look forward to having Fred teach your child about everything from assembling grand Legos structures to teaching fun tricks to a puppy.

Fred is always curious and loves our visits to local science museums. He gets excited gazing at a multi layered Amazon ant farm and playing with the hands-on exhibits.

His curiosity extends to cooking as well. He is known in our family for his interesting concoctions including careful adjustments to his New York pizza recipe and 20 variations on chocolate chip cookies.

Fred is enthusiastic about his work programming the next generation web search system for Google. He loves helping to answer billions of questions.

His work schedule is flexible and he can leave work early, go in late, or work from home as needed. This will come in handy for soccer practices, choir rehearsal, and late nights wrapping up a science project!


Get to Know Fred

Furry Friends

Piton is an important part of our family. He is a mutt and people enjoy guessing what breed he is. They frequently come up with Lab, Border Collie, Pointer, or Greyhound. We rescued him as an energetic and curious puppy 14 years ago and he has been our loyal best friend.

He goes with us on vacations and he is so well behaved that he is welcome at our workplaces. He is in charge of greeting us enthusiastically when we get home and giving kisses to everyone he meets. He loves our young cousins and we know that he is looking forward to another family member to curl up next to.


Picabo, a 3 year old yellow lab/golden retriever cross, is our newest fuzzy family addition. She is friendly and engages all who gaze at her with her cuteness.

Our favorite command is for her to “visit” where she places her chin on our knee and enjoys a head scratch. Her favorite activity is chasing a thrown ball anywhere, any time.


Furry Friends

Our Home and Family

We live in a small town in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our three bedroom house is a few blocks from a park with a busy playground and a large new library. The backyard has ample room to frolic in and a playhouse with working lights from solar power.

We have many farmers’ markets nearby that lead to new cooking adventures such as baking kale chips (satisfyingly crunchy, but healthy!).

Our town of 26,000 people is known for its excellent schools, wooded hills, views of the San Francisco Bay, and mild climate. We enjoy being in a quiet residential community in the midst of a culturally and technologically rich area.

Our town has many family friendly events such an Easter egg hunt in the spring and a Christmas tree lighting in the winter.

We live in a new home with a backyard big enough for playing tag in the sun and planting a fruitful garden. We enjoy growing our own tomatoes and look forward to raising our own vegetables and fruits with your child.


We wish you peace and strength in your journey and thank you for considering us.

Thank you!

Cindy and Fred


Our Home and Family