Gangadhar (“Gary”) & Manali

Hello from Gangadhar (“Gary”) & Manali in TN!

Dear Birth Mother: First and foremost we would really like to thank you for viewing our profile and making this courageous and selfless decision. We are very grateful to you for the profound joy you will bring to our lives by making our family complete.

We hope our profile will give you a glimpse into our lives and show how much love and happiness we have to share. We always wanted to have children and raise a wonderful human being. We tried to fulfill our dream, but with no success.

Now we have come to the conclusion that things happen for a reason and God has presented adoption as a plan for us to fulfill our dream of parenthood. We want you to have peace of mind by choosing us as adoptive parents and we pray that you have the courage and strength you need. You can rest assured that your child will receive all the love and care in our close-knit family.

Our Story, told by Manali: We met in 1990 as kids in fourth grade (elementary school sweethearts)! Since then we have been very good friends. Our love for each other actually happened after we graduated from college. Gary proposed to me just before he decided to move to the United States for higher education. Later, I joined him to pursue higher education as well and we got married in 2007.We share a TRUE FRIENDSHIP and are VERY MUCH IN LOVE with each other.

We currently live in Memphis, TN and are ready for the next chapter in our lives. We can’t wait to add a little someone to our family. We are very close to both sides of our families and they are very supportive of us growing our family through the gift of adoption.

We love to travel. We have been to various cities like San Francisco, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Birmingham to mention a few and of course cities in India. Our love of travel will also help in showing our future child different places. We can’t wait to introduce him/her to different cultures, traditions, and people.

Gary Loves:
• Reading books
• Watching football
• Spending time with family & friends
• Working on his car

Manali Loves:
• Singing
• Painting
• Doing embroidery by hand
• Dancing

Together We Love:
• Watching movies
• Hiking and running
• Cooking and baking
• Trying out different cuisines
• Riding on the motorcycle

Hello from Gangadhar (“Gary”) & Manali in TN!

Meet Gary

About Gary (by Gary): I grew up in the western state of Maharashtra, India as the only child. I played soccer and cricket and currently participate in a local recreational soccer league. I love to travel with Manali to explore different places and their cuisines. I always love to relax with a good book in my hand. Every so often I try to learn something new whether it be cooking, baking, or learning a new language. As an engineer by heart, I enjoy being a handyman and fixing things.

My career: I am a Reliability Engineer, and work in a medical device company which manufactures hip and knee implants. I handle various complaints related to our company implants and instruments. These complaints can involve design, manufacturing, quality, regulatory, packaging, or sterility issues, to mention a few. Along with other engineers in the company, I try to improve the quality of our products and reduce these complaints. My work rarely involves any traveling and would allow me to spend lot of time with our future child.

I have always loved spending time with Manali’s and my nephews and nieces doing various activities like watching Curious George, exploring corn mazes, and playing LEGO or soccer. I am looking forward to teaching and guiding our child as he/she grows up.

More on Gary, by Manali: Gary is the best thing that ever happened to me. He is my soulmate. I am very confident that he will make a wonderful, loving and caring father. Through these years, I have seen that kids get naturally attracted to him. He plays with them and they enjoy each other’s company. He likes to teach them different tricks and likes to read them story books or just hold them. His sincere and hardworking nature will definitely help in sculpting a beautiful human being. I can’t wait to see him become a father.

Meet Gary

Meet Manali

About Manali (by Manali): I was raised in Pune, India with a younger brother who is six years younger than I am. I used to protect him and play with him as if I was his mom. Since then, I always dreamt of being a mother and raising my own children.

In leisure time I love to listen to music, sing and read. I love cooking for friends and family. I love to travel with Gary. I enjoy road trips and visiting new places. I really cherish the time we spend together!

My career: I am a scientist by heart. I always loved science and especially biology in school. I started my career as a laboratory research analyst and currently I work as a Clinical Research Coordinator in a hospital. This job gives me work satisfaction and it also gives me the flexibility where I can absolutely manage my work life while taking good care of our future baby.

More on Manali, by Gary: I am lucky that Manali is my wife. Having spent the last 11 years together, I can definitely say that opposites attract. Manali is very spontaneous and lively to my thoughtful and silent nature. We definitely complement each other.

Together we like to explore new places and new food. One of our favorite things to do is to go on road trips. I am confident that she can raise our future child with utmost care and love that only a mother can.

Meet Manali

Our Close Knit Family

Gary’s Family: Gary’s mom is a very good cook and we all love to have family dinners together. Being a middle and high school teacher, she enjoys interacting with kids. Gary’s father is an engineer and creative at heart. He likes to build things from scratch and loves to spend time teaching kids crafts. They both visit Gary and Manali in the US whenever possible.

Manali’s Family: Manali’s mom is a homemaker and the most caring, loving person. Manali’s father is also an engineer and likes to spend time with children. They are eager to become grand-parents! Manali’s brother, Vidish and sister-in-law, Uma are very close to her as well. Vidish, though being a younger brother, many times is like a big brother to Manali. Vidish and his wife, Uma live in Melbourne, Australia and they will be very excited to have their future nephew/niece visit them in Australia.

We also have cousins across the country. We like spending time with our extended family during holidays like Christmas and Diwali. Having Indian roots, we celebrate Diwali – the festival of lights. During this festival, we all love to wear Indian attires- Sarees (for women) and Kurtas (for men). We prepare sweet and savory dishes to enjoy with friends and family. We also light oil lamps (similar to tea candles) and exchange gifts with family. We visit the temple to get blessings from God.

We also celebrate Christmas. Our favorite Christmas traditions are filling the stockings for the children and decorating a Christmas tree together. The children get to hang their favorite ornaments.

Our Close Knit Family

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home & Community: Both of us came to Memphis to pursue our master’s degree and studied at University of Memphis. We moved to North Carolina for our jobs and lived there for seven years. Gary found his current job again in Memphis, TN! We felt like we were coming back home. We like to spend our weekends outdoors at the grilling stations in our community and take walks around our neighborhood or Shelby Farms.

Shelby Farms is one of the twenty largest urban parks in America and it is discovered for kids by kids! It also has a water play sprayground with fun activities for kids. The Memphis Zoo, has a variety of animals that attracts not only small kids but adults as well. We can’t wait to take our future child to all of our favorite places in our community.

Our Final Thoughts: Last but not least, we would like to THANK YOU for spending your time to take a peek into our lives. We assure you that your child will receive all the love, care, support and security. We welcome him or her with an open heart. We have had a blessed life so far and are excited to have a new addition to our family. We are ready to take the responsibility that comes with raising a child and are ready to be parents. Both of our families have supported us in this journey of having a baby and now they can’t wait to meet their future grandchild!

Our Home and Closing Thoughts