Geoff & Sara

Hello from Sara & Geoff from Vancouver!

Dear Birth Mother: We met in college and married shortly after graduating. We have always dreamed of having a child. After trying to conceive for 10yrs, we can’t wait to become parents through adoption. We love our nephews (all 6!), and regularly spend time with our friends’ little ones. It will be the greatest gift to start our family through adoption in the United States.

We look forward to showing a child the world and to providing our future child the best education. We want to expose a little human to the mountains, ocean, sports and activities we enjoy. We can’t wait for ski lessons, soccer games and time at the family cabin.
We’re building a house at the beach in Vancouver with a yard, bedroom and play space that we dream of filling with a child’s joy and laughter. Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents to your child.

Our Story: Though we grew up in the same city, it took us until we were in our mid-20s to find each other. We met while both attending the University of British Columbia — Sara was completing her second degree and Geoff was taking some post-graduate classes. We clicked right away as we shared the same values and enjoyed many similar (very active) activities. Geoff spent lots of time during the dating years cheering on Sara play semi-professional soccer. Sara appreciated Geoff’s ability to solve problems and organize.

Geoff popped the question, asking Sara to marry him on a surprise trip to San Francisco.

After 4-years of dating, on a summer afternoon we were married at the Catholic Church around the corner from where Sara grew up. Geoff’s two sisters and Sara’s younger sister were bridesmaids. Sara’s three older brothers were ushers at the wedding.

We have remained in Vancouver, close to family friends and the great Canadian outdoors. We love to travel regularly and visit the United States many times a year for work and to vacation. Geoff’s mom’s family is originally from the United States.

We Will Team Your Child:
• To look out for others
• Sports! Whatever they fancy
• A second language
• Most of all, we want to love a child unconditionally and support them to become their best person.

Hello from Sara & Geoff from Vancouver!

Meet Sara

About Sara, by Geoff: I can’t wait to see Sara become a mother. As the favorite aunt, Sara lights up around children and I look forward to seeing Sara with a child every day. Sara’s gift is her personality and way with people. When Sara arrives, the kids come running. Her compassion, patience and tenderness traces back to her upbringing in a close-knit Catholic family of seven.

Tight with all her siblings (they still see each other weekly), Sara’s best friend in the world is her younger sister, Amy, who can’t wait to become world’s best aunt.

Sara is happiest around people. She’s played every team sport imaginable — always the captain. Her love of kids and sports led her to become a high school English teacher and soccer coach. Sara was pulled by a love of fashion to a women’s clothing company where she has worked her way up to Vice President. Leading a team is still what she loves most. And Sara’s teams love her! Sara looks forward to taking a leave from work and shifting gears to focus on raising a child.

My Favorite Things To Do:
• Time with my nephews – love these little monsters!
• Quick trips to California for a hit of sunshine and some great food.
• Learn new sports – in the past five years I’ve learned to cross-country ski, downhill ski and race a road bike.
• Be in the mountains with friends – hiking through the trees is my happy place, as long as I have snacks. Lots of snacks.
• Pet every single dog that comes within 50ft of me. I’m a dog-lover and miss our dog Ruby. We can’t wait to get another dog soon

Meet Sara

Meet Geoff

About Geoff, by Sara: I am so excited to become a parent with Geoff at my side. Geoff is the eldest child with two younger sisters. Ever the big-brother and family leader, Geoff enjoys providing and supporting. Geoff is also very social, often the organizer that brings family and friends together.

A partner in a successful Real Estate company, Geoff enjoys his work. He also loves being very active and is constantly preparing for the next bike or mountain adventure. Though he’s traversed mountains all over the world, Geoff’s winter highlight is skiing with his nephews. He can’t wait to teach a little one to ride a bike, swim in the pool or ski down Whistler mountain in British Columbia (right in our backyard!).

My Favorite Things To Do:
• Doing activities with my nephews. I have 4 energetic nephews who I’m teaching to ski
• Time on the water – on a boat, on a board, you get the picture…
• Solve problems. I like to figure things out and help others whenever I can Anything competitive and athletic. I love racing and regularly compete in bike races, ski races and triathlons in Canada, the United States and Europe
• Be on skis – this is my happy place. I grew up next to a ski hill and as a grade schooler would going skiing after school in the winter

Meet Geoff

Our Loving Families

Our Family and Friends: One of the best part of our lives is our time with our friends and family. Geoff’s siblings Ashley and Sarah, live with their growing families in the neighborhood where Geoff and his sisters grew up. Along with (grand) parents, Peter and Joanne, the entire family loves spending time at their summer cabin on the Pacific Ocean where Geoff enjoys water skiing, fishing and hiking with his nephews.

One of Geoff’s family’s traditions is family dinner on each family member’s birthday. The birthday boy or girl gets to pick the birthday cake.

Sara’s best friend and younger sister is just down the street from where we live. Sara’s eldest brother Andy, his wife and their two young boys often host impromptu family dinners to ensure the extended family stays well connected. One of Sara’s favorite days of the year is Christmas Day where all her siblings meet at their mom’s house to open gifts, make yummy brunch and hang out before a big traditional turkey dinner.

Our Loving Families

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

O Canada! We love living on the West Coast of Canada. Vancouver is considered one of the best cities in the world and that’s why we’ve never wanted to live anywhere else. Our home is a one minute walk from the beach. In the summer we can build castles in the sand and swim in the ocean.

During the winter we get to ski our beautiful mountains. Whistler, ranked as the best mountain resort in North America, is 90-minutes from our house. Whistler is a magical place and we are so fortunate to be able to spend most of our winter weekends there.
Vancouver, Canada is known as a very safe and healthy city.

Our health care and education systems are excellent. And we’re close to the United States. The nearest big city to Vancouver is Seattle, only a two hour drive away. We visit the United States often as the US border is only a 40-minute drive from our home.

Fun Facts About Us:
• We both enjoy our careers – but neither of us are doing what we went to college for. Geoff dreamed of being a doctor and Sara was convinced she was going to follow in the footsteps of her father and siblings, and become a lawyer
• We both grew up in big, tight knit families (Geoff in a family of 5 and Sara in a family of 7) and remain very close with our parents, siblings and their children (we have 6 nephews between us!).
• We both love traveling to beautiful places. Sara loves anywhere close to the ocean (California, Hawaii, Greece and Italy) while Geoff loves the exotic places (Milan, Marrakech and the mountains of Europe to bike or ski).
• Our first date was to an NBA game being played in Vancouver.
• We both love being very active. Our time outdoors is our time to connect with our closest friends.

Thank You: Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us.

There’s nothing more we want than to raise a child and show them all the love and opportunity they deserve. We have been very fortunate to create a great life in Vancouver but we’re missing the most important part – the love and joy a child will bring.

We’d love you to consider us as adoptive parents to your child.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts