George and Jaren

Dear Birth Mother

Hello from Anchorage, Alaska! We are George & Jaren. This is an important journey for you. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for considering us.

Made to Be Dads: We want to be fathers more than anything. We have long dreamed of creating a warm, supportive home where a child, like yours, will experience a lifetime of being loved and accepted. We want our future child to look back on their life with the best memories: meals together as a family, green outdoor summers camping and hiking, and of winter snow making snowmen and sledding. Most of all, we want memories of an accepting, supportive home where they can grow, learn, and become anything they wish.

About Us: We lived in two different states when we matched on social media. George was working in Northern California as an attorney, while Jaren was finishing medical training in Hawaii. There was something very special about our relationship from the start, but dating was difficult living so far apart. We made it work, because that’s just how love goes. We traveled, vacationed, facetimed, and texted with each other nonstop while we dreamt of our life together. A year later, George was able to move to Hawaii so we could be together.

We lived in Hawaii for more than two years with our dogs before moving to Alaska. In Alaska, Jaren proposed to George in front of a beautiful glacier while camping.  Our shared love for nature and outdoor adventures made this a perfect spot to commit to a continued journey together.

Why we are Choosing Adoption: We have both always wanted to have children. We are both loving and caring by nature. We look forward to the opportunity to teach and be taught by a child. We also believe in unconditional love, and we are looking forward to celebrating and sharing our future child’s unique story with them.

Dear Birth Mother

Meet Jaren

I had a fun, loud childhood in Colorado. I was constantly with my brothers and friends playing outside. I remember being so curious about the world. I loved exploring the neighborhood, learning about nature, and drawing.

Coming from a big family, I have always dreamed of having a family of my own. My dad is a great role model of fatherhood—I have learned from the best. George and I have built a home and relationship together specifically to raise a child. I want to be there to love, guide, support, and learn along the way. I can’t wait to help a little one learn, grow, and carve their own unique path in life.

My Education and Career: I love learning and worked very hard in school. I earned a degree in sociology, went to medical school, then trained as a radiologist. Now, I am a medical doctor for Alaska Native people. I interpret medical images, like ultrasounds, x-rays, mammograms, and MRI’s. My job is challenging and fulfilling—I get to help people through some of their most difficult moments and celebrate with them during some of their happiest moments. I have a flexible work schedule and am lucky to have a full week off of work every month to focus on family.

George Says Jaren is…

  • Patient, loving & kind
  • Supportive & selfless
  • Is always helping others
  • Super intelligent
  • My best friend
  • Already great at making dad jokes
Meet Jaren

Meet George

I had a happy childhood in sunny Southern California. I was surrounded by family, friends, and lots of pets! I raised chickens, fish, hamsters, parakeets, and dogs. I was also that happy, hyper, funny kid at school with a promising academic future.

I’m excited for fatherhood. My mother raised me to have a strong moral center and commitment to family; she taught me to love deeply above all else.  I grew up feeling plenty of love and knowing I was supported in whatever I wanted to do. I will focus all of my time, attention, and resources to helping raise a happy, fulfilled child.

I look forward to spending time with our future child reading books; listening to music; travelling to see diverse places around the world; discovering new foods; cooking together at home; exploring nature; and making memories filled with laughter and love. I cannot wait to cheer them on at every game, concert, school event, or whatever they choose to do.  I look forward to hearing their laughter and giggles throughout the years.

My Education and Career: I am a curious person and loved school. I attended college at UCLA and then went to law school. I am now an attorney for the United States Government and love what I do. I’m fortunate to have flexibility so I can be present as a father. I will take at least 6 months of paternity leave when we first bring home our child; then I have the option to maintain a flexible work schedule, such as working half days or only part of the week. Long term, I can maintain similar flexibilities.

Jaren Says George is…

  • The most nurturing
  • Extremely loyal
  • A fierce advocate for people in need
  • Adorably funny
  • A great cook
  • Going to be an amazing dad


Meet George

Our Home and Community

Lifestyle: Alaska is an active outdoor community year-round. We have so much fun hiking, camping, fishing, and watching the wildlife. In winter, we ski, ice skate, and sled. The views here are absolutely breathtaking.

City life: Anchorage offers the same amenities as any other city. We are fortunate to have various grocery stores like Costco, shopping malls, a wide variety of restaurants, and entertainment options. Anchorage is also very diverse, culturally rich, and friendly. It is a great place to raise a family.

Community: We love our friendly neighborhood with lots of young families.  There is often a big, diverse group of children and families playing around the neighborhood. We also have a good network of friends locally.

Things We Love to Do in Alaska:

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Visiting glaciers
  • Picking wild berries to make jam
  • Visiting museums
  • Getting ice cream
  • Going to coffee shops

Meet Our Dogs: Gunther is a super cuddly, 7-year-old pointer/beagle mix that George rescued from a shelter in Sacramento, California. He loves playing fetch, howling at sirens, and eating. Snuggling is his specialty. He has the sweetest disposition and does very well with kids.

Heathrow is a fluffy, confident 2-year-old Bichon/spaniel mix from Denver. He is super playful and loves to chase Gunther during fetch. He loves to go camping, roll around in fresh snow, and nap. He is also very sweet. Our nieces love to chase him!


Our Home and Community

Meet Our Family and Friends

Jaren’s Family: I am the middle child of five brothers. I have two older brothers (Tyler and Eric) and two younger brothers (Austin and Benton) who have already proven themselves as amazing uncles. They live across the country in Virginia, Colorado, California, and Louisiana. We visit each other often, which makes for lots of fun family trips! So far, I have three nieces with more on the way!

My parents, Becky and Kenny, still live in my hometown in Colorado. They are lots of fun and LOVE being grandparents. Each summer, my mom, hosts “Grammy Camp”—a week long summer camp filled with activities, games, and outings for all of the grandkids. She prepares for it all year!

We always look forward to Christmas together as an extended family. We spend the week playing board games, doing outings, cooking, and exchanging gifts. We enjoy our family tradition of Christmas brunch with caramel-apple French toast and egg casserole.

George’s Family: I am the youngest of two sons. My older brother (Dwight) and my parents (Phuong and Nguyen) live in California. I also have a large extended family. We love to spend time and take trips together. My parents are both immigrants from Vietnam. We grew up speaking Vietnamese. We learned about our Vietnamese-Chinese heritage and were raised Buddhist. As a family, we still celebrate holidays such as Lunar New Year (called “Têt”) where the adults give all the children money in red envelopes. Delicious Vietnamese cooking happens between all the aunts and uncles! Our child will experience this very fun time!

One Last Thank You: Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us. We promise to give unconditional love to your child forever. We promise to support your child’s interests to help them follow whichever life path is fulfilling to them. We promise to give your child an exciting upbringing full of fun and cherished memories. Your child will definitely be loved and spoiled by our parents and extended family, too!

With love,

George & Jaren



Meet Our Family and Friends