Gerard & Kim

Kim & Gerard

To a Very Special Woman: We are Kim & Gérard from The Netherlands!

We are so thankful that you are taking time to get to know us a little better. We hope our story gives you a small impression of our life. We cannot imagine the difficult decisions you may be facing throughout this process.

We want to let you know that we have so much respect for your choice and we think that you are brave, thoughtful and strong to be considering what is best for you and your child. We offer our open hearts, a home filled with love, and will give your child everything they need to be safe, stable, happy and healthy. We hope you can follow your heart in this difficult decision and find the loving family you imagine for your child.

Our Thoughts on Adoption: After trying to start a family, we learned our chances of becoming pregnant were slim, so we began to look at adoption. Open adoption felt right to us because we believe children should understand and know about all parts of themselves and be connected to their birth families.

We are so excited to embrace and welcome our future child’s birth parents and extended families into our lives whatever way feels comfortable for them and provide all the love and support we can.

We are pursuing adoption in the United States because we’ve made several travels through the States and we fell in love with your country. We even spent our honeymoon in the States, in New York, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada & California. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to pursue adoption in our country and we are grateful for the opportunity to begin a family through adoption in the United States!

Our Story – Told by Kim: Our story begins in 1999. We were high school sweethearts! We were drawn to one another immediately; I was drawn to Gérard’s sweet and honest personality and Gérard was drawn to my warm, open and loyal personality. I also thought Gérard was very handsome.

Gérard asked me to marry him in October 2017. He had booked a weekend away at the beach in Scheveningen and with a beautiful bouquet of roses and a beautiful ring he asked me to marry him. The answer was YES! We were married in 2018 during a beautiful ceremony with all our loved ones.

We are happy to call the Netherlands our home. At home, during the week, we tend to have relaxed nights where we cook dinner, watch TV/ Netflix and enjoy time together. Some of our favorite Netflix series are Big Bang Theory, Blacklist, SWAT, la Casa de Papel. We kick the weekend off with a nice breakfast with “Gemans kaiser breads”, the one Gérard likes the most. Then we enjoy activities like walking, working on our farm, reading, listening to music or hanging out with family and friends.

We also love to travel and cannot wait to discover the beautiful world with a child. We plan to go to Canada hopefully in the near future and visit the beautiful nature there.

Five Fun Facts About Us:

1. Every year we go to The Hague and the beach of Scheveningen for a nice weekend.
2. On Mondays we eat with Gérard’s family, on Tuesday we eat with Kim’s family. We love to have dinner with the family, we catch up with each other and we play with our nephews and niece.
3. We love music of almost every genre, one of our favorite bands is Queen.
4. We both love Italian food and we enjoy going on vacation to Italy.
5. We enjoy watching sports, such as soccer and skating, and doing sports ourselves.

More Fun Facts About Us:

Favorite Food
Gérard: Steak & Kale Stew
Kim: Sushi and Pancakes

Favorite Music
Gérard: Almost everything from Sinatra to Queen to R&B
Kim: Adele & Queen

Favorite Things to Do
Both: Travel & Dining out

Favorite Color
Gérard: Blue
Kim: Green

Favorite Sports
Gérard: Football
Kim: Handball

Guilty Pleasure
Gérard: Watching Tom and Jerry cartoons and Beyonce because she’s so talented!

Kim: Films from Sisi (it is about a young Austrian empress in the 50s) singing under the shower, wearing my jogging suit!

Kim & Gerard

About Kim

About Kim: I grew up in a warm, loving and open home with my parents and one younger sister, Leonie. I had a lovely childhood and I know that my parents cannot wait to welcome their third grandchild. Also, my sister will really be a great aunt!

My strong urge to help people means that I have always worked in healthcare field since high school. First as a nurse in the hospital. Now as a manager for the elderly in nursing homes.
We really want to enjoy our family and have a strong work-life balance. That is why we both want to work less, so that almost always someone is at home with the baby. I am so lucky that I have a very flexible job where this is possible.

I like to spend time with Gérard and our loved ones, doing fun things with our nephews and niece, have nice dinners, reading, watching TV/Netflix, traveling and gardening.

About Kim

About Gerard

About Gérard: I grew up in a beautiful little village in the east of The Netherlands, together with my parents, brother and sister Cyriel and Denice. My brother is married and has two children. My sister is also married and has a son. I love being an uncle for my nephews and niece. We are a close family who are always there for each other.

I work at a transport company, where I am responsible for the shipping department. With that I have a lot of contact with people in various countries which is fun and challenging. We also run a family business consisting of a bed and breakfast and an extensive farm.

In my free time I like to go on vacations, or have a bite to eat. I enjoy spending an evening with friends, or just watching TV. I also like playing soccer, cycling, and running on the weekends.

About Gerard

Our Home

Home Sweet Home: We live in a warm and cozy house in a small village in the east of the Netherlands. Our house reflects our many interests: a nice kitchen to cook in and eat in, and a home to spend quality time together. In our home, we listen to all types of music on the radio and have mementos of our travels and beautiful moments in our lives.

Our neighborhood is a safe, great place to raise a child. Gérard’s parents live close by and Gérard’s brother and sister with their partners and children. We live on a farm with cows! We have a lot of space around our house to play outside.

In our neighborhood there are many good schools, many young families, shops and many parks and playgrounds to go wild! We are so happy to live close to our family and friends and often spend time with them. The nearest city is 15 minutes away and Amsterdam is one and a half hours by car away.

About The Netherlands: We love our country! The Netherlands a small prosperous country in Western Europe. The Netherlands takes good care of all its inhabitants, it’s a safe country, has a great educational system and really good health care system. The Netherlands is also known for its respect for human diversity, with progressive legislation for women and gay rights. The Netherlands is truly multi-cultural, has every nationality, cuisine, and all types of religions are represented here.

The Netherlands has its own traditions too. Some are the same as your traditions like for example Christmas and Easter. The Netherlands has also King’s Day. On King’s Day we celebrate the birthday of our Dutch king and there are a lot of parades and activities. Another tradition is Sint Maarten, celebrated on the 11th of November. Kids going door to door with their self-made lamp singing songs for candy.

Our Home

Our Family, Friends & Thank You

The Ones We Love: We both come from close-knit families. They truly mean the world to us! We are blessed to have an extremely supportive and caring family, with lots of love between our parents, siblings and niece and nephews. They are all very excited and supportive to welcome a precious little one into their hearts.

Our weekends and holidays are often spent with our family and friends. Each Christmas we organize a day full of activities and a nice dinner with our family. And whenever it is possible, we are visiting each other, or all have dinner together.

Our Friends: Beyond our immediate families, we are blessed with a close circle of friends. Our friends are those that look out for one another, are extremely kind and are there for us when needed. We don’t know what we would do without our family and friends. We are excited that they will be an important part of your child’s life!

A Special Message to You:
• We promise to give your child all the love, care and opportunity we can give them.
• We promise to raise your child in a home full of love, respect, nurturing, support, laughter, forgiveness and understanding.
• We promise to raise them with patience, provide them with a good education and allow them the ability to pursue any interest they may have throughout their life.

Thank You: Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and getting to know us. We will always be honest with your child about their story including their heritage, answering their questions with sensitivity, and celebrating what makes them and each of us special. You would always be known as the greatest woman who gave them the miracle of life and to us, the woman who gave us the greatest gift of love. We’re ready and waiting to take this next step and are excited by the possibilities of sharing it with you in whatever ways feel comfortable for you. We truly wish you the best on your journey.

Our Family, Friends & Thank You