Gerbert & Martje

Martje & Gerbert

Hello! We are Martje and Gerbert from the Netherlands! First of all, thank you for reading our profile and considering us as adoptive parents. We truly admire your love and strength for bringing your baby on earth. We can imagine that adoption is a difficult decision and we honor and respect your strength and courage.

Before we were married, we had already considered to adopt a child. After we had been married for two years, it was clear that we were not able to conceive. When we learned of our struggles with infertility, we immediately decided that we wanted to adopt a child. We have a lot of love to share and we can offer a child a warm and safe home. Your child will be loved and can be who he or she wants to be. We will always be honest about his or her adoption story. We wish you all the best to make your best decision in this case. Your bravery gives us hope that our dream of becoming parents can come true.

We are trying to adopt in the United States because we like the country and there are more opportunities for us! We also think it is valuable that there is a chance of open adoption.

About Us:
We met when we were both in the very beginning of high school, in 2005, when we were 13 years old. We were in the same class and we liked each other, but we were too shy to admit that we were in love with each other. We kept in touch and when we were 17, we met each other again on Kings day, which is a public holiday in the Netherlands.

From that moment, the spark between us ignited, and since then we were inseparable. In 2013, when we were both 21, Gerbert proposed to Martje. It was very romantic, on a bridge nearby a castle, late in the evening. Martje almost did not have time to say ‘yes’ to Gerbert, because the alarm of the castle went off. We were so scared that we ran back to the car! We got married on July 18th 2014.

In Our Free Time:
• We like to take our dog Sam out for a walk.
• We like to hang on the couch with pizza and a movie.
• We ride our scooter when the weather allows it.
• We spend the weekends with our family.
• We like good food, we try out all kinds of food.
• For holidays we like to go to Italy, where we ride with a scooter across the beautiful coast of the country. We also love the gelato and beaches there.

Martje & Gerbert


About Gerbert, by Gerbert: Hello, I’m Gerbert. I grew up in a quiet farming village in the province Gelderland. My work consists of buying and selling used vegetable oils and fats. This is a job that I am very passionate about. At the moment, I work 5 days a week and during the weekend I am free. I can always work less when necessary.

I look forward to walking in the sand drift with our future child, cycling and things that will make our future child happy. For the future I hope that, together with Martje, we can be a father and a mother to a beautiful child with whom we can share our lives with.

More About Gerbert, by Martje: Gerbert is my soul mate. Our love for each other is based on a friendship and from there we built up a special bond. We have known each other for more than half of our lives and are well attuned to each other. We feel what each of us needs and we complement each other. What makes Gerbert so special to me, is that he is very honest. He sees the best in everyone and he is very helpful to me and others.

When Gerbert has set a goal, he gives a hundred percent, both at home and at work. He is a passionate and ambitious man! He also cares for me and our dog Sam. I think that Gerbert will be a wonderful father for our future child. When I see him play and have fun with our nephew Evan, I see so much love that I cannot wait to see him like that with our own child!

My Favorites:
• Color: Blue
• Food: Fries, Italian and Cauliflower
• Hobby: Football and Mountain Biking
• Season: Summer
• Favorite Activity: Work and walking



About Martje, by Martje: I grew up in a village in the middle of the Netherlands. I use my talent for organizing and planning for my job as a secretary at an institution for the disabled. When we become parents, I will leave my job to become a stay at home mother so that I can enjoy every moment with our future child and build a bond with him or her.

I love cooking and baking, especially beautiful cakes with surprising combinations. I experiment a lot and Gerbert is always willing to try my new creations. I also like to read with classical music playing in the background.

I look forward to becoming parents, together with Gerbert. I also look forward to walking our dog with our future child, reading books and baking cookies. It doesn’t take anything special to make me happy. I enjoy the little things in our lives.

More About Martje, by Gerbert: Martje means the world to me! She is sweet, caring, diligent, precise and structured. She is a wonderful cook and surprises me often with all kinds of food.

Martje is always there for others when they need her. She is very thoughtful and always thinks before she acts. Martje is my voice of reason. She always gets me thinking about my actions and decisions, which makes me quickly get back on my feet again. Martje will be a wonderful mother to children and she will use all of her energy to make sure your child will feel loved and cared for.

My Favorites:
• Color: Green
• Food: Chipolata cake and fries
• Hobby: Cooking and baking
• Season: Summer
• Favorite Activity: Reading & cuddling with our dog


Family and Friends

Our Family and Friends: We both grew up in big, caring families. Gerbert has one sister, Aline, and two brothers, Diederick and Christian. Martje has two sisters, Berthilde and Anna-Marie, and two brothers, Adrie and Gijsbert. We became proud uncle and aunt with our nephew, Evan, in 2018. Our second niece or nephew is on its way! Our direct family lives in the same village where we live and in the neighboring village. On Saturdays we love to go to our parents, the rest of our family is also there on weekends. We drink coffee and stay for dinner, and this has become a weekly tradition.

Besides our family, we are blessed with great friends. Both our families and friends will warmly receive our future child and help us when necessary. They will play a big role in the life of our future child.

Family Traditions on Holidays:
• All the dogs in our family wear a bow.
• Every year before Christmas we go wood chopping with Martje’s whole family. As a reward we go for a nice day out.
• Christmas day is twice as festive because it’s also Martje’s youngest sister’s birthday.
• On January 1st we walk through the sand drift with our family and dogs.
• Each Easter we have lunch with our family.
• We celebrate King’s day with Gerbert his family, where we eat fries and homemade soup, made by our grandmother.

Family and Friends

Our Home

Our Home and Community: We live in a townhouse in Gelderland, The Netherlands in a green, child-friendly neighborhood with a lot of playgrounds. The woods are very close to our house and in the neighborhood are various schools and health centers.

We live in a house with a garden, four bedrooms and a cozy living room and kitchen. There is a lake at a cycling distance of five minutes. We love to go there in the summer when we get back from our work and on the weekends. We love to eat, talk and swim there with our families and friends. We sometimes even enjoy sailing.

We live one hour from Amsterdam, our capital city. Sometimes we travel to Amsterdam for a day or stay there for a couple of days. We are also fortunate to have other beautiful big cities near our home like Zwolle or Utrecht, as well as, cities in Germany, Belgium and of course Italy! We really like going on day trips and we can’t wait to explore these cities with our future child.

Meet Our Dog, Sam: Sam is a four-year-old Dachshund. He cuddles all day long and he loves sniffing, digging and walking. He likes to walk with us when we are riding our bicycles, we also ride our scooter with the three of us too. He is our nephew Evan’s best friend and Evan loves Sam. Together they crawl through the house and they play with the ball.

Sam is very friendly around children and we can easily leave him alone around children when necessary. He loves to sniff around children because he is always very curious about them! Sam is very social and he loves our families. Our families love Sam too and they care for him very much. He will make a great companion for your child!

Thank You: Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We hope that you got to know us a bit and wish you the strength to make the right decision for yourself and your child. We cannot imagine how difficult that is! We are looking forward to becoming parents and are grateful to be considered as adoptive parents to your child.

Our Home