Grace and Sydney


We are Grace and Sydney from beautiful Orange County, California. We are truly grateful for you! It means the world to us that you have chosen to get to know us as possible adoptive parents for your little bundle of joy. We know this is a challenging decision you are making, and we have the utmost respect for you. As you ponder over the kind of life you hope for your little one we’d love for you to know of our journey so far and the kind of life your child will enjoy in the years to come.

We met later in life and so cannot have biological children. So, we have chosen to grow our family through adoption and cannot be more excited.

Our Life Together: While Grace grew up in California, Sydney grew up in Mumbai, India on the opposite side of the world only to merge in time. What started as a fun coffee date soon saw us enjoying adventure-filled road trips, intense scrabble games, and cozy movie nights while building a mutually supportive relationship.

When we met, we were both happy content individuals who soon discovered we would enhance each other’s lives. Four years later, in the intimate presence of our friends and family we tied the knot at the Chapel of Orange.

Our day to day is mostly being playful, taking care of each other and having fun. If we are not hiking or biking the coastal trails we are probably pursuing our hobbies. Grace is particularly talented in creating the perfect finish for Sydney’s woodworking builds when she’s not tending to her vegetable garden. Other times, we enjoy concerts, plays, and shopping at the farmer’s market.

Our friends and family share in our excitement and we know they would dote on the little one just as we enjoy being the fun aunts and uncles to their kids.

We love traveling and have taken some incredible trips – one’s that we have come to playfully refer to as F.A.R.Ts, i.e. Freaking Awesome Road Trips.

  • Weekend trips to the San Diego Zoo
  • The California Science Center
  • The mountains or longer trips to the National Parks
  • The Petersen Automotive Museum
  • The Missions of California

A Few Things We Love to Do Together:

  • Cozy movie nights on our front patio
  • Decorating our home for the holidays with lights, blow ups, and of course a real Christmas Tree with all the ornaments and decorations
  • Taking in live artists at concerts and plays
  • Cruise along Pacific Coast Highway (alongside the Pacific Ocean) with the top down in our convertible
  • Going to museums and learning about our amazing world
  • Preparing delicious meals with vegetables from tending our very own garden
  • Having a fun picnic on the beach
  • Curling up with a good book

About Grace

Introducing Grace by Grace: Sometimes, I think being born in Hawaii has much to do with my cheerful personality. Being a self-made person, I know and appreciate the value of personal relationships, education and living a holistically healthy life. These are some of the foundational values I’d love to share with the little one.

I love sitting out on our front porch with a view of the mountains engrossed in a book with a cup of coffee. Our porch overlooks a terrace where I grow some of our vegetables that is such a joy. The coast is always calling, and I find myself hiking, biking or simply watching the sun going down. Yoga is my happy place that helps me stay connected with my mind and body. When my creative juices are flowing, I am usually working on a diamond painting, jigsaw puzzle, or creating keepsakes for my friends and families using a Cricut machine.

The San Diego Zoo and Safari park are my favorite weekend getaways where the animals always leave me in awe. At other times, I enjoy the stories and learning that comes from visiting museums be it the California Science Center, the Los Angeles County of Modern Art, or the Museum of Natural History. There is always more to learn and discover in our world and I cannot wait to share this desire with my future child.

My Career: For 20+ years I have been in business-to-business sales positions. I’m grateful that I thoroughly enjoy my career. Currently, I help schools across southern California digitize their student records. My schedule is flexible and I work from home.

About Grace by Sydney: Grace is truly the most loving, caring and graceful person I know. I love her for her spirit and her infectious laughter that is full of cheer – be it around adults or our nieces and nephews. Grace has a youthful charm about her and is always brimming with joy.

I know she will be an amazing mother.

Fun Facts About Grace:

  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Loves yoga
  • Biking
  • Crafting
  • Museums
  • Traveling


About Grace

About Sydney

Introducing Sydney by Sydney: After having lived in Mumbai, India for over three decades I embraced the prospect of starting over in the US. As an immigrant, every day, I am grateful for the opportunities and the life that I enjoy in the US. I have a humbling respect and appreciation for everything that the US has to offer. I enjoy running, hiking the coast, biking the river trails, and even the thrill rides in Universal Studios.

As a weekend woodworker, I am already thinking of some neat designs to build out the little one’s nursery. A key focus for me is to always be learning – be it through business self-development books, personal growth books or ones on leading a healthy life.

I adore my nephews and nieces and enjoy being their favorite uncle – always encouraging them to be the lovely kids they are.

My Career: I enjoy my work as an Analyst in the banking industry and look forward to the growth and challenges that continues to this day. Like Grace, I too work from home and have a flexible work schedule and paternity benefits too.

About Sydney by Grace: Sydney is intelligent, dependable, loving, generous and so much fun.  From the moment I met Sydney, I was inspired and in awe of the life he had created for himself here in the US.  Whenever we spend time with the kids of our friends and family, he is both a positive role model and constant source of amusement.  Sydney will be an incredible father.

Fun Facts About Sydney:

  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Loves exercising
  • Adventures
  • Coffee
  • Traveling
  • Reading
About Sydney

Meet the People We Love

Family is central to our lives. And fortunately, even our friends are more like our family, making it one big family.

Our friends are kind of everywhere. We love meeting with ones locally to celebrate holidays and birthdays or simply just because. Some of our friends are up in Northern California and others in New York giving us the perfect excuse to visit and/or host them.

Sydney’s mother and aunt from India love to visit and spend time with us – taking in both the outdoors and movie nights alike. They are both looking forward to being around the little one. Sydney’s sister, Hazel and her family live in Toronto and we go back and forth. Sydney is the godfather to Hazel’s son Ethan who is all grown now and cannot wait for his cousin to arrive.

As a Family We Enjoy:

  • Board game afternoons
  • Hiking the coast
  • Movie nights
  • Decorating our home for the Holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas with a live seven-foot Christmas Tree.
Meet the People We Love

Home Sweet Home

We live in Orange County, California one of the most beautiful places in the world. We love everything from the desert landscapes to the beaches. The view of snow-capped mountains from our five-bedroom home invites us to take in white-winters with snow-tubing, skiing and hot chocolates. Our neighborhood is safe and vibrant with some of the best schools, community recreational facilities and the evergreen Eisenhower Park where we often enjoy walking, exercising and feeding the ducks in the pond. Of course, we cannot escape the thrill of visiting Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm & Universal Studios that are a lot of fun.

We look forward to making memories with our future child by:

  • Exploring our magnificent National Parks across the country
  • Traveling to Europe, South America and Asia
  • Visiting Disneyland and Universal Studios
  • Sharing our creative hobbies such as crafting, woodworking, and reading
  • Feeding the ducks in our park and building sandcastles on the beach

We Will Teach Your Child:

  • The importance of family and friends
  • To be grateful, generous & compassionate
  • The value of hard work and education
  • To live a healthy lifestyle
  • Persistence and love of self
  • To follow their dreams and have fun

In Closing – Thank You: Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and for considering us as adoptive parents to your child. We cannot begin describing the mixed feelings we hold. While we hold our breath in anticipation, we know you are making the ultimate sacrifice – for the best.


Home Sweet Home