Greg and Otman


We are Otman & Greg from Northern California. We hope this snapshot of our life as a family will reassure you about the unlimited love, joy, support, and guidance that will surround your child from us and our loved ones. From the bottom of our hearts thank you for considering adoption, it takes a lot of courage and love. And thank you for considering us as adoptive parents.

Building a family and sharing our love and happiness through adoption has always been a strong desire for both of us. We are so blessed and grateful to have in our life amazing friends who were either adopted or who themselves have adopted, strengthening further our desire to adopt.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and we genuinely hope you will find in our profile what you are looking for in adoptive parents.

About Us – Our Story: When we met it felt easy, it felt right and we felt we were the one for each other. We met more than ten years ago during the summer of 2011 in Paris where we were living at that time.

Our relationship is strong because we have the right balance of similarities and differences between us. We share the same life philosophy and values and love the same food, music and movies. On the other hand, one of us is dreamer, the other one is down to earth which has helped us grow steadily together.

Wherever we live, our strength is to be together. In 2017, as we were living between the UK and France for work, we realized how much we missed each other and that we were meant to be. Fun fact, we simultaneously proposed to each other at the Paris airport on our way to New York for vacation.

In the summer of 2018 we got married in Paris and moved to the US with our 2 cats Toons and Daffy.

Our Hobbies & Interests

  • We love music, musicals and singing:Greg used to sing in a choir at the church of Versailles, he is an amazing singer/piano player. Otman loves singing in Arabic or Hindi. We believe music has the power of healing and we can’t wait for our future child to enjoy its virtue.
  • We enjoy learning about cultures and traveling – Coming from different cultures as a couple, we believe in the strength of discovering new places and learning from others. We have traveled together to more than 20 countries and we can’t wait for our future child to travel with us, embrace their American origins, learn about France, Morocco and all what’s in between.



About Greg

About Greg by Otman: Greg was born in France. His older sister would say he’s always been a dad. One of his greatest sources of happiness, being a teenager, was to take care of his little sister and brother who are 12 and 14 years younger than him.

Greg is a very calm, kind and generous person. He is the one I feel the safest with. I know without a shadow of a doubt that he will be the most amazing dad!

Greg has always been passionate about music. He first performed in a Brazilian music club when he was 6 after convincing the lead signer to let him share the stage with him.

Greg has a great sense of humor. He can’t help making the most boring stories sound funny.

He likes to keep our home healthy and safe. I can’t remember eating anything but fresh homemade meals in 10 years. I know he will make a wonderful dad as it is in his genes.

About Greg’s Career: Currently, he is Vice President of International Business Development for a Bank in the West Coast, he speaks French, English and Spanish.

(A Few) Things That Make Me Happy:

  • Petting our cats
  • My husband inventing new words
  • Walking in nature
  • Devouring my mom’s meals
  • Thinking about our future
About Greg

About Otman

About Otman by Greg: Otman was born in Morocco. He lives up to the reputation of Moroccan hospitality and generosity with his friends. He has an unlimited source of positive energy and joy. Energy that he spares no effort to share with others.

Otman’s father was a math teacher, making Otman the perfect future dad to help our future child with homework. He took theater classes for years and loves singing, talents he looks forward to sharing with our future child.

Our friends would describe Otman as someone you can trust, rely on and easily make friends with. He definitely lights-up a room and is what some would call a social butterfly.

Otman has that unique spark in his eyes that spreads kindness and inspires trust, a spark that constantly reminds me why I love him and why he will be a fantastic father!

About Otman’s Career: Currently he is a Strategy Executive for a global consulting firm. His company offers great support for employees’ children. He speaks 5 languages (English, French, Arabic, some Spanish and some Hindi).

(A Few) Things That Make Me Happy:

  • The prospect of being a father fills my heart with indescribable warmth
  • Greg’s lighthearted imitations of friends and family members
  • My nephews and nieces when they try to act as grown-ups
  • A sunny day at the beach
  • Our cats when they act like well-behaved puppies


About Otman

Our Home

We live in San Francisco, on the top floor of a beautiful 2 story house with a cute backyard. Our neighborhood is very calm and many families live around us. On the weekends there are usually activities for the kids like karaoke, soccer games and barbecue just to name a few. We love how the families in our community created a forum for their kids to belong and make friends and we can’t wait to attend these events with our future child.

Our home is surrounded by parks that are within a 10-minute walk (Golden Gate Park, Twin Peaks), multiple state beaches within 15 minutes’ drive where we enjoy Sunday morning walks, tennis courts and schools (the American French School). Making it truly a perfect environment for a child!

Our Furrfamily: We have two beautiful brother cats, Toons and Daffy. They are 5 years old, and we think they have the souls of puppies: They are very friendly, love following us around, they ask for and give back cuddles not only to us but any of our friends. And they love kids.

A Few of Our Favorite Things:

Childhood Activity

  • Otman: Acting with siblings and cousins
  • Greg: Singing


  • Otman: Fondant au Chocolat
  • Greg: Anything chocolate


  • Otman: Singing
  • Greg: Singing and composing


  • Otman: Christmas
  • Greg: Christmas

Languages You Speak

  • Otman: English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Hindi
  • Greg: English, French and Spanish

Movie Genre

  • Otman: Fantasy, Comedy, Musicals
  • Greg: Comedy, Musicals, Drama

Place to Take a Child

  • Otman: Disney
  • Greg: Camping
Our Home

Our Families

We are grateful for growing up in big families. Greg has 2 sisters, 2 brothers and 2 nieces. Otman has 3 sisters, 2 brothers and 6 nieces and nephews. Everyone is looking forward to being aunties, uncles and loving cousins for our future child. We love spending time with our families back in France and Morocco. Christmas is our favorite family gathering with two star moments, opening the gifts and having all of our family sing accompanied with the piano.

Despite the fact our families live abroad, they fly to visit us whenever they can. Our parents are retired and are now eagerly waiting to spend time with our future child. Greg’s sister, who is a Doctor in a hospital specialized for kids, can’t wait to officially be the Godmother.

Friends Who We Consider Family: Family is also the true friends we make along the way, and we are blessed by amazing friends that are very excited for us and supportive of our desire to become parents. And they can’t wait to have our future child be the best friend of theirs.

Family Traditions:

  • Watching a musical on Christmas morning
  • Spending time at our parents’ vacation house in the mountains (center of France)
  • Impromptu singing and piano playing during family gatherings
  • Celebrating our cats’ birthday with their former foster family

Our Promises:

  • Surround your child with unconditional love and support at each step of their life
  • Provide them with the best possible opportunities
  • Allow them to pursue their passions, be proud of their origins and character
  • Ensure they are very close to their extended adoptive family and flooded with their love

In Closing: We genuinely thank you for taking the time to explore our profile, and most importantly get a glimpse of how your child’s life could be.

We both have a kind spark in our eyes, especially when talking about our future child, and we want you to see that in person. Words are indescribable when it comes to thanking you for considering adoption, considering us and for your selflessness and kindness.

~Otman & Greg

Our Families