Griffin & Mandy

Mandy & Griffin

Hello and thank you! We are Mandy and Griffin, Fauna and Neva. We’re honored you’re taking the time to get to know us! We live in sunny Los Angeles, California and are nature-lovers who enjoy traveling, camping, and adventuring, but more than anything, we love being parents. We have two children, whose births were miracles, against all odds, and we whole-heartedly believe that another miracle is in store for our family through adoption.

We’ve always felt that adoption would contribute to the growth of our family and are delighted that the time has finally come! Our inability to conceive after years of trying, has opened our hearts to the realization that the child we are meant to raise will come from another mother. We’ve been humbled by the challenges of infertility but deeply believe that our path to adoption will make us even better parents. No matter how a child enters a family, there is always so much to learn from their arrival, and we can’t wait to learn what our baby and their birth mom has to teach us!

Our daughters impatiently await to be big sisters and ask regularly: “When is our baby coming?” We have so much love to give your precious baby.

Your child will grow up knowing that your unrelenting love is what brought them to us. We would sincerely value a relationship with you and want your child to know their story- we just can’t wait to meet you both!

Get To Know Mandy and Griffin: We don’t remember when we first met-really! We attended the same small school in Seattle, Washington but were far from high school sweethearts. Griffin was the mysterious type, earning straight A’s and riding a motorcycle. Mandy joined every social opportunity and loved the stage! Years later our paths crossed, and opposites attracted; we fell madly in love and never looked back!

We settled down in LA and were married nine years before becoming parents. This time better prepared us as a team. We earned degrees, started careers and traveled- including a year spent backpacking around the world, and another teaching in India. We are soul mates and can’t imagine doing life with anyone else!

While we enjoy all that LA offers us, we also spend a lot of time at our peaceful cabin in Los Padres Forest, CA where deer wander through our yard and robins hatch in the giant pine above! Our kids get the world-class educational and cultural aspects of city living, while also getting to chase lizards, and swing from trees in the forest!

We savor the life we’ve made together, be it in the bustling city or the calm of nature! We both grew up closely connected to nature; swimming, climbing trees, uncovering bugs under rocks, and building mud pies – things we wanted for our children, too!

Big Sisters In Training: FAUNA IS OUR CARING, EMPATHIC, OLDEST CHILD. She takes great pride in being a big sister. She enjoys playing the piano, gymnastics, dance, and sewing. She is an avid reader, loves science and math, and is a whiz in the kitchen! “I want to read all my favorite picture books to my new little sibling!”

NEVA IS BURSTING TO BE A BIG SISTER! She is our quirky, silly kid who always makes us laugh and brightens any room! She’s learning piano and gymnastics, and just started skateboarding lessons! She loves eating ice cream and visiting theme parks! “I can’t wait to cuddle and play peek-a-boo with my baby sister or brother!”

Mandy & Griffin

About Griffin

Hi, I’m Griffin: I spent much of my youth with my older brother and my dad building in our workshop. This taught me the joy of working with my hands. Today, I’m the owner of a successful construction company and get to work on some of the most architecturally challenging buildings in Los Angeles!

Despite graduating with a degree in Political Science, I simply couldn’t deny the drive to build and create, plus as my own boss, I get to spend lots of time with my family! I savor carrying on the tradition of building with my own kids! We’ve built toys, bird houses, science projects, and are currently creating a mammoth tree house!

I have energy to spare and am usually the first up in the morning— I take advantage of this on the weekends by making breakfast for the family. (A favorite is animal-shaped pancakes!) I enjoy hiking and camping. I also like architecture and the arts- heck, even Mandy’s musical theater is starting to grow on me!

More About Griffin, by Mandy: When Griffin walks through the door, I still get butterflies! He’s such a kind, compassionate, and funny man! He’s the first to cannon ball into a pool, and often the last one cleaning up after dinner. He’s the guy always volunteering to help a friend move or fix a neighbor’s broken window. Griffin changes diapers, stays home with sick kids, and has read hundreds and hundreds of storybooks over the course of his fatherhood. HE’S JUST MADE TO BE A DAD! HE’S INSPIRED MANY ONLOOKERS TO “UP THEIR DAD GAME” AND WATCHING HIM PARENT, INSPIRES ME TO BE THE BEST I CAN BE TOO. Griffin is anxiously awaiting fatherhood again! I can’t wait to see his face the moment he holds his new son or daughter, he’s wanted this for so long!

About Griffin

About Mandy

Hi! I’m Mandy: I’m always interested in learning and doing new things- my latest project: writing a children’s book! I’m a modern gal with a hint of hippie! I’m also a “people person” and love to laugh until I cry or giggle with friends until the wee hours of the morning!

When I was a little girl, I wanted 20 children. (gulp!) Obviously, that’s a *little* unrealistic, but being a mama has long been in my heart and is the role I cherish the most in life. I was an elementary school teacher for years. I’m also a birth and postpartum doula. (*Major job perk: cuddling lots of babies!*) My heart is for mothers and their unique journeys through pregnancy and birth.

I’m passionate about alternative education and mentor homeschool families as my job! I get to show others just how edgy, creative, and engaging homeschooling can be!

I’M WITH MY KIDDOS ALL DAY- TAKING THEM TO CLASSES, TRAVELING, VISITING THE ELDERLY, GOING TO MUSEUMS AND PARKS, PLAYING AND CREATING AT HOME- it’s not only an idyllic childhood for my kids, it’s an idyllic adulthood for me!

More About Mandy, by Griffin: Mandy throws herself wholeheartedly into the things she is passionate about! She’s totally committed to helping others and that’s seen in every aspect of her life. She’s a wonderful communicator who somehow magically creates community wherever she goes! Mandy has a warm, gentle, and loving spirit that draws people in- it’s what made me fall in love with her! Mandy is an incredible mom and pours herself into our kids every single day. I can’t wait to see her nurture our next little family member!

About Mandy

Our Family and Friends

Our Family and Friends: We are very close to our families and see them often! The latest generation of cousins on both sides (and more to come!), love to get together and play, play, play! We cherish being “Aunt Mandy and Uncle Griffin”, and have exceptionally close relationships with our siblings. Mandy has two sisters and Griffin has two brothers.

Grandparents on both sides are adored, and are the source of many goofy jokes, baking lessons, holiday traditions, and endless cuddles. Mandy has two dads- her biological father and her stepfather, Peter, who is the embodiment of parental love and commitment that isn’t rooted in biology. This relationship has been a tremendous source of love and strength for her, and later for Griffin, too!

In California, we also have our, “chosen family” composed of dear friends that we are raising our children alongside. Within this diverse group of friends are families that have been created in many ways; adoption being just one of them!

Favorite Family Traditions:
• Every fall we bake Mandy’s great- grandma’s favorite cake and take some time to remember the elders in our lives who have influenced us.

• We head north for the summer and spend a lot of time in the beautiful Seattle area where we grew up!

• In December we indulge in tons of holiday traditions with the extended family! Baking gingerbread men and cinnamon rolls are a must! We have also sailed on Christmas Boats, wandered through a gigantic maze of lights, and taken a train to the “North Pole” to see Santa!

• For Halloween we always make our own costumes and have a blast with it! A few of our favorites have been a hot air balloon, a grandma, Sailor Moon, a gigantic flower, and even Amelia Earhart with an airplane that had a motorized propeller!

• Once a year we head to Mexico for a short family getaway! We ride horses, watch baby sea turtles hatch then swim into the ocean for the first time, spend endless hours by the pool and beach, and enjoy lots of delicious Mexican food!

Our Family and Friends

Our Home and Community

Our Home and Community: Our home in Los Angeles, California is peaceful and inviting- lots of play and creativity happens here! Our private backyard is where the fun begins: there’s a thriving vegetable garden, monkey bars, a sandbox, and even a stage! For eight years Mandy has hosted neighborhood moms and their kids for weekly “Yard Yoga”. Filled with folks from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, we’ve embraced and treasure our wonderful neighborhood community for over 10 years!

Los Angeles offers golden beaches, world class museums, tons of music and sporting events, and almost anything else you can imagine! We take full advantage of Southern California’s gorgeous weather, rich culture, and entertainment options!

Our Cabin: Less than 2 hours away we regularly stay at our peaceful cabin in the Las Padres Forest! Here we enjoy:
• family hikes
• the community pool
• building snowmen
• roasting marshmallows in the giant fireplace
• zooming across the yard on our zipline
• making mud pies
• playing in our epic tree house

Our Dog Felix: Felix is a doxy + lab mix, with the sweetest personality! Children are drawn to him, and he’s been the recipient of many toddlers’ tail-pulls and head clobbers, without the slightest of growls or nips! We are so lucky to have been able to rescue him-to know him is to love him!

Rooted in Love, Ready to Grow: We appreciate you. We honor the difficult path that you’re walking and hope you’ll feel completely at peace with your final decision. If learning about our family has brought you closer to that, please reach out- we’re so happy to answer any further questions you might have.

IN OUR FAMILY, YOUR CHILD WILL BE SHOWERED WITH LOVE AND ATTENTION. Their curiosity will be nourished, their imagination encouraged, and they will have limitless opportunities. Who they are will always be celebrated and unconditionally accepted.

Your child will grow up knowing that your unrelenting love is what brought them to us. We would sincerely value a relationship with you and want your child to know their story- we just can’t wait to meet you both!

Our Home and Community