Dear Birth Mother:
I would like to thank you for considering me as an adoptive parent for your child. I know that you want what is best for your child and I would be honored to be their parent.

I have always wanted to be a dad. I think that adoption is a wonderful way to grow a family.
Your child will grow up in a loving, nurturing, safe, and secure environment and I will help them to explore and develop his or her hidden talents. I will guide and enable your child to become a confident and responsible teenager and adult.

Now that I am retired, I am ready to devote all my time, love and energy to the child. My two retired brothers, who live with me in my home, will be fantastic uncles for the child. Your child will instantly be surrounded by a loving family.

A little about me:
I grew up in Germany with my parents and my two brothers, Werner and John. I had a very happy childhood. We would hike or bicycle through the forests or play soccer with the neighbor kids. My mother is an amazing and resourceful woman. After our parent’s divorce, she was able to be a stay-at-home mom, and kept us well fed and clothed.

After graduating from the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany and working for a little over two years I decided to move back to the United States. I now live in San Diego County, California.
My two brothers live with me in my home. Just like me, they are both single, retired and don’t have any children of their own.

Werner and John will be the child’s uncles. They will be able to babysit the child when I am out running errands or at the gym.

We also have a 16 year old dog named Buddy. Buddy is a very friendly dog who loves children. We used to go on 1 to 2 hour long walks with him every day, but now he’s happy with a walk around the block. That still seems to keep him in reasonably good shape.



Introducing the people that I love:
I am very close with my mother and visit her back in Germany every year or two. This year, my brother Werner and I visited my mother in Germany to celebrate her 91st birthday. She lives alone and is still able to take care of herself. She still grows vegetables in her garden, as she always does every year. My mother is a German citizen, and I also have three cousins, as well as an uncle and aunt, who are all German citizens and live in Germany.

My brother Werner served for 20 years in the US Air Force as a Personnel Affairs Specialist. He loves to read and also is an avid video gamer. John served for 6 years in the US Air Force repairing hardware on jets. He also worked as a Quality Assurance Test Engineer and as a Helicopter Flight Instructor. He loves to watch movies and play video games.

I live in a friendly community with many great amenities!

My home is in San Diego County. I own a beautiful three bedroom house in Vista. The house is located in a nice and safe gated community that is quiet and friendly. A lot of families with kids live in the community, and there is a large playground area, as well as a swimming pool, a tennis court and a pond.

There are several schools that are in walking distance from us. Nearby we also have a skate park, a recreational park, Vista Sports Park, and a movie theater. Guajome Lake Park is a favorite destination for picnics, and the beach is only 10 miles away!

About my career and retirement:
I enjoyed going to German High School. I studied at the University of Kaiserslautern, where I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics. After working in Germany for a little over 2 years, I decided to move back to the United States.

I have been living in San Diego County ever since.
I had a 27 year long career as a Software Engineer.

It was fun and interesting work. Initially I wrote video drivers for color laser printers and control software for scientific instrumentations. In my last job, I worked on the communication software for the Joint Strike Fighter F-35 jet fighter.
Four years ago, I decided to retire from work. I retired early, so that I could enjoy life and travel more!



My Hobbies:
Scuba-diving – Exploring what’s in the ocean is fascinating!

Playing the piano – I recently began learning how to play the piano!

Tennis – There is a tennis court in my community that I frequent with my brothers.

Reading – I love to read! I look forward to reading bedtime stories each night.

Long Walks – I enjoy exploring my community on foot and can’t wait to push a stroller!

Skiing – I grew up skiing. My favorite ski trips have been to Park City, Utah and to Whistler Mountain in Canada.

Going to the gym – I love staying active and healthy so I make sure to visit the gym regularly.

A Few Favorites:
Hobby: Scuba Diving
Children’s Book: Alice in Wonderland
Musical Genre: 80’s and 90’s
Place to take a child: Disneyland Park
TV Show: Star Trek
Childhood Activity: Playing soccer and basketball
Season: Fall
Vacation Spot: Hawaii
Animal: Dogs



My Travels:
I really enjoy traveling. Over the years I have traveled pretty much all over the world. The great thing about traveling is that you not only get to see and explore the extraordinary places with their ancient buildings and structures, but also get to experience the unique cultures and meet interesting people at the same time. Even the language barrier can be a fun challenge. I have had many experiences with trying new foods because of this. Since I couldn’t read the menu most times, I would look around to see what other people were eating, and if something looked good, I would just order whatever they had! I look forward to traveling with a child.

My favorite trips so far:
All of my scuba diving trips! I have dived the outer reefs of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, as well as the Maldives. I have also been scuba-diving in Roatan (Honduras), Cozumel, Canary Islands, Hawaii, Thailand, Belize and the Bahamas.

Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu in Peru. I was in a fun group and the Trek was a great experience. Machu Picchu is a magical place.
Exploring Cambodia was also a blast. I enjoyed exploring the Angkor Wat temple complex, as well as the various temples of Angkor Thom.

Visiting the Pyramids of Giza near Cairo, Egypt was a dream come true. It is amazing how the ancient Egyptians were able to build such large structures without modern equipment!



My promise to you and your child:
Make your child’s well-being and happiness my top priority.

Always be there for your child.

Shower your child with love.

Play and laugh with your child.

Teach your child to enjoy learning and reading.

Help your child with his or her homework.

Foster creativity and imagination.

Impress upon your child the importance of good manners, kindness and fairness.

Help your child act with integrity.

Teach your child to live and eat healthy.

Experience other cultures and learn through our adventures together.

Keep your child physically active with sports.

Help your child learn to play a musical instrument.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me. I hope this profile gives you a better understanding of me and how I would create a loving and nurturing home for your child. I look forward to learning more about you.