Hilary and Evan


We are Hilary & Evan (and Paige!) from Southern California. We are a loving family! The enormity of the decision you are considering is not lost on us. Choosing who you will trust to raise your child is an unbelievable responsibility that takes courage and strength only possible because of immense love. We hope we can ease your mind and bring you comfort as you make this decision. We hope we can paint a picture of us that includes your child. We deeply appreciate and understand that your child is your top priority and we hope to show that we will love and cherish them just as you do. Thank you for getting to know us and if you feel that we would be the right fit for you and your child we would be honored to be a part of your adoption journey.

Sending peace, love, and heartfelt appreciation.

About Us – Our Love Story: We have known each other for over 30 years! We met in preschool and grew up as next-door neighbors. We were always “just friends” but the sparks began to fly when we were in our early 20s. It was easy to take the next step because we were always secretly into each other! We tied the knot after 2 years of dating and this year we’ll be celebrating 11 wonderful years of marriage. Our relationship is strong and steady, with trust, support, and respect at its core. Our love grew even stronger when we adopted our daughter and became parents. We absolutely love being a family and we are excited to watch it grow!

Our Thoughts on Adoption: In our home, adoption is normal, healthy, and discussed with love. We chose adoption because it felt right for us. We both grew up in loving families with open hearts and open doors, so our children’s biological relation to us has simply never been important. Adoption has always been our first choice and somehow Hilary’s body seemed to know that. After some routine bloodwork several years ago, it was discovered that it would be difficult for Hilary to get pregnant. That information shook us in the best way possible. It was as if the universe was saying, “Yep! You’re on the right path. Adoption will make you a family!”

Two years ago our dream of becoming parents came true when we adopted our daughter, Paige. Now we are hoping to grow our family again in the very same way – open, domestic adoption. We love this route because it allows YOU, the expectant mom, to decide what your child’s future will look like, which is so powerful! We have so much respect for you, just as we have for Paige’s birth mom, and we look forward to learning what dreams you have for your child.


About Evan

I grew up in a very loving and supportive home, right next door to Hilary! As a kid, I played a variety of sports and loved to learn about all aspects of space and science. This led me to pursue my degree in astrophysics. I currently work as a global project manager for the largest cancer treatment company in the world. I am constantly humbled by my role in treating cancer and I am honored to be a part of patients’ road to recovery. I work primarily from home but sometimes get to travel to new and exciting places around the world (and of course bring home souvenirs for Paige and Hilary). For fun, I love to travel, watch and play sports, and stay up all night exploring space with my dad and our gigantic telescope!

About Evan by Hilary: I love him! Evan is kind, patient, hardworking, and absolutely brilliant. His amazing mind is what attracted me to him the most. One night early on in our relationship we were out stargazing and, as we talked, information seemed to be pouring out of him. He could answer every question I asked, from the names of constellations to the history of ancient civilizations. I had never met anyone like that and I was completely in awe of him. I knew in that moment that he was “The One.” Evan has proven to not only be a wonderful husband but an amazing dad, too. He is calm and gentle, while still being fun and silly. He takes tremendous pride in being a father and is the ultimate family man. He has a heart of gold and is the kind of person I hope my children strive to become.

Fun Facts:

  • I really love Macaroni and cheese. I could eat it for every meal.
  • I love to make up bedtime stories.
  • My childhood hero was Stephen Hawking.
  • I’m very handy and can fix almost everything.
  • I play guitar and was in a band when I was younger.
About Evan

About Hilary

I love being a mom! My love for children inspired me to study Early Childhood Education in college, but my passion for art and beauty led me to a fun and rewarding career as a hairstylist. I loved doing hair and I look forward to returning to the salon when my children are grown, but becoming a stay-at-home mom has been a dream come true! It allows me to do so many things I love, like teaching (my background in education comes in handy!), cooking, playing, and caretaking. I especially enjoy arranging kid-centered activities like playdates and classes, and I can definitely see myself being a very involved “classroom mom” when the time comes. Giving everything I have to my family is the best thing I’ve ever done and it brings me more joy than I ever thought possible. I cannot wait to give my love and attention to another child!

About Hilary by Evan: Hilary’s name means “cheerful” and that couldn’t be more accurate. She radiates warmth and positivity, and she’s always quick with a joke. She is tender when you need soothing and fearless when you need defending. She works hard to be a great wife and mom (she is organized, always prepared, and she’s an amazing cook) but she’s definitely a modern, independent woman. She is a firecracker and the rock of our family. She truly loves life and she absolutely loves being a mom!

Fun Facts:

  • I will pick sweet over salty every time.
  • My favorite shows are Schitt’s Creek and The Office.
  • I was voted class clown in the sixth grade. I’m still hilarious.
  • I love live music and will always stop for street performers
  • I am the designated mashed potato maker for every holiday meal.
About Hilary

Meet Paige

Paige is almost 2 years old and is bursting with personality! She is funny, smart, and extremely confident. She enjoys all sorts of activities, like dance classes, swim lessons, lots of playdates, and mommy-and-me “school.” She likes trying new foods, doing ballet while watching The Greatest Showman, and wearing anything with tons of glitter. She absolutely loves babies and when we asked her if she wants to be a big sister she excitedly shouted “Yes! My baby?” We are excited for our children to build a strong sibling bond and we hope their shared experience of adoption will bring them even closer.

Our Home & Community: We love living in sunny California! We feel very fortunate to live in a diverse town with great schools, beautiful weather, and friendly people!

This is our dream home! We have a 4 bedroom, single story house on a quiet, kid-friendly cul-de-sac. Our house is airy and inviting with an open floorpan that allows us to see most of the house in one glance. When we’re not inside, we enjoy our big backyard and the 12 fruit trees we planted last year.

Our neighborhood is new and was designed with young families in mind. It has parks on nearly every corner, 2 huge pools (with lifeguards!), and countless walking trails.

More About Our Community: We live in Murrieta, California, which neighbors the town in which we were raised. It is a large suburb set back from the hustle and bustle of San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles, but close enough to enjoy them for a day or long weekend. Our house is an hour north of the San Diego Zoo and an hour south of Disneyland, and we have annual passes to both!


Meet Paige

Our Family

We both have loving and supportive families!

Evan’s Family: My amazing parents raised my brother and I to be kind and respectful to everyone and pushed us to pursue our dreams in life. They were such great parents that my cousin asked to live with us when she was 14. My parents raised her as if she was one of their own and my brother and I loved having her as a big sister. My brother and his wife live in Los Angeles and we love meeting up with them for a day at the beach or a trip to the aquarium. My parents live just across town and we see them several times a week! Everyone was thrilled when we adopted Paige and they cannot wait to spoil another addition.

Hilary’s Family: I have a big, blended, wonderful family! I have 7 brothers and sisters, which made for a fun and exciting childhood. Everyone now lives all around the country and we cherish the time we get to spend together.

My charismatic mom and my super-sweet stepdad live about 20 minutes away and we see them regularly. They adore Paige and are beyond excited that we are adopting again.

I’m very close with my dad and my sister. My dad is married to my wonderful stepmom, and my sister has two adorable little girls with her loving husband. They all live in Arizona, which is about a 6 hour drive from us, but we video chat daily and spend as much in-person time together as we can. They are truly incredible people, and they wholeheartedly support our desire to continue growing our family through adoption.

Our Pets: We have 2 wiener dogs, Lana and Loki, and a cat, Bailey. The pups are best friends and they take their job as “dropped food clean-up crew” very seriously. They will be thrilled to have another kid in the house.  All 3 animals are very well-behaved and great with children.

Our Promises as Parents:

  • We are passionate about human rights and equality, and we promise to teach your child to treat everyone, including themselves, with kindness and respect.
  • We promise to teach your child that they can dream big! They are capable of achieving anything, and we will be there to lift them up so they can reach the stars.
  • We promise to keep your child safe. Their physical and mental well-being will always be a top priority.
  • We promise to love your child for exactly who they are and who they grow up to become.
  • We promise that your child will know where they came from and the profound love and selflessness you have shown.

One Last Thank You: There are no words to express how grateful we are to you for considering us as adoptive parents for you child. If you decide that we are who you are looking for, we intend to spend the rest of our lives expressing our gratitude by honoring you and by fiercely loving your child. Family is the greatest gift and becoming parents again would be our dream come true.

Wishing you peace & love,

Evan & Hilary

Our Family